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How do I check USCIS processing times?

How long will it take for USCIS to decide a case? There is no simple way to find the answer to this. That is, you can’t just go to a USCIS webpage that will give you a definitive answer for a particular case type. With that caveat, though, there are some tools available to help you get an idea of how long it will take for a case to be processed. Our comments here focus on family-based cases since those are our areas of concentration. Did you file an I-485 (adjustment of status), N-400 (naturalization) or N-600 (certificate of citizenship)? If so, skip to this.

1. Identify the Service Center with jurisdiction in your case.

After your application is initially filed it will be forwarded to one of four USCIS Service Centers distributed across the United States. Each Service Center has jurisdiction over a specific specific area. Since processing times vary by Service Center, the first step is to identify the Service Center with jurisdiction over your case. As of the time of writing, here is a list of Service Center jurisdiction organized by state/territory.

Important note: USCIS periodically transfers cases between service centers to even out case load. Depending on the policies in place at a particular point of time it is possible that your case would end up at a different Service Center. But the best you can do for purposes of estimating case processing time is to start with the list below.

2. Find the processing time for your case type at the Service Center.

Now that you’ve found the Service Center that will have jurisdiction over your case, visit the USCIS Processing Time Information page. On the 15th day of each month USCIS posts the latest information about processing times at all Service Centers and other USCIS facilities. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the Service Center processing times.


After selecting the appropriate Service Center you’ll be shown a list of the various form types and associated processing times. If the Service Center is operating within its normal processing timeline you will see a timeframe designation given in number of months (e.g., I-129F… 5 months). But if the Service Center is running behind schedule it will show only a date. If you see this, the Service Center is showing the filing date of the applications that it is currently processing (e.g., I-751… March 16, 2015). To figure out what this means in terms of processing time for that form, figure out the duration between the posted date and the date on which the data was uploaded, which is shown at the top of the form. Use the handy tool available here to calculate the duration between those two dates.


Okay, now you’ve got the first number that you need, which is the current Service Center processing time for your form.

3. The rouge factor

Now – unfortunately – it becomes more complicated. From here there are basically three ways your case will progress: (1) no further processing is needed because the Service Center has made the final decision in your case; (2) the application will be forwarded to the local office for further review; or (3) you will be applying for a visa at a US consulate, so the application will be forwarded to the Department of State. In family-based cases, and those seeking naturalization, it will usually be options (2) or (3).

Local Offices.

The two main types of family immigration cases that wind up at local offices are I-485 adjustment applications, and I-751 applications to remove conditions on residence. (For information about I-485s please see below). Unfortunately there is no publicly available data on how fast an I-751 will be set for interview after being sent from a Service Center to a Local Office. These timelines vary dramatically around the country and from month to month at a particular office. Broadly speaking, interviews times can range from a few weeks after an application is received by the Local Office up to multiple months.

Department of State – consulates.

For purposes of our discussion there are two types of cases that will be forwarded to the Department of State (DOS): fiancé cases, and family-based immigrant (permanent) visas such as those based on marriage. For both case types, USCIS first forwards the file to the DOS National Visa Center (NVC). Since the immigration agencies still use paper files this means your papers literally travel to the NVC. At the time of writing it takes about one month for a case file to get to the NVC.

After the file is received by the NVC you will be issued notices to request payment of your visa fees, and after this will be required to file either a DS-160 (fiancé) or DS-260 (immigrant visa) application online with the NVC. You will also be required to provide documentation in support of your case. For this reason, progress at this point is largely determined by how fast you prepare your paperwork.

After paperwork is submitted, processing time varies depending on what type of case you have, and the location of your consulate.

For fiancé visas, supporting documents are submitted at the time of your visa interview at the consulate. This is great news for you, because it means that as soon as your DS-160 is filed your case is on its way to being scheduled. Interview backlogs vary depending on consulate, but are typically in the range of a few weeks to several months from the date a DS-160 is completed.

For immigrant visa (e.g., marriage visa) cases, the story is more complicated. In these cases, supporting paperwork is collected by the NVC, and the case will not be forwarded until all paperwork is accounted for. The problem is that the NVC is often backlogged, and will take a month or more before reviewing submissions. Additionally, the NVC issues requests for additional information in a large number of cases, commonly for questions concerning the Form I-864 Affidavit of Support. Assuming you submitted everything properly, expect the NVC to take at least 1-3 months to review the case, then forward it to the US consulate abroad.

In immigrant visa cases the NVC will schedule your consulate interview once it forwards your case to the appropriate consulate. As with fiancé visas, the scheduling of such interviews varies, but broadly speaking is in the range of multiple weeks to several months.

Special local processing data for forms I-485, N-400 and N-600.

These three forms always require in-person interviews at a USCIS field office, and USCIS tracks local processing times for all three forms. This is great news for you, because it gives you a more specific sense of timeline.

USCIS field offices are located throughout the United States. These Local Offices are responsible for handling immigration applications at the interview stage. Jurisdiction depends on where you live. To find the office where your interview will take place, use the locator tool available here.

Next – as described for Service Centers above – visit the USCIS Processing Time Information page to look at processing data for your field office.










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Greg is recognized as the leading national authority on enforcement of the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. Greg represents low-income green card holders in lawsuits to recover support from their sponsors. Practicing family-based immigration law, Greg also focuses on helping married and engaged couples with U.S. immigration.

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  1. Hello Greg McLawsen
    Thank you so for all your help and hard work . We appreciate all your advice.

    My case is kind of weird I got approved for i 130 residence visa already i went to my home country El salvador, y the way i never been leaving here. And the immigration officer told me that I need clearance on the I 601 pardon for inadmissibility. This is the part i forgot to do the rest the embassy kept with them all my info and my case remain open . she told me to finish this and get back to the embassy .
    I apply on November last year 2016 my case was receive on December 19 2016 its been almost 8 month and nothing no answer, I know Nebraska its kind of behind, but in the cases you are seeing Greg, did you have a rough Idea on how long is taking this process or maximum time maybe a year, my wife is american born citizen also my kids born there and I do not have deportation. Thank you for your input and advice


    Leo G Aldana

  2. Hello Greg ,
    I received this email after all documents have been mail in one envelope to NVC , I will like to know if anyone has seen similar email before and what does the email really mean ,please I’m confused

    NVC Notice of Missing Item: Please submit Affidavit of Support documents ****

    Good day,
    The National Visa Center (NVC) received the documents you submitted in support of Xxxxxxxxxxx. immigrant visa petition. This petition’s NVC case number is LG xxx xxxx. Xxxx xxx . However, NVC will not review these documents until we receive the Affidavit of Support form(s) and/or supporting financial evidence required for this case.

