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Montana Form I-864, Affidavit of Support enforcement lawyers.

We represent Affidavit of Support clients throughout the State of Montana through a partnership with Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. Its managing attorney, Christopher Flann, served as co-counsel on our successful Pachal litigation.

Chris has over two decades practicing U.S. immigration law. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Chris was a PhD-level chemist who taught for five years at the University of Montana.

Christopher Flann
Immigration Law of Montana, P.C.
8400 Clark Rd
Shepherd, MT 59079

Contact us about enforcing the USCIS Form I-864, Affidavit of Support

Our Montana-based Affidavit of Support litigation.

 We represent Affidavit of Support plaintiffs in federal court in the State of Montana to enforce their rights to financial support.

 Pachal v. Bugreff, No. 9:20-cv-00050 (District of Montana – Missoula Division)

 In this lawsuit, we represented a Canadian national in a lawsuit against his current U.S. citizen wife, who was his Affidavit of Support sponsor. The sponsor was defended by one of the most prominent immigration lawyers in the United States in conjunction with a local attorney.

The defendant-sponsor attempted to get our federal case dismissed on “abstention” grounds because of the parties’ ongoing divorce case. We successfully argued to the federal court that our client’s claim under the Affidavit of Support and associated federal law was completely separate from the divorce proceeding. Agreeing with our position, the federal court refused to dismiss the lawsuit. We favorably resolved the matter shortly thereafter via a settlement agreement.

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