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My petition was approved by USCIS – how long does it take to transfer to the NVC?

After a petition (I-129F or I-130) is approved by USCIS it will then be transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC). (For an overview of the process, follow this link). But how long does that take?

Historically we’ve seen this process take between 30 and 60 days. But recently we’ve seen delays of up to five months! This can happen for at least a couple reasons. First, sometimes the delay is on the NVC side. This last year we saw long processing delays for all documents sent to the NVC. Basically they have just been behind schedule processing all documents. So when a new petition arrives at the NVC it takes a while to reach the top of the stack. When this is going on there’s nothing you can do except just wait.

The second cause for delay is on the USCIS side. We’ve seen a couple cases recently where USCIS sent the approval notice, but then failed to actually send the petition file to the NVC. In these situations the first thing you should do is contact USCIS customer service center (1-800-375-5283). In cases of extreme delay the next step could be contacting your congressional representative to ask them to contact USCIS.

How do you know when the petition has been received and processed by the NVC? Because they will send you invoices for the visa fee (and in marriage cases the Affidavit of Support Fee). Since these are sent via email make sure you are checking your inbox regularly. Also be sure to check your spam filter, since some email programs think the NVC emails are junk mail.

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Greg is recognized as the leading national authority on enforcement of the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. Greg represents low-income green card holders in lawsuits to recover support from their sponsors. Practicing family-based immigration law, Greg also focuses on helping married and engaged couples with U.S. immigration.

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  1. hi, i am an indian citizen working in London. My husband filed for my I-130 and my priority date is 3rd April 2017. We did receive the receipt but haven’t received anything post that from USCIS. Just wnated to get a sense of how long does the entire process take from getting the PD to Visa. views on google are a bit contradictory and dont give a clear timeline. Just wanted to check if i will be able to get the thing sorted by 2018 max and move there.

    1. Nisha, there’s actually no accurate answer on that. You have to wait for the PD to become “current.” But the Visa Bulletin, which tracks progression, does not proceed on a linear basis. Some months it proceeds one month, other times not… and sometimes it even goes backward. So there’s really no accurate answer except for that you need to monitor the bulletin monthly.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    My case was approved by USCIS and I have received a case number and the priority date is 16Jan2007. My brother is a US Citizen and he sponsored me. I live in Durban South Africa and I have a wife and three daughters. I regularly and religiously follow the Visa Bulletin for updates and it seems to stick with no movement. I don not know why this has taken now more than 10 years and why the delay? Is there any way of speeding this up? (My daughters are growing!) Thanks for any assistance and advise, kind regards, Gary Robertson

    1. Hi, Gary. Unfortunately not only does the Bulletin fail to progress – sometimes it will even go backwards! You’re not going crazy, it’s just the system that’s crazy. Unfortunately there is no way to accurately predict the progression of the Bulletin (despite what some immigration lawyers will tell you). All you can do is exactly what you’re already doing – keep checking that Bulletin.

  3. Hi,
    My friend is a us citizen. He married with a Chinese woman 20 months ago. He filed I-130 for her in Feb., 2017. His wife received a 10 years multi-entries B1/B2 visa before they married. Now his wife has a medical need to come to the US on her B1/B2 visa while she is waiting for I-130. Here are the questions:
    1)If she is not admitted at the boarder of U.S., is there any bad effects to her immigration visa application?
    2)What documents does she need to prepare for entering the U.S.?



    1. Ping: That is a very challenging situation. The problem will be overcoming the presumption of immigrant intent. We can’t provide fact-specific advice regarding this individual’s chance of successfully doing this proposed trip without speaking with her.

  4. Hi
    I understand the NVC contacts you when your priority date is close to becoming current to start with processing. How close should your priority date be to becoming current before the NVC contacts you to begin processing?
    In the case of a permanent resident filing for spouse.

  5. Hi,
    I am permanent resident; I’ve filed the I-130 petition in April 2015 after getting married with spouse (02/04/2015, Beverly Hills). We’ve decided to temporarily move back to Italy because the waiting time was too long (she was an F-1 Student). I’m now here with a I-131 reentry permit.

    Following a request from USCIS to establish bone fide evidence the petition was approved on April 26th, 2016.
    But then things got tangled.
    The Los Angeles field office never sent the file to the NVC as they should have done in April/May.