    Please follow the online instructions at (English) or (Spanish) to complete the Affidavit of Support form and collect the appropriate financial evidence. Once you’ve gathered the required financial forms and documents, send them to NVC. Instructions are available at (English) or (Spanish). If you have any questions, please call 1-603-334-0700 or use NVC’s online inquiry form at (English) or (Spanish).

    For current processing times, please visit our website at (English) or (Spanish).

    Reminder: This is only a notice that we received documents from you. We will not review them until we have received both the financial documents from the petitioner and the applicant’s civil documents. You must also have paid all required fees and submitted a DS-260 Immigrant Visa application online at

    If your visa petition is currently processing at the National Visa Center, do not let more than one year pass without contacting NVC. If a period of one year passes from the last date of contact (by telephone, mail, or e-mail) with NVC, all submitted fees and documents expire. If this occurs, the fees must be paid again and documents must be resubmitted in order to continue the immigration process.

    National Visa Center
    U.S. Department of State

    This email is Sensitive but Unclassified based on the definitions provided in 12 FAM 540. Any information in this transmission pertaining to the issuance or refusal of visas or permits to enter the United States shall be considered confidential under Section 222(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) [8 US C. Section 1202]. Access to and use of such information must be solely for the formulation, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States under INA 222(f) and as specified in FAM guidance. If you have received such information in error, do not review, retransmit, disclose, disseminate, use, or take any action in reliance upon this information, and contact the sender as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Greg
      I have send my documents just few days ago to NVC
      Can you tell me how much time will they take to complete my review and after the review how much will they take to schedule the interview

  3. Hello Greg , I sent my package to Nvcin one envelope but it been week now I check the status online still not updated.i will like to know how long will it takes for it to be updated and how long will it take NVC to give invitation letter for interview

    1. Hi oluwasegun
      Can you tell me how many days later u got NVC letter ? For case number. Their number is busy my husband couldn’t contact with them for inquiry
      We both email through online but no reply yet.
      It has been 15 days over

      1. Hello Rikta, it been a while I hope u are okay, well I got the NVC mail like10 days after my case status shows forwarded to Nvc ,and I was able to pay the two fees needed to be pay within 3 days , but just excercise patience okay , and tell your husband to call Nvc , it take like 20mins before u can connect Nvc on phone,and tell your husband to check both inbox and spam mail ,or search for Nvc in his email search .

    2. Hi oluwasegun,
      My husband got NVC letter today
      Will NVC send a similar letter to me?

  4. Hi
    I applied for Naturalization( Citizenship) 0n May, 2016 and I did my biometric on 06/08/2016. In Alexandria VA. until now I did not receive my letter for interview.
    Do you know what is the reason for delay?

  5. Hi
    My husband is permanent resident. He filled I-130(spouse visa) my priority date is 24 march 2016. Still I have not received any update. My husband filled case inquiry too in December 2016. Which stated that case is on hold due to security check. Now it’s April 2016. One year is complete.
    Can anyone guide about such case. I am worried
    What will happened????
    Thanks in advance

      1. Hello Greg,
        My i-130 application has been approved after 6 months plus. USCIS has send an approval notice . Notice date is 15th April. But still online shows case​ was received.
        what to do?

        1. Hello Rikta , congratulations for ur approval , disregard the online tracking sometimes uscis don’t update their online tracking website so now all you do is to wait for NVC to email your husband for next stage instruction if your husband doesn’t get email from NVC in 15 working days please tell him to call NVC .

          1. Thank you oluwasegun.
            Did you fill up DS-260 form?
            Actually I’m unable to understand which part need my information and which part need my husband

        2. Hello Rikta, before you can access your NVC profile you need to wait for Nvc email which will contain NVC Case number and invoice ID no, once you have this then you can login into NVC website,your husband can fill up the DS260( choosing of agent note: let your husband be your agent ) then pay ur AOS fees which is120$ then wait for 2 to 3 working days to get payment confirm,then you can pay VI fees of 325$ then fill the application form DS261 , after that gather all document and mail it to the appropriate address on the instruction

          1. Is it DS-261 or DS-260? Let me know.
            Which part is for beneficiary and which one is for petitioner?
            It would be helpful for me.

        3. Hello Rikta It’s two form and two of you have space to fill on the form just don’t worry it’s easy and straight forward one u get the instruction from Nvc u will understand better .

    1. Hello Rabia, i understand ur pain is so painful waiting , uscis do have issue verifying document from Africa and some part of Asia which prolong processing of application more that the normal processing time ,I will advice your husband to contact congress-men for help , congressmen can’t speed up application processing but they can shake things up a little . Thanks

      1. Thank you so much for such a supportive reply. I will ask my husband to do so
        Thanks a lot

  6. Hello Greg,

    I sent in both I-130 and I-485 with payments and additional evidence in march, 2016, and received receipt numbers in early April. But from there, the nightmares began. Long story short, our mailman kept returning the bio appointment letter, which caused a HUGE delay. Finally, the bio appointment was taken place on 11/15/16. The case status still shows “Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It” since 12/04/16 for I-485, and “Case Was Received” for I-130 since 04/01/16. Now that it’s been over four months since the bio appointment, and I haven’t heard anything on either cases, and don’t know if the processing time would work for my applications. Looking forward to your input. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Summer: If are generally required to go through only one bio appointment for a one-step adjustment. But USCIS can request another if too much time has gone past, or if there was a problem with the first one. Since there are problems with delivery to your address you should consider just getting a post office box and updating USCIS with an AR-11. We’ve seen serious issues where – for whatever reason – USCIS mailings were not getting delivered to a home address.

      1. Hello Greg,
        My husband is an USA citizen. He filled i-130 on October. Our priority date is 7th October 2016. Our case hasn’t approved yet. What to do.
        6 months is going to over.

        1. Hello Rikta,
          Waiting time for i-130 it between 6months to 11 months , but USCIS is definitely working on the application , mine took 10 months before I got approved ,I understand the waiting is so hard but just be patient,and on the other hand If you can’t wait, you can try to contact congress men,they can shake things up a little but not expediting the application,better days ahead

          1. Oluwasegun,
            When was your priority date?
            And when did your get approved?
            My husband talked with USCIS office staff last month with a lady she says wait to 2 months

        2. Can’t remember the priority date but I remembered that my application took 10months and I think if you are from some part of the world like Africa and some part of asia ,ur application will surely take more than 6months becos it takes uscis time to confirm documents from Africa and some part Asia , but I’m sure they are working on ur application so just be patient I understand is hard waiting, what’s the online status of ur application right now ?

