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Marriage-based visa (CR-1, IR-1).

Sound Immigration’s experienced immigration lawyers help clients across the globe successfully apply for marriage-based visas. Also referred to as a CR-1 (conditional resident) or IR-1 (immediate relative) visa, this strategy allows for the immigration of someone already married to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. Learn more.

How long will it take?

We currently advise our clients to budget a minimum of one year to complete the marriage-based visa process.

How much will it cost?

At our law firm, we believe in informing clients upfront about the cost of legal processes. That is why we are one of the few immigration law firms in the country to list our legal fees publicly on our website.

Please note that these fees are not available to a prospective client until formally offered, following a consultation, by way of a written Legal Services Agreement. These fees apply to the vast majority of our cases, but a matter that involves special complexity (such as criminal issues immigration violations) may require additional work.

StageServiceAttorney fee
Step 1Prepare and file I-130 petition along with appropriate supporting documentation.$3,000
Step 2Prepare DS-260 immigrant visa application, and assist clients with obtaining required supporting documentation (including primary I-864 Affidavit of Support). Provide consulate-specific advice and instruction on securing medical evaluation and police certificates.Hourly

Why is Sound Immigration different?

Sound ImmigrationOther law firmsOnline "form-fillers"
Unlimited access to an experienced immigration lawyer?Yes!?No
Work directly with a lawyer, not assistantYes!?No
Able to serve you regardless of your location Yes!??
24/7 access to your secure case fileYes!?No
Best-in-class technology to safeguard your information?Yes!??
Designed to make the process easy for youYes!??

How do I get started?

Our first step in working with new clients is to arrange an initial consultation. The purpose of our initial consultations is for our attorneys to carefully review the history of new clients. We learn about the individual’s personal and immigration background, and other details that are legally relevant under U.S. immigration law. At the conclusion of a consultation, our attorney will offer individualized legal advice about the immigration strategies that may be available to the new client. We will also offer you an individualized price quote, in writing, for any legal work that we may be able to offer on your case.

The majority of our law firm’s work is done remotely with clients who work with us exclusively online. These consultations are conducted by Skype (or other similar platform if preferred by the client). We also offer consultations our offices in Tacoma, Redmond and Bellevue, Washington.

The cost of initial consultations with one of our immigration attorneys is $150. You are under no obligation to hire the firm for further legal work. If you decide to retain our firm within 7 days the full amount of your consultation fee is credited to your account with our firm.


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