    USCIS then issued another Approval Notice (September 22nd, 2016).
    Then they suggest us to file Form I-824 (+ NVC processing fees) requiring an immediate action (October 5th).
    Instead then sending the petition to the NVC USCIS mailed us a Transfer Notice from California to Vermont Service Center (November 18th, 2016).
    – We transferred this case because the record indicates that office has jurisdiction over the case –
    Is that normal?
    Please advice.
    Thank you for your time

    1. Hi, Marco: That’s a bit of a mess. The bottom line is that yes, if this was filed for an I-485 adjustment “one-step”, and you now wish to pursue it as a consular case, an I-824 is needed to transfer it to the NVC (regardless of whether a local field office or service center has the file).

      1. Thank you for your fast answer. I really appreciated it.
        No, I filed just an I-130 “one-step”. (my wife was no longer in the United States when I filed an I-130).
        So that is a mess? Please advice.
        Thank you

  6. Hello, my priority date is on Feb, 2016 f2a case (India).My case is already approved and my case in under NVC. But NVC did not ask any supportive documents from me yet. I applied for my husband and I am green card holder.Thanks

    1. If the NVC has sent you invoices and opened the case file, supporting documents are required regardless of whether you’ve received case instructions or not.

  7. Hello people, Greg, I need your valuable advice, this is the second time i ask the same question here. The first one wasn’t published. I don’t know why.
    I paid the IV FEE, online,, it happened on March the 8th of this year,when I sign in in the CEAC webpage, another invoice for the IV fee pops , then I click on the Payments receipt and it shows that the fee has been paid and they gave me an Id confirmation number( on the top of the page it reads: IV FEE PAID, $230, BUT as I scroll down it says NOT PAID, the worst issue is that the page wont let me continue with My case,,ie. The IV application will not open nor they let me paid the AOS fee , it is blocked,, i tried to contact the Nvc on the phone, but the lines are busy,
    The uscis approved my petition on December 6th 2016, my PD is long ago current, its a FB2 CATEGORY.
    i sent.them (nvc) two emails, i attached the payment receipt in one of them, its been over 2 weeks SINCE I emailed them and the NVC didn’t even confirm the emails I sent(/they used too). Gracias and cheers from Colombia,

    1. Hi, William: Sorry you previous comment wasn’t received. We have had to implement spam filters because of many fake comments from abroad.

      We’re afraid you’ll need to continue attempting to contact the NVC. Yes, their lines are frequently full, but you just have to keep trying. Sometimes it can take an hour to get someone on the phone. But you will need their help to resolve this technical issue.

  8. Hi Greg

    Thank you for this really helpful page.

    I have a quick question please, as an standalone I-130 beneficiary (F1 category):

    I am concerned that my priority date will be reached before my I-130 form is processed/approved by the USCIS Vermont Service Center. Does this scenario happen to applicants because of the delays in processing? If the priority date is reached, would my form then be processed because it is “current”? If not, do I simply have to wait longer?

    Thank you for your help!


    1. Oliver, afriad we’re not tracking. F-1 is a category for student visas and doesn’t require an I-130. For preference category petitioners the priority date *must* be reached before the petition can be used to support a visa.

  9. Hi, I am really puzzled please help me
    My mom is a permanent resident in the US
    she filed a petition and I was 21 that time single and I was approved 1 year after(july2013) but I never received any letter from the NVC for the next steps but my brothers and sister(age 18 and 17) got theirs and now they are in America except me. Please tell me what to do? Is it because of my age?

    1. Hi, Raytch: You’ll want to look at the priority date on the I-130 receipt and see if that date has become “current” under the current visa bulletin.

  10. Hi
    Thanks for your assistance to your many subscribers. What is the wait time after I130 is approved and transferred to the NVC for a permanent resident filing for spouse ? What is the average wait time before your priority date becomes current?

    1. Hi, Bernard: Those are two very different questions.

      The NVC processing wait is roughly 30-60 days from petition approval. That is, if your petition is approved – and you have a visa number available – the NVC sends out invoices in about 30-60 days.

      As to the wait times on priority dates, those depend on your preference category. Current dates can be found in the Visa Bulletin, published online by the Department of State.

  11. Please let know that my K1 Petition was submitted on DEC-15-2016 in California visa center on 15 JAN 2017 we got letter or conformation from USCIS stating that my petition is approved so we would like to know that after approval date the process start but i checked several blogs saying California center date is 15 oct 2016 so now how my case will process.