          1. My country is Bangladesh. It’s Asian.
            Current status is case was received 7th October 2016.
            Can you tell me how much time they take after approval of your application

        3. Hello Rikta,
          Got approved last month after 10months of waiting , so it will take like a month or more for NVC to give you tracking number and receipt number for the visa processing , after all document needed is submitted then the NVC will give u an interview date this visa processing may take between 2 to 4 before u finally get to USA , the whole processing of getting an i130 visa takes almost 1 year or more . Thanks I hope my information helps.

  7. I-90 replacement of green card. due to 10 year expiration. Did biometrics in Phoenix, Arizona on 2/2/17. They gave me an extension sticker in the back since my card was about to expire per their request for like 9 months I think. I know it’s been like 2 months only. when I login it always says I think. Approved and under review, no other documents needed. Just wondering if you know the processing time based on your clients, etc. I’m just wondering more because I have to move soon. (apartment lease) I don’t know if I should just stay and wait or change my address, I don’t want to screw up it by moving

    1. Hi, Mel: They I-90 processing times are listed under the Potomac Service Center. Check out the link above. If you’re changing addresses, you would file an AR-11 form, which can be done for free online. And also, just make sure to forward your mail to the new address.

  8. How many mounth is the processing time for the Naturalization Process?
    I have lived in VA more than 5 year,
    I sent my N-400 forms 05/13/16 – biometrics done on 06/08/16.
    I haven’t had any info since then.

  9. Hello Greg,
    Our case was transferred from Nebraska to Texas on February 16th 2017. My wife is american citizen (application for spouse visa I-130). Our priority date is 26th September 2016. Do you know which is the processing time for Texas service center? This transfer it’s a good news or a bad news? We are a little bit worries because we are waiting for 6 month and until now no news…
    Thanks a lot for your kindly reply.

    1. Hi, Matteo: No, it’s not a cause for concern if your petition is sent to a new processing center. It just reflects staffing on the part of USCIS. Texas is processing I-130s from September 4, 2016, so you should be getting close to having your case reviewed. Good luck!

  10. Hey,my change of visa from b1,b2 to f1(student visa)is going on in virginia,I m planning to move in texas next weeek.So if i change my mailing address to texas,will there be any problem in it?cause i m changing whole state and if YES what will be the consequences.Thank you

  11. Filed form I601 my priority date was June 15, they are currently on June 16. Which seems they are passed my case, what does that mean ?
    I have not received any information describing what happened or what should I do next..

    1. Hi, Betty: The date progressions indicate only when they’ve begun processing applications for a particular date range. They still have to do the actual case review, which can take a substantial period of time – certainly not just one day.

    2. Thank you for your reply, I’m still a bit concerned and confused though, I completely understand that it takes much more than a day, but are you telling me that I shouldn’t be freaking out (If my case is from June 15, and on the processing time service they have shows they’re reviewing cases as of June 16 ) ?

      1. That’s right – you should not freak out just because the notification tables show that your case is currently under review. There is no notification we would expect you to have received at this point.

  12. I saw the processing time stay on 31/12/2016, but from their website it say it should be update 15th day of each month, right now USCIS stop working on all the cases? or just not update

      1. Thanks for your reply, since my TN extension filed on Nov 30, it has been three months, have not see the status changed. Do not know if this is caused by the slow processing time.

      2. Hey.I just filed an i539 form for the change of non immigrant status to b1,b2 to F(student visa)and the case has already been filed on 13 february 2017 and i already got the receipt number and all just wondering how much time they will take to approve my change of status.and they usually do on time or not?.Just trying if you can help me out.Thank you????

          1. Yea.But i really dont understand what does 27 jully 2016 means,i thought how much time it will take will be given in i539 column,but in that column its given 27 jully 2016.I dont know what does this means

        1. dude i have the same situation. from b1 to f1. my files were received on august 28 2016 by vermont center. it is march 10 2017 and i am still on pending status. it takes time :))

      3. Hello.
        I filed my i485 on sep 2016. My PD is sep 2016. My case is ready to be scheduled. While checking the processing time, as of jan 31st, they were reviewing the cases from May 2016. Does this mean it will take 3-4 more months for my case to be scheduled for an interview?
        Thank you.

        1. Hi, Kripa: That’s a reasonable guess, but in reality PDs do not always progress in a linear way. In fact, sometimes dates will “retrogress” – meaning go backward. There simply is no 100% sure way to tell when a PD will become current.

    1. Hi Cindy

      That 31/12/2016 date was just updated last week. They are typically 45 days behind with when they update the website so you never really know what they are up to until almost two months later unfortunately. They have been updating the website every month, last month there appeared to be an error with it and it was amended a week later. I know all the service centres have still been progressing each month – hopefully that’s still true for January and February.

  13. hi Greg
    my wife is US ctzen, she filed i130 on 27 sep 2016 , today we got notice that the application is transferred to Texas , so how long to be approved ?

  14. Dear Greg,
    I am thinking of filing an N-400. My question is this: How long after the processing date for an application is reached does it take to actually get interviewed?
    Thanks for any information!

    1. Hi, Michael: There’s no general rule of thumb on this. But once your application is past standard processing times you should submit a service request with the USCIS 1-800 customer service number.

  15. Greeting,i filed the I-129 fiancee application for my fiancee. i sent in the application December 13, 2016 and got a receipt notice(form I-797C ) December 17,2016.The USCIS processing times information was showing August 16, 2016 last month January 15, 2017 but this month February 15, 2017 it is showing July 28, 2016. i don’t understand how to use the calculator and it appears they are going back not forward. kindly give a rough estimate of when you think am going to hear back from them because my case is in the California center now after i submitted it to Dallas office. Best regards.

    1. Hi, Omorele: Yes, processing times go up and down, so you can see the retrogression that you observe here. Based on our clients’ recent experiences, I-129Fs are taking roughly between 2-6 months.

