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Could you qualify for financial support under the Form I-864?

Consider these four questions?

  1. Did you immigrate to the United States? This means that held status as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), also called a “green card holder.” Note that you some immigrants may qualify for support even if they are placed into removal/deportation proceedings. The question is whether you at one time held status – or still hold status – as a resident.

  2. Did your U.S. husband, wife or a family member sponsor your immigration? The Affidavit of Support applies in virtually all cases where a family member filed a Form I-130 to start the immigration process. If you gained status through a marriage (IR-1/CR-1), fiancee (K-1) or other family-based petition, the Affidavit of Support was almost certainly signed.

  3. Are you divorced or separated? The right to immigration financial support can apply even if you are divorced from your immigration sponsor.

  4. Are you unemployed or earning less than $1,400/month? The sponsorship obligation is tied to 125% of the poverty line, or roughly $1,400/month for a household of one. If you are unemployed, or have earned less than that amount per month, you could be entitled to support.

If you answered yes – or maybe – to all four questions above, you could have a legal claim for financial support under the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.

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How much support can you receive?

Financial support under the Form I-864 is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The amount of support you may be entitled to receive depends on many factors including your household size, work history and how long you have been a resident.

How do you recover support?

Immigration financial support is based on a binding contract signed by your sponsor. Like all legal disputes, claims to immigration financial support can be resolved by your lawyer using negotiation. Generally, most legal disputes are solved this way. If necessary, your lawyer may be able to file a lawsuit in state or federal court.

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