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  1. Hi
    I NEED to submit Affidavit of support 1864A , a joint sponsor will signed alone?
    Or the principal will still need to signed?

    Thank you


  2. Question on B 1 visitor visa, immigration officer stamped Cos/ros on passport upon arrival but here to visit my sister and her family and Take USMLE exam . What are my option?

  3. Hello i have another concern. What income should i input on the “current individual annual income”? Should i write down the actual salary the employer deposits on the sponsor’s bank account or should it be the one indicated in the employer’s letter stating the annual income with bonuses? Becoz upon computation of her weekly pay, it doesnt match with the one on the letter. I hope you can help me regarding this.. Thank you..

  4. Hey I’m a little confused. I’m married to a US Citizen, I tracked my 1-30 case online I noticed my cause was sent to the NVC for processing but we have yet to receive the documents in hand. Do you know how long it will take for us to receive documents & how long does NVC processing takes.

    1. Unfortunately it is taking 1-3 months – following issuance of an I-130 approval notice – for the NVC to issue invoices. You can file an inquiry with the NVC after 30 days, though that’s hardly a guarantee that things will move faster.

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