      1. Hello,
        I submitted my i130 and i129F same month after 8 months of processing I got this CASE CLOSED BENEFIT RECEIVED BY OTHER MEANS on my i129F online tracking but I’m unable to tracking my i130 online , please I will like to know the exact meaning of this tracking .Thanks

        1. Hi, Oluwasegun: You should have received a receipt notice for the I-130 allowing you to track it online. If that number isn’t showing up in the system then you should contact USCIS’s 1-800 customer service line.

      2. Hello,
        I submitted my i130 and i129F same month after 8 months of processing I got this CASE CLOSED BENEFIT RECEIVED BY OTHER MEANS on my i129F online tracking but I’m unable to tracking my i130 online , please I will like to know the exact meaning of this tracking .Thanks

        1. Hi Greg
          I submitted my i130 and i129F same month after 10 months of processing I got this CASE CLOSED BENEFIT RECEIVED BY OTHER MEANS on my i129F online tracking but I’m unable to tracking my i130 online , please I will like to know the exact meaning of this tracking .Thanks

          1. Hello Greg
            I just confirmed that My i130 have been approved so I will like to know what the next step will be ?

          2. Hi Greg, my husband filed for me a k3 visa, and after 5 months of waiting we received an approval for our i-130 and 3 days after i checked my i-129f, we received this MY CASE CLOSED BENEFITS RECEIVED BY OTHER MEANS… can you explain to me that noticed because until now i am so confused and i dont know will be the next steps… Thank you for reply.

  16. Hi Greg, I am waiting to receive my NoA2 for my I-130 – I am aware of the processing times so I’ll spare you the usual question! Just wondering if there is anything I can do to prepare for the next steps so that I am ready to submit my documents to the NVC as soon as my case gets transferred. I read somewhere that I will need to provide translations of police certificates/criminal records and birth certificates. Is that correct and is there anything else I can do? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Mathieu: Good question. Yes, go to the NVC’s website and look at the documents required for an immigrant visa. All of that can be prepared in anticipation of the NVC, though note that police certificates and medical exams have expiration dates.

  17. After 7 months of my i130 filed by my wife who is a us citizen we called uscis and this email was sent to my wife , [ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) records show that your case is currently pending adjudication. However, we have had to perform additional reviews on your case, and this has caused a longer processing time ] please sir can u explain to me what this really mean and how long do u think will take to get approved

    1. Hi, Oluwasegun: Unfortunately, that just means exactly what it says. They are still reviewing the application. Citizens of some nationalities, including some African countries (your name is Nigerian, no?) tend to be subjected more frequently to background screenings. Likewise, documents from some nations tend to have more irregularities, such as with birth certificates. This doesn’t mean they’re denying your application, just that there’s some aspect of it that’s taking them more time. They’ll send you a Request for Evidence if they need input.

      1. Thanks I really appreciate but I will like to know , like how long do u think it will take us to get the approval , because we already waited for 7 months now

        1. Hi Oluwasegun; From all indications, it seems your i-130 was filed around June or July of 2016. USCIS on their part deals with i-130 applications on case by case basis, so hang in there if they need more information from you, they will tell you if not they will go ahead and approve your petition. I was approved in seven months. so don’t panic, you can be approved sooner or later.

          1. Thanks Joseph , appreciate u alot , I submitted my application around may 27th and up till now still no approve but the status is pending adjudication . Have no choice than waiting , I just hope the application can be approve real soon .

          2. Thanks Joseph I really appreciate ur reply, my i130 was submitted on may 27th , just that I’m very worry and the last status was pending adjudication,just hope I get approve soon . ????

          3. Hi Oluwasegun, Thanks for appreciating my comment & suggestion on this forum. It seems like USCIS is behind with all applications and not just the I-130s and quite unfortunate that ur application is already taking 10 months without approval but just hang in there and good luck as you wait. However if you need a guidance after ur approval, I will be more than willing to guide you with all the steps that I have gone thru before you. Once again good luck.

          4. Hello Joseph , can I have ur direct email or whatsapp no , got some questions for u and I will be glad if u can grant my request

          5. Hi Oluwasegun, I’m more than willing to answer any question of urs to the best of my knowledge but if u can post a number or email on this forum, I will gladly send u mine directly. Thanks and hope ur winning with ur application

  18. H1B Extension of stay in US has been filed and received by USCIS in July 2016. When I checked processing time of Vermont center is showing up Dec 2015 as of Nov 2016. Any idea how long does it take still? as I cancelled my plan twice till now:(

      1. I can understand. I have a query, My visa stamping on passport is still 2018. Actually stamping was done on initial I797 and after that gone thru amendment for different client. Once this extension is approved, Do I have to go for stamping again? If not, can I travel to india as I have stamping till 2018.

  19. Hi Greg
    My wife filed i130 for me file date is may 27, we called the Nebraska service Center on 16 Jan 2017 and the representative was able to pull up our i130 application which was filed more than 7 months ago. please how long those it takes for application to go through security checks ? The representative said that the application is going through security checks. How long does it take for applications to go through security checks? Also he stated that not all applications are trackable on the website because cases are seen and reviewed on a case by case basis What does case by case basis mean? Are there some case scenarios that take longer than others or would take longer to process?

  20. My wife who is a US citizen filled in 130 for me and the priority date is 19 October 2017. And it was forwarded to Nebraska
    Is been three months..
    So please can you tell me when we will get approved?

  21. My wife called the Nebraska service Center and the representative was able to pull up our i130 application which was filed more than 7 months ago. please how long those it takes for application to go through security checks ? The representative said that the application is going through security checks. How long does it take for applications to go through security checks? Also he stated that not all applications are trackable on the website because cases are seen and reviewed on a case by case basis What does case by case basis mean? Are there some case scenarios that take longer than others or would take longer to process?

  22. Hi, my husband send the form i-601 on august 2016, to nebraska service center and we received the notification on sept. 6,2016, with the received #, how long take to get approved?

    1. Hi Alex,

      I know from experience that they are really behind right now. I have now been waiting 10 months. They are working and if you download their app you can follow cases closer to your date to see where they are. I know they are still working on end of Feb 2016 and Early March 2016 cases.

  23. Hi! I have filed I130 for my husband on march 2016 … and my case is under review for 2 months already at the nvc. How long till my husband comes to usa?

      1. Our i-130 was approved on july 18th ; on October 28th 2016 I received an email asking for additional information about affadivate of support … on November 17th 2016 they recieved the information asked for abd since then it’s been 2months and still nothing.. how long can it be before they schedule an interview and how long do we wait for the interview???