    Appreciate your support.

    1. If your case has been approved then it should be on its way to the appropriate U.S. consulate abroad. You should begin work right away to prepare your DS-160 and consular processing materials.

    2. Hello i checked from my Fiance that it will take 2 months more,
      the process of k1 start from the day it approved or the day the petition is submitted.

  12. Valuable discussion ! I loved the information , Does anyone know where I could possibly access a sample USCIS N-400 example to use ?

  13. Hi , I am an Indian citizen married to a US citizen, and we have only lived together for a week after marriage, here in India. Will it be a problem for us regarding cohabitation – for proving our marriage is bonafide? While we have valid reasons that my husband had to join his work early (he’s a resident and get very less leaves).
    Also, we do not have marriage certificate because he had to wait here for 30 days, which wasn’t possible for him now. Though, we both are muslims so we have a relegional certificate called – NikahNaama.

    Please help me know.

    1. Hi, Shaista: There is no requirement that you have cohabitated for any particular period of time. As you know, that scenario would not be unusual for Muslim applicants in South Asia. Likewise, your husband’s residency schedule could be a perfectly valid reason. With that being said, you’ll need to be extra careful ensuring that your I-130 packet does a good job explaining the history of your relationship. USCIS will want a copy of the NikahNaama, but for the I-130 you will also need your legal civil marriage certificate from the local authority.

  14. Hello, I have filed a waiver I601-A back on August 2016 and today March 14 it got approved. I know my last step is the consular processing but need to know when approximately when I will get the appointment for it to leave the country and to ciudad juarez in Mexico for processing. I have to wait for my approval letter by mail and maybe send another packet but want to know howlong more I have to wait. Please help and the next steps to take. Thank you

  15. Hi Greg,

    Our case got processed by USCIS on FEB 9th and was sent to NVC, it’s been over a month and no sign of life from NVC. Is it usual for such delays? USCIS states that NVC should contact you within 3-4 weeks. Calling them is ineffective we keep being placed on hold which doesn’t get us anywhere.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi, Wendy: Once your case is past the 3-4 it really is important to contact the NVC. Yes, it’s frustrating to stay on hold – we do it all the time at the firm – but this is a critical first step in case there really is a serious delay problem. In most cases, if they don’t get things going in the 3-4 week mark it will be pretty soon afterwards.

      1. My petition was approved by the uscis and forwarded to the nvc. It’s been over 6 weeks now and still no action! Is this normal?

  16. Hi, I have send in my petition for my wife in February 2017, and get a notice of action in 2 weeks. I’m a green card holder.I send the from with all supporting document needed at this stage what should be the next action from uscis. And how long I’m waiting to get a reply from them thanks…..

  17. Hi my wife and my son both u.s.a citizen.i entered illegally in u.s.a.130 has been approved mid2015.i didn’t hear nothing after that.what i should do ?know my attorney saying i should file i824 .so confussed

    1. Garry: If you’re working with an attorney then he/she should be advising you about next steps. If that isn’t happening, or you don’t understand his/her advice, you should get a new lawyer. It sounds like you need to consular process, likely with a waiver for unlawful presence, which is why the I-824 would be required.

  18. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for helping.
    I have a question, I put petition i130 for my parents so after submitting all required documents, my mom got approved but my dad rejected due to some mistakes that filled on the form, finally my mom get her medical examination and interview to be done march 2017.

    So we can’t leave dad alone, my main question can we put mom case on hold and need to file another petition for dad when he got approved to then Unhold mom file after.

    Please advice which way you prefer to go through.


    1. Hi, Fay: You need to communicate with the NVC at least annually to keep the immigrant visa case alive. Make sure to do so in writing and to preserve proof of the communication. The medical exam will eventually expire but can be re-done.

  19. Thanks for the great info! If my mom I-130 approves then can she enter the States on visitor visas? In the mean time, we go thru the NVC months of processing time. Am I required to file I-485 for her or it’s ok for her to stay in the states and return back to her country once interview letter has been confirmed? Thank you.

  20. One more thing: I lived in America, worked and accumulated at least 24 work credits, do i still need an AOS form?/ I was deported, not for having criminal records, but my 10 years bar elapsed on 10/30/2003.

  21. Hi! I have my i130 approved with a priority date of January 26th in 2016. Still waiting for NVC to send me a visa number. I am european but I don’t know if that helps to speed the process. Any idea of the average waiting time period? The bulletin has not moved for 8 months in F2A category, is that normal??


