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Sound Immigration began with a simple but radical idea. We’re not interested in “the way things have always been done.” Instead, we care about what’s best – for our clients and for the lawyers who serve them.

Traditional law firms are bloated with inefficiency and waste. Lawyers spin their wheels using outdated technology and terrible project management skills. Meanwhile, clients are left to talk to support staff, because their lawyer is too busy playing catch-up.

We went in a different direction.

We embrace technology and innovation at every turn. We constantly ask how we can use new tools to improve our client’s experience. We borrow from disciplines like Agile project management and design thinking to challenge the way law is traditionally practiced.

Basically, we built a better law firm.

Our clients work can work seamlessly with their attorney from anywhere in the world.  A client communicates directly with her individual immigration attorney – never with paralegals or support staff. We work at lightening speed to deliver outstanding service in a fraction of the time that other firms may take.

Our latest updates.

Does the Covid stimulus check or unemployment insurance create a public charge issue?

As we head together into this time of global crisis, the technicalities of U.S. immigration law may not be the first thing on your mind. But judging from some emails I’ve been getting, many of you are looking ahead to…

What is the Form I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency?

The Form I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency is a new USCIS form that will be required in adjustment of status (green card) applications. The form and official instructions are available below. This post will be updated with analysis once we are…

What are public charge bonds?

The Trump administration recently announced changes to “public charge” inadmissibility. One of the major changes in U.S. immigration law is that some immigrants will not be required to post financial bonds as a pre-condition to getting green cards. Here’s what…

DHS Public Charge Rule – Analysis of Final Rule

Today the Department of Homeland Security announced the publication of its new rule on Public Charge inadmissibility. The initial notice of rulemaking was issued in October 2018. See this post for an in-depth analysis of the rule as originally proposed…

USCIS to roll back self-scheduled “InfoPass” appointments

USCIS Announced today that it will end the availability of self scheduled appointments at its field offices. The InfoPass System currently being used for people to sell schedule an appointment in order to check on case status, ask questions about…

USCIS updates policy on medical exams (Form I-639)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced yesterday that it is changing its rules on the validity period for medical exams. The new guidelines take effect almost immediately on November 1, 2018. The announcement changes how long a medical exam – completed…

USCIS proposes new public charge rules: changes impact public benefits and the Form I-864 for adjustment applicants

A version of this article will appear in Bender’s Immigration Bulletin and is republished here with permission.  Video from live webinar on public charge rules. USCIS proposes new public charge rules: the Form I-864 will become table stakes as scrutiny…

Will the immigration officer know what I said to CBP – or – the case of the sandwich smuggler

I have a confession. Long before I was an immigration lawyer, before I was a judicial law clerk, before I had a law license… I was a smuggler. A smuggler of the worst type – a sandwich smuggler. But, before…

I am waiting for my adjustment of status to be approved but my temporary EAD is expiring – what should I do?

A lot of our clients are finding themselves in a frustrating situation. They filed an adjustment of status application (Form I-485) and were issued a 12-month temporary work authorization (EAD). So far, so good, except that the EAD is about…

Changes to USCIS “public charge” determinations and use of the Form I-864

*This article is now outdated* After this article was published, USCIS formally announced new rules for public charge determinations. Find an updated article about those changes here.    USCIS is considering major changes to how it makes “public charge” determinations.…

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We here for you, as always.

Sound Immigration will continue its operations during the Covid crisis. Since our founding, we have operated as a remote, digitally-networked team, so that is nothing new for us.

What is new, of course, is the crisis that confronts the world as a whole. Now is the time to affirm our membership in the interconnected global community. We are proud, as ever, of the role that we as immigration lawyers play in strengthing those global bonds.

Stay strong. Stay socially distanced. We will make it through this together.

In solidarity,
Greg McLawsen
Founder & Managing Attorney