  24. My wife called the Nebraska service Center and the representative was able to pull up our i130 application which was filed more than 7 months ago. please how long those it takes for application to go through security checks ? The representative said that the application is going through security checks. How long does it take for applications to go through security checks? Also he stated that not all applications are trackable on the website because cases are seen and reviewed on a case by case basis What does case by case basis mean? Are there some case scenarios that take longer than others or would take longer to process?

  25. Hi, I applied for an i-485 for my a husband on August 29th 2016 and he completed his biometrics onot September 28th 2016. The USCIS tracking states that as of October 28th, 2016 that an interview will be scheduled. I’ve searched the processing times and I cannot determine if I should be looking at the Houston field office or the Texas processing center. In the case of the field office, they seem to be a year behind, which seems like a very long time. I’ve yet to hear anything from USCIS and friends have said that I should have already had a scheduled interview. I don’t know if they are just moving slow or if I should be concerned, but any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  26. Hi, My L1 petition (I-129) receive date was 25th March, 2016, Vermont center. On 31st October, the status was changed and mentioned they have started the process from the beginning and the receive date of the application would be 31st October, 2016. On 5th January status shows that the application has been transferred to California center and that office now has jurisdiction over my case.
    Kindly let me know how long I have to wait to get the response? The processing date for California center as of 30th Nov,2016 is 24th Aug, 2016.


  27. Hi
    I am a Permanent resident and filled i-130 for my daughter over 21yrs (unmarried) with USCIS california processing center, she is in the united states on a Tourist Visa now how long will it take to get an approval? Priority date from receipt is November 30th 2016 .Thanks

    1. Hi, Tilly: Your I-130 should be approved within 6 months, but a visa number may not be immediately available. You should definitely consult with an attorney to see if your daughter is eligible to adjust status. If she is not – and overstays her visa – she could be barred from the United States for 3 or 10 years.

  28. I received email last month saying my i 30 case was accepted and sent to texas for processing .i checked online and it says if i dont received letter my january 1st to contact customer service. I did and the lady said they cant resend the letter.. so what do i do that supposably it was just receipt #. This is email my husband received.Your case has been accepted and routed to the USCIS Texas Service Center for processing. Within 7-10 days by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) with your Receipt Number SRC1790104923. With the official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) you may visit where you can check the status of your case using My Case Status. We suggest you wait until you have received your Form I-797 before checking My Case Status.

    This confirmation provides notification of the date USCIS received your case. This notice does NOT grant any immigration status or benefit. You MAY NOT present this notice as evidence that you have been granted any immigration status or benefit. Further, this notice does NOT constitute evidence that your case remains pending with USCIS. The current status of your case must be verified with USCIS.

      1. I did not get receipt # in the mail but i did get receipt # via email…how long is processing time in texas service center..when i check online it just says processing since november 30 2016 but doesnt say how many months to get aproved..??

  29. Hi greg,

    I’m us citizen. I have submit i-130 for my siblings and i have received the 1noa 4 yrs ago (05/29/2012) but did not receive approval yet. Until now when i check processing date from CSC it showed 5/17/2011 (even i have checked 1 yr ago still the same). My question is: is it make sense when it took long times to get appoval? (4 yrs ’til now). I have call USCIS to find out but they said they have no idea and tell me just keep wait until it processed.

    Best regard,

      1. Hi greg,

        Thanks for your reply, if so what is the best way i can do now? Do i need to re-call USCIS and remind them regularly or don’t do nothing just wait? Please give me an advice.


  30. How long does it take you hear a decision from uscis after rfe responseon i485 has been received at nbc missouri.since december 23

  31. Hi

    USCIS has received and accepted my documents for EAD card on Nov. 25, 2016. And the case is pending at the Vermont Service Center for processing. Can you please share the processing time for this? Really appreciate your help.

  32. Thanks Greg , I really appreciate you , me and my wife called the uscis customer service and we were refer to tier2 , we were told that our application is still within normal processing time that the tracking does not matter , but I really wish they can update it online , so we can atleast track it online . Our application is being Processing at Nebraska center , and we submitted since May 27 2016 . So we are worry

  33. Hello mr Greg , my wife is an American citizen and she filed i130 for me which was submitted on May 27th and the application was directed to Nebraska center but my receipt wasn’t tracking online , me and my wife called uscis to complain and we were told , such happens, that we should not worry that they are working on our application , but up to this moment we have not gotten any thing from the uscis , and the processing time table for Nebraska center shows June 2 , please advice us we are worried .

    1. Hi, Bello: You absolutely should have received a receipt notice by now. If not, you need to report complaints with USCIS and take this to the ombudsman’s office if they do not take action.

      1. Thanks much for the reply I have gotten Notice of Action 1 which one sent to me a week after my wife submitted my application which says my application was accepted with a receipt number on it but the receipt number won’t track at uscis online tracking and after from the NOA1 I have not gotten anything from usicis

        1. Sir are u referring to the Notice of Action 1 that is the one we got a week after sending our application to uscis or is there another one?

          1. That’s right – the Notice of Action is your receipt number. If your receipt number isn’t appearing in the system then you should contact USCIS customer service.

  34. Hello Dear,

    On October 18, 2016, I applicated my Form I-612 (J1-Hardship-Waiver-Process-I-612), Application to Waive Foreign Residence Requirements, in the california service but until now I don’t have any response about my case.

    How much total time will take to complete my case?

    Thank so much,

  35. Hi Mr. Greg,
    My application is at VSC and it was Thursday, May 19, 2016 and including today is Thursday, December 15, 2016. It’s 6 months and 27 days. I did not received any new updates from my case I-751.
    Could you help me? How can I check it out? I called 3 times to customer services center and they have no ideas until today.
    Thank you!

  36. Hi
    My husband who is US citizen filed i-130 for his spouse on 6th October 2016 . USCIS send a notice with a priority date . And the date is 7th October 2016. But our case didn’t approve yet . How much time will it take?
    Our case is handling by Nebraska service center.
    How much total time will take to complete my case?
    Help me know that please

    1. Hi, Rikta: I-130s are taking about 2-6 months these days. You’ve only just hit the 2-month mark, so hang tight. Following I-130 approval it will be roughly one month before you get invoices from the NVC. After that, you have to go through the DS-260 & I-864 process with the NVC, followed by your consular interview. This takes between 2 months and a year (or more) depending on whether you do everything correctly, and on current turn-around times at the NVC.