  22. Hi I have to admit this is a very good website. I have one question. I am a us citizen file for my husband on December 2016 receive a receipt number with no instruction on Dec 26/16 I just know its on The Nebraska office. How long do I have to wait for an approval. Or what’s next please Thank you.

  23. hello sir,
    my case was approved on 1 nov 2016 and in jan 2017 i got nvc case number and they have written that my case is not currently eligible for further processing …. can you plz tell how much time it takes to further process or do i have to do something for it

  24. hello , can u help cause my i – 130 was approved on march , 2014 and nothings happen what will i do thanks ..

      1. yes it was immediate relative my mom was in the US its been 2 years now and nothings change in the case status …thanks for the reply

  25. My husband and I have filled the I-30 application for me since August 2016 he is a us citizen it is now Almost February 2017 and I have yet recieved an approval just the receipt letter saying the recieved it but no approval of case ? What can we do?

    1. Can I ask want service centre your petition went to? Mine is at Nebraska and as of 30 November they were up to July 2 so I’m hoping by now they’re up to September 2. Mine was received September 8. I’m hoping with all of these immigration issues going on at the moment it’s not going to cause many delays.

    2. Hi nayeli pliz if I may ask did u receive I 130 approval!? I 130 was approved on April 08 2017filed sep 8 2016 ..they said were sending it to NVC… Am anxiously waiting 4 NVC communication!! Very draining to wait!

  26. My 1-130 was approved on March 28, 2016. A mail was also sent to me some time last year but I never received it. I visited my post office, spoke to the clerk . I even went as far as visiting the General Post Office of my country to see if any of my mails was misplaced. However, there was still no mail for me. My question is: What is usually in this mail? Does the mail day that I have a Green Card? Does it also say when my interview is scheduled? Please help! It’s very urgent because I soon, a year would have passed since this mail was sent. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Brentnol: It depends. If this was a preference category petition then there’s nothing you can do until a priority date becomes current or you receive instructions from the NVC inviting you to submit your visa documents. If this was an immediate relative I-13 then you should have received invoices from the NVC long ago. As it sounds you know, if action was required at the NVC, you must do so within 1 year or forfeit your entire case.

  27. hi. I have a question. my mom had received the letter from USCIS that my petition has been approved and that I have to wait for NVC to contact me for the steps to do next. my priority date is August 2015 and the notice date was February 2016, as unmarried child under 21 status. my mom have been calling NVC once a month since then but still didn’t hear anything from them, nor did I. the last time mom called all they said was to check a site they’ve given. but its not as helpful either. Why do you think is it taking long? thank you for your response if ever.

    1. Hi, Leah: This is not a preference category case if for an unmarried child under 21 years of age of a U.S. citizen. In such a case there is no requirement to wait for the priority date to become current. If so, you need to talk to an attorney immediately. If once the case is sent to the NVC you must take action within a year or the case if forfeited. If it is a priority category case (meaning parent is not a U.S. citizen) then your priority date probably just has not become current yet.

  28. How long does it take NVC process to be completed and an interview scheduled after you are contacted by NVC with an invoice number. assuming all necessary documents and payments are submitted immediately upon request?

    Very Informative page

    1. Thanks, Bernard: We’d say the range is basically 2-3 months to infinite. But that low range is optimistic. NVC (according to itself) should issue invoices within 6 weeks of your approval notice, but that doesn’t always happen. After you submit the DS-260 and supporting packet, it can take them 30 days to even open it. Used to be 60. Then they have to review it and – if everything is okay – schedule the consular interview. 2-3 months is possible, but that’s best case.

  29. HI there I appreciate your generous approach for help to people. I got approval for I-130 of my son in October 2016. Filled out DS 260 and afterwards sent civil documents and AOS which were delivered to NVC on 12/6/2016. On December 30th, 2016 we received an email about notice of missing item asking us to submit civil documents and AOS without indicating what document was missing. I contacted them through web inquiry informed them about my shipping of document and delivery of documents on 12/6/2016 with DHL tracking number. On 01/10/2017 they replied that their system does not have record of receipt of the documents. I wonder even after 34 days their system does not have record of receipt. If they did not receive my documents how they sent us notice of missing documents? Please advise what to do ? Should I resend them documents ?