    2. Hey there. I am looking for the processing times for i90 replacement on the website and I can’t find it at all. Every other but the i90 is there. I applied online and haven’t received anything in the mail for an appt time etc. what do I do. I applied 29 days ago. My purse was stolen and my GC was in it 🙁

  37. Hello my name is Andy im a us citizen got married in Mexico I got my recipt 797c for i130 received date sep 06 16
    Still havent got anything else

    1. Hi, Andy: Processing times for I-130s have historically been over 6 months, so there’s not necessarily a reason for concern. We’ve seen processing times as low as a month on some I-130s recently, but others have taken far longer. You can always place a service request with USCIS – they’ll place it only if the case is outside processing times.

  38. I applied for Naturalization 0n February, 2016 and I did my biometric on 03/03/2016. In Oakland Ca. until now I did not receive my letter for interview but my uscis field office is processing 03/07/ application is already passed uscis processing time.
    Do you know what is the reason for delay?

  39. do you know what the processing time for the i-90 my green card was stolen yesterday and I applied online. Do i need to print and send it also? I live in arizona.

    1. Hi, Janine: You can follow the instructions in this post to get the most updated processing information. A couple thoughts, though.

      1. You may be able to apply for an emergency stamp in your passport at the local CIS office if you need proof of LPR status. Local offices differ on how nice they are about this.
      2. You may want to consider applying for naturalization. That’s lower-cost in the long run, and there are benefits to becoming a citizen.

      1. thanks for your response. I looked but i do not see anything for an i90 replacement card processing times… can you advise? 🙂

        1. Hi Greg,

          I am having the same issue as Janine. I don’t see “I-90” as an option in the processing times menu. Are they lumped in with another kind of application? Do you know how long it is taking for green card replacements to be processed in California?

          Thank you.

  40. Hello Greg,

    I filed for removal of conditions on my green card by filling out the I-765 and paying the appropriate fee. I had my biometrics done in early July and since then I haven’t heard anything. Online it just says my case was received and nothing else. Do you think I should call them to inquire about my situation?


  41. Hello,
    on the USCIS.GOV site, the processing time shown is from what date to what date? Is it the time between USCIS received you application to the date of interview? or the date of Oath? Thanks for your inputs.

  42. I sent adjustment of status F4 brothers and sisters cat on 21 oct and received by chicago,ill on 25 oct. I didnt get any notice of action till today. How to check about it? How long it take for biometric and EAD combo card and then interview?

      1. Thankyou Greg.
        Biomatric done in Maryland within one month after Chicago, ill service centre received my case for adjustment of status of US citizen relative catagory . Can you plz tell me that how many weeks it will take to get my work authorization card or combo card after biomatric?

      2. Thankyou Greg.
        Biomatric done in Maryland within one month after Chicago, ill service centre received my case for adjustment of status of US citizen relative catagory . Can you plz tell me that how many weeks it will take to get my work authorization card or combo card after biomatric?

  43. Hi
    Mr. Greg McLawsen.
    I have applied my green card through marriage in jan2015 and interviewed in july 2015 and after that i got 2 RFE on my I485. last RFE was in dec 2015 after that I did not hear anything till aug 2016 for fingerprint again because its been more than year. after fingerprint no response. What should I do? Is this normal? my field office is texas.

    1. Rakesh: One year is normally too long for a marriage greencard case. But it sounds like there were errors on your application or petition, hence the RFEs. All you can do at this point is wait, assuming you have timely responded to all RFEs.

  44. Hi, Greg, I have submitted L1B RFE application from outside US in last week of July , Already stretched beyond 3 months 10 days by now . I need to be thr in US by December. Application is pending in California service center. when can i expect earliest response.I am bit stuck in long process and delay timelines.

  45. My i- 751 application was received on 02/01/016. Biometrics done on 02/28/2016. When I check the status of my case on the website, it says “Your case was received….”. Apparently though I did my biometrics in Memphis, Vermont is my service center. As of today, I checked the site and it says they are still processing cases as of 10/05/215. Is this normal for this type of petition to take such a long time? If not, what other steps should I take further? Furthermore, my temporary status was extended for one year, which is coming up March 2017. How do I proceed if I do not hear anything by then especially due to my employment? Thanks for you answers.

    1. Hi, Josey: I’m afraid the posted processing times simply are what they are… which is usually slow. You should have no problem getting your temporary status extended while the I-751 is being processed. To do so, just set an InfoPass appointment at your local office and bring a copy of your I-751 receipt. They will – or should – stamp an extension for you. We’ve had clients who had to do this a few times before their petition went through. It’s a pain, but at least you’re in status.

  46. Hey I am a u.s citizens apply i130 for my husband in oct 14.2016 how long would it take for an interview??? We are in Dallas tx area??

      1. Hey Greg!
        No I did not because, where I went to ask for help they said only i130 because he enter the u.s not legally .That I have to wait for the i130 to be approved ..

  47. I applied for Naturalization( Citizenship) 0n February, 2016 and I did my biometric on 02/26/2016. In Des Moines, IOWA (IA). until now I did not receive my letter for interview.
    Do you know what is the reason for delay?
    do you know the time process or when may be they work on my application

    1. Right now lots of N-400 cases are backlogged because people applied, hoping to vote this election. You case is just caught up with that big backlog, so I wouldn’t be concerned that there is any issue with your case at this point.

  48. Hey Greg.
    I am the wife of an US citizin , my husband applied the I-130 and we got the approval , therefor we applied the I-824 so I can join him and move to the US , since April we did NOT receive a clear update, we only got your case has been moved and another office has jurisdiction , what does mean ? and does this mean USCIS is no longer working on this case ? when we call they tell us it has been moved to the Minnesota Office? and do you think NVC has already our case? and now thnx to your help I figured out our processing time , but does it still apply ? Thank you in advance for your help

    1. Hi, Samar ~

      Why did you need to file the I-824? Had you originally filed the I-130 for consular processing, then decide to switch to adjustment? The I-824 can easily take 6 months or more to process… it’s a big pain.

      1. Hey Greg
        I am filling from outside the US , this is why , we got married and they would not let me re enter the US on a visit visa , so I had to go back …after getting an approval for the I-130 this was the next step….now me and my hubby are living apart 🙁 and I cant plan anything because there is no clear indiction on when will I get an email from the NVC and schedule an appointment in a consultant in my resident country, in November it would be a year of this process…I just want to spend xmas with my hubby at my home in the US 🙁 so you think its gona take eve more time than xmas? as per your advise I checked the processing time and they say processing applications from 2 April …. and we filed in April ….do you think I will make it for xmas ? Thank you again for your help

  49. WE have filled I-824 on an approved application since April , and until now we get only a vague reply : case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction . and when we call the reply is: your case was moved to Minnesota Office … what does this mean ? are we closer to have our case to the NVC ? what is the processing time ? I appreciate any Info help I can get and thank you in advance.

  50. Hi Greg,
    My wife (American citizen) has applied for my visa I-130. We both live in Australia. We have received a confirmation from NEBRASKA USCIS office that our application was accepted. How long we have to wait for I-130 will be approved?
    Can we enter in the USA waiting for the visa?
    Thanks a lot

  51. Hi, I filed for replacing my lost green card with form i90 on 9/20/2016. Have biometrics scheduled for 10/12/2016. How soon after the biometrics is the time line for replacement green card? NBC is processing my case. Thank you!

  52. I have received the receipt notices for my I-140 and I-485, and also fingerprinting is done. Upon tracking the cases, I see that USCIS is still working on them. Since it has been 4-5 months already, I am wondering how much longer it is going to take to hear from USCIS? My understanding is that the employment authorization is completely different from the I-140 and I-485 petitions but just to confirm, does the approval of my I-765 have any positive effect on my green card and “Adjustment of Status” requests?

    1. Thanks. You’re right – the I-765 is totally separate from the principal application. The fact it’s approved is neither a good nor bad thing with regard to the main application. It doesn’t look like you’re outside normal processing times for the I-140/I-485 so just hang tight for now.

      1. What are the normal processing times for the Nebraska Service Center for I-140 and I-485? Thank you in advance.

  53. Hello, Greg!

    I had filed my I-140 as an extraordinary ability alien in May 2016, and along with my I-140, I had filed I-485 and I-765 petitions. All the petitions were sent to the Nebraska Processing Center. Recently my I-765 was approved, but I haven’t heard back yet on the other two filings, so by when can I expect to hear from USCIS?

  54. At the time of interview we both were living in different states is that’s the reason holding the case up ??

    1. Hi, Uma: Well you *definitely* need to attend the scheduled interview. So does your spouse if this is a marriage-based case.

      We certainly have worked with clients who – usually for employment reasons – were not living together. But you need to go the extra mile in those cases to prove up the relationship.

      1. Interview done in March – 2016 still no decision made !!

        AOS interview under review, still I-130 pending since Sep 2015 is that the reason my case delayed ! What & when , how I- 130 will approve !!

        1. Hi, Uma: I’ve recommended you file an ombudsman request. Without knowing anything about the background of your case I can’t say whether I think there are problems here besides USCIS delay.

  55. My wife is a US citizen she had applied for me i-130 i had heared that if US citizen apply thn they dont have ny priority date US citizen file is processed faster thn compared to green card holder…should i expect that i will get the visa in 6 months if all the paper work is done properly as per USCIS RULE..

    1. Hi, Sahil: That’s right, priority dates don’t matter for spouses of US citizens because the number of visas is not restricted. I would expect the I-130 to be adjudicated within 6 months. After that – assuming you are outside of the US – you still have a complex process to go through with the National Visa Center. As a rule of thumb that will be an absolute minimum of 2 additional months (that’s assuming no errors are made in processing – they used to reject up to 80% of initial filings).

  56. My Husband sponsored me Green card through His Citizenship, Had I-485 Interview, After Interview the CASE UNDER REVIEW letter was given, Its been more than Double time to get a further notice which they have mentioned in that letter, I did made Enquires 2 times through Senators office, & Raised service request (2), still same response as still the CASE UNDER REVIEW,
    How long more Do I need to wait & How would I know the current Status of my case !!

    1. Hi, Isaac: Unfortunately it looks like they’re running at about 9 months. If you have an urgent need for the replacement you can schedule an INFOPass appointment and ask the local USCIS office for a temporary stamp.

  57. Ok sir and thank you you’re so quick with your answer
    When I read the uscis website it says five months for immediate relatives and that’s what I’m because we married and have kids together, as I told you i filled since April 29 and August 25 the email me about case transferred in Texas for jurisdiction do you know hold long it’s gonna take to get approved

          1. Good morning sir
            Yes I’m waiting for the approval so that I can fill for adjustment, as I told you I’m April fillers and August case was transferred to another office that’s office had now jurisdiction over my case September 15 case transferred again to another office,

          2. Just that the case is being processed at a different. USCIS changes its staffing on “product lines” (case types) all the time. It doesn’t mean anything bad or good about your case.

  58. I filed I- 601 for my wife Feb 16 2016 Nebraska Service Center. I am bit confused about the USCIS processing time table. On the top of time table they have it says ‘Field Office Processing Dates for Nebraska Service Center as of: July 31, 2016’ and on the bottom of the website ‘Last Updated: September 15, 2016’.

    Could you explain which time date should I use for reference

    1. Hi, Yared: So the Nebraska *Service Center* is different than the Nebraska *Field Office.* The Service Center is a central processing facility where I-601s are reviewed, the Field Office is the local facility in Omaha over by the airport where people go for interviews. (I used to practice in Nebraska during law school – go Huskers!). The Service Center is currently processing I-601s filed in January 2016 (link). That means they haven’t yet caught up with your February 2016 filing date yet. Almost there!

  59. Hi sir I filled my I130 on April priority date is April 29 and my case transferred to texas for jurisdiction when do you think I can get approved

    1. Hi, Smith: The I-130 will likely be adjudicated in about 6 months. But if this is a family preference case, versus an immediate relative, then the pertinent waiting time is for the priority date to become current. So, for example, if it’s an I-130 for a brother it might take over a decade. If you’re a UC citizen, and this is for a spouse, then it is an “immediate relative” petition and there’s no priority date waiting period.

      Priority date waiting periods apply to the following cases:

      First: (F1) Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens.

      Second: Spouses and Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents.

      A. (F2A) Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents;

      B. (F2B) Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents.

      Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens.

      Fourth: (F4) Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens.

  60. Hi there,

    My gf is permanent resident and we want to apply for green card. I am on f1- status. Is that possible? If it is how long it will take(processing time). Or do you any particular links so that I can get idea.

  61. I am a US citizen and applied for my married son with children I-130 petition from California. I have moved to Nebraska, Can I apply for my son and daughter from Nebraska again…Will it cancel the application in California

    1. Hi, Anita: U.S. immigration law is national (federal) law, and it doesn’t matter for I-130 petition purposes which state you live in. Hope that help!