    1. Hi, Areeba: Thanks for the nice word.

      It has been standard for the NVC to take 30 days to open and register the packet. It used to be 60 days. So we wouldn’t be too worried at this juncture.

      But the RFE that they sent you should have stated specifically what documents were missing. Don’t just resend everything, though, since that could cause delay.

      1. Hi I had sent civil documents and AOS for my son (IR2) first in December, 2016 but never got any email about its receipt. I called NVC in mid March 2017. They told me that they didn’t receive my documents and advised to resend them. I resent them on 14 March 2017 and now even after 2 months no email from NVC. The website status says ” Submit required documents”
        What should I do now. Will appreciate your help. Thanks

  30. Hi Mr. Greg. I just recieved my Approval letter from USCIS , they said that they will forward it to the NVC. How long will it takes before i will receive the notification regarding whats my next step . And also after receiving the NVC notification can I proceed to schedule my medical and interview ? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, Ginnie: The NVC should take action and issue invoices within 6 weeks of your USCIS approval notice. The NVC will issue you an appointment notice after you case at the NVC is complete, and you’ll receive consulate-specific instructions about getting the medical done. Every consulate is different in terms of how the medical is timed.

  31. Hi, the USCIS requested for evidence which they received on June15, 2016. And it’s been 7 months I haven’t gotten a response from them. How long does it take for the response? I’m worried.

    1. Hi, the USCIS requested for evidence which they received on June15, 2016. And it’s been 7 months I haven’t gotten a response from them. How long does it take for the response? My visa type is I-129. I’m worried.

  32. Hello Greg, I just sent my petition for I-129F for my fiance in Sierra Leone on December 22nd to Texas. How long can I expect the case to take from beginning to end?

    1. Hi, Keptieu: There’s a huge range to these cases. We’ve had fiance cases that took only 2-3 months start to finish. But they can also take years if the Department of State runs security checks referred to as “administrative processing.”

  33. Hello Mr Greg , thank you for this article . I recive the approve from the USCIS on 31 OCT , and I send an email to NVC requsting for my case number they send me an case number and when I check online on the NVC website with my case number it says ( AT NVC ) is that mean I can pay the money or not yet ? what should I do next . thank you

  34. hello. my question is that i an a green card holder and i filed a case for my and it got approved this year on september 2016 and now the case is in NVC. I have been waiting from 3 months now i have not heard anything from them yet. How long it takes to get visa?

  35. I am a US citizen and I had petitioned for my wife. We have everything finished and her interview scheduled. But for some reason when we transferred embassies from naples to bucharest. Our petition I 130 hasn’t arrived there yet? Because of this she cannot have her interview. What’s the average transit time when transferring petitions to other embassies and is there a way of contacting the mailing agency to figure out where it’s at?

    1. Hi, Andrew: That is an issue you would need to take up with the immigrant visa sector of the Bucharest consulate. But no, there is no way to communicate directly with the transport entity.

  36. My petition was approved in 1993 and wasnt followed up since then due to our post office problems then. -and now i just submitted another petition . Will this take a long process ?

  37. my husband filed an i-824 for me and was approved last aug 24, i checked online about my case status and it says that USCIS received the approval of our case. ny husband is in the US im living in saudi he received a letter of i797 notice i didnt recieve any letter. (anyway should i receive one or not necessarily?) so anyway until then we havent have any updates yet from uscis or nvc its been 3 mos now..

  38. Am physically present in the USA and my wife who is a citizen filed an I-130 petition on my behalf, we got the receipt which says it’s in process, what can be next? It’s possible for it to be in process while I apply for working permit? Or social security card? Just what next steps to take?

    1. Hi, James: If you are planning to adjust status in the United States – and eligible to do so – then you should have filed the I-485 concurrently with the I-130. Likewise, the I-765 should have been filed at the same time for a temporary work permit. A Social Security card may be obtained only after your I-765 and/or I-485 approval.

  39. My dad file an I130 for my sister in March of 2006. In 2010, we missed receiving the approved letter by mail. We contacted USCIS office and they informed us that our case was approved in 2010 and transferred to National Visa Center, but we did not receive the case number. How can we follow up with the case? As for now, we only have the receipt # dated in 2006. Please advise.

    1. If your case was inactive at the NVC for 5-6 years then they will have closed the file long ago: they keep it open for only one year without contact. You’ll need to explore if you have options, which may involved filing a Freedom of Information Act to secure your immigration file and see what actually happened in the case.