      1. But I see that for 1-130 processing time is 5 months in Nebraska and in California they are only processing application of May-2012… It will be faster if I submit application here in Nebraska..

          1. Thanks for your prompt responses….. I really appreciate the way you work and handle queries…I was under the impression that by filing in Nebraska my case will be processed faster…

            I wish you all good luck and success in everything you do

  62. Hi I’m a permanent resident and my I 130 application for my wife and kids under 21 was received on May 3 2016 how long it will take to get approved .

  63. Hi ,
    I have appiled to COS from L2 to F1 ,form i 539 ,date 25 july 2016 .how much time it take?

  64. Hi Greg,
    I am US citizen and I applied for my wife’s I-130 on July 2016. Its right now in process and I got the first notice of action. From that I understood its been process in VA center. I was wondering how long will it take for the next step?

    1. Hi, Rahul: I-130s for immediate relatives are running right around 6 months. If this is a consular case then you’ll also need to wait for receipt at the National Visa Center, which is an additional 1-2 months. Hope that helps and good luck!

  65. I has my biometrics done on july 19 for 601a waiver. How long does it take to get approved?

  66. I am confused, I sent my I-485, family based application, to the Chicago address as instructed in the instructions; and was assigned a ‘MSC’ receipt number, which according to the USCIS processing page, also known as NBC. When I check the MSC processing times the I-485 is not in that list!?

    I never got a letter/email stating that my case was transferred to a local office, so should I expect that was transferred automatically!? I would assume that it would be Newark, NJ field office since its closet to me, since it has been 5 months now and my priority date is passed already Feb 2016?

    1. Hi, Frank. Confusion is a common experience in Immigration Land, even for those of us who spend our professional lives here 🙂

      Just so I’m clear, are you saying that when you check the case status online there’s nothing showing at all? USCIS has been taking a long time to get cases online for that system, but if you filed in February it should be there. Barring an RFE, however, the next notification you’ll receive will be your interview. You don’t get a notification that the case has been transferred, only when it’s scheduled.

      1. Hi Greg,

        I have one more question. if it’s up to the time my sister have a Visa interview her son is over 21 years old. is he able to come with his mom.

        Len N

  67. Hi Greg,

    I’ve made the petition for my siblings in 2007 and i moved and i did get the approvals but i went to local office they said i got the approvals in 2009. so do you know how long does it take for my siblings get here? and what number can i call in to check the status of the case? I got this note when i checked online but i want to know how far it is.

    On March 18, 2009, we received your Form I-130, Immigrant Petition for Relative, Fiance(E), or Orphan, Receipt Number [Editor’s note: redacted], at your local office. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.


    1. Hi, Len: To check the case status just call 1 (800) 375-5283. Unfortunately they won’t give you any information besides, “the case is being processed.” In terms of timeline, this depends on the country of your siblings. I would guess Vietnam – is that right?

        1. Hi Greg,

          My friend wants to file for her sibling. is it still possible to file? I heard that IRS already stopped to take the sibling cases.


          1. Hi, Len: U.S. citizens can definitely still apply for their siblings. As long as your friend is a U.S. citizen – rather than permanent resident – she can definitely get the process started. The first agency involved is US Citizenship and Immigration Services (not the IRS, which does taxes), but they definitely don’t have the authority to stop processing visa petitions. If you’re friend wants to book a consultation we’re happy to talk with her.

  68. Hi,
    My husband made a visa application immigrants for my 2 boys and I . Who was approves and has already paid the visa fee and submitted the supporting affidavit , now he ‘s an us citizen and the case is upgrade the cat why f2a has cr1 since July 5,2016 and the application complete a new I-130 forms for children . How long will we have an interview date.

  69. Dear Mr. Greg, I have applied for I-539 F visa changing of status and it shows 2.5 months in the processing time table. Unfortunately, my case has passed the noted time and still pending. What do you think about my situation? Thank you

    1. Hi, Raamen: What do I think about a case outside of normal processing times? That it’s not unusual 🙂

      But seriously, I know that can be an annoying situation. The first step is to place a case status query with USCIS’s national customer service hotline: 1 (800) 375-5283. Once the case is outside normal processing time you can make basically a complaint by calling the hotline. This actually can be pretty effective, and is the first step in case you have to take more action down the line to fight delay. Hope that helps.

  70. I filed a i130 for my husband who is living another country my priority date is march 3, 2016 how long will it takes for Nebraska service center to approve it.

        1. Daliah: Following the instructions the post above, you’ll see that the Nebraska Service Center is processing I-130s at 5 months currently. That means we would expect your I-130 to be adjudicated by August. Those processing times are only guidelines, however, and do vary up and down. Following I-130 approval it can take one month or even longer for the I-130 to be transferred to the National Visa Center; that transfer has to happen before the NVC will open a case file and send you the invoices.

          Hope that helps, and best of luck with the process.

  71. What is the processing time for the Naturalization Process? I m in VA, sent forms 05/06/16 – biometrics done on 05/27/16.
    I haven’t had any info since then.

    1. Juli: N-400s have a posted processing time of about 9 months in Virginia. Processing times go up and down, but you may not have an interview until about February 2017. Unless you receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) you won’t hear anything from USCIS until right before the interview. Hope that helps.

  72. Hi, I have filed I-765 for L2 EAD renewal on 07-Apr-2016 @ California Service centre. How can I come to know on which date cases they are working currently?


    1. Dhara: The California Service Center is currently processing I-765s in 3 months, so you should be close to an approval. Note that those posted times are not 100% accurate and also have a lag time associated with them (meaning they’re based on old data).

      1. Hello My form is I131 so I’m waiting for travel document its almost 90 days more how long it take time to arrive me

        1. Hi, Amrita: If you filed the I-131 along with an I-765 for an adjustment case then it should be issued in 90-days. Either way, if you have urgent need for travel you are permitted to set an InfoPass appointment at your local USCIS office and request emergency authorization. If you have an I-131 already filed they should not make you pay a new filing fee. But this is only for emergency situations.

          1. I have also filled for i131 on August 15th on this year and it passes the 90 days. How long does it take the Nebraska service center to process i131?

    1. Hi, Syed – what type of I-130 petition is this? (Meaning, for spouse, brother, parent, and whether for a US citizen or resident).

    2. My case Receiving on July 21 2016 until I don’t get EAD card my no MSC1691389955

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