  40. your website was very helpful. I was hoping you can clarify one thing – on July1 I received an email from USCIS saying they accepted my documents, and they had routed them to USCIS Nebraska. I also received an official receipt notice by mail. Where am I in the whole process? If I haven’t heard from them since, does it mean my documents are still at USCIS, and not NVC? Is the official receipt notice not the same as an approval? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Makiko: A receipt notice just means that USCIS has received the case for processing. An approval notice will come months later after they have processed the case. You’ll receive that approval notice before the case gets sent to the NVC. Good luck!

      1. We have the same case ???? How many months do we have to wait for approval? Before out case goes to NVC?

        1. Hi, Michelle: It depends in part on what type of case you have. Assuming this is an “immediate relative” petition, I-130s are taking about 2-6 months these days. Following approval, it will be about another month (roughly speaking) before the NVC receives the packet and issues your invoices. Good luck!

  41. I have spoken in two different occasions to the NVC and they have said they got my AOS and supporting documents on 09/01/2016. The USCIS has sent the approved petition to them on 07/25/2016. on 10/17/2016 I was advised that there is a delay in processing and the agent would place a note for the supervisor since the 6 weeks time frame has passed. Agent advised I call on the week of 10/24/2016 if I do not get a Case Complete by then. We are awaiting for interview date since no request from NVC for additional paperwork has been sent to us.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, Tony ~

      It sounds like the NVC gave clear instructions on what to do if you don’t hear back by next week (that is, call them). Is there a reason you don’t want to just follow their advice? I would.

  42. Hi
    My petition was approved on July 22. Until now we don’t receive an answer from NVC
    What can we do?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Alda: You need to contact the National Visa Center to see if they have received the case. If not, you should put in a service request with USCIS.

  43. Hi I want to know how can I delay May case to the next year
    My case approved And nvc send me letter to pay fee can I delay the case it s possible they give me more Time ?

    1. Hi, Sonbola: Once your case is at the NVC you need to make contact with them a minimum of once per year or they will revoke the petition. Send them a correspondence via certified mail explaining your plans, with the case number appropriately referenced, and keep a copy of your submission for your own records.

  44. Please my case has just been approved by the uscis nd forwarded to NVC for processing. Please what is the duration on getting it completeed and being schedule for interview?

    1. It sounds like you have already received notification from USCIS that your case is being transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC). The next step is that USCIS has to physically transport the file to the NVC. After NVC gets the file it will enter it into their system and issue you one or more invoices for your case. You can read here about how to pay those invoices.

      After paying the invoices you have to file all required supporting documents with the NVC. The documentation required depends on the details of your specific case. Only after all supporting documents are received is your case then considered “documentarily qualified.” A case must be documentarily qualified before the NVC will forward it to the consulate for an interview.

      Interview wait times depend on the consulate where the case will be sent. In the big picture, however, the interview wait time is not the major cause of delay at this step of a case’s life-cycle. Instead, the major delays are typically caused by waiting for NVC to process the application, and getting supporting documents submitted. It is common for people to make mistakes with their supporting documents. If improper documents are submitted this typically causes a 1-2 month delay, since NVC has to process the documents, then re-issue their document request.

          1. Hello
            I hope someone can help me to understand what’sur gonna happen
            Amina from morocco and my fiancé is à US citizen we applayed for fiancée visa everything was good I had interview in february 3 2017 and my case was hold for more administrative processing now the case in returned to USCIS for further review on february 14 2017. Can u pls explain me what should we do? And how much time it will take the additionnel review?

          2. Hi, Siham: Unfortunately have seen this happen in Morocco for our own K-1 clients. Administrative processing means that they are performing additional security checks. Those case take up to – and sometimes even longer than – a year.

      1. hello. i am actually confuse i am green card holder. i file for my wife i130 that approved on 16/8/2016. and on 15/9/2016 i received a email from nvc saying my case is not currently eligible for further processing.and its almost December now i did not receive anything from them. what i have to do next please help and how they send me a invoice number to start my process.thank you

        1. Hi, Simi: Since this is a family-based priority category case, you have to wait until a visa number is available. Once your number is available the NVC will contact you with an invoice ID that will allow you to proceed with your case.

    2. Hi , did you get any response or any receipt from NVC yet??? My case was approved last week. I just want to have an idea of time for transition to NVC from USCIS.

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