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Have a question about U.S. immigration and visas? Just ask.

Our website has a vast amount of resources for those seeking to understand the complex U.S. immigration system. If you have a have a question of general nature please head to the corresponding section of our site and leave your question in the comments section. Our team does its best to respond individually to all questions within one business day.

Most frequent areas of inquiry.

Fiancée visas

Also referred to as a Form I-129F or K-1 visa, fiancée visas are available to foreign nationals engaged to marry a U.S. citizen.

Adjustment of status

Also referred to as a Form I-485 or marriage-based green card, adjustment of status is the process of gaining residency through marriage to a U.S. citizen when the applicant is already present in the United States.


Also referred to as a Form N-400 or citizenship application, this is the process for a lawful permanent resident to become a full citizen of the United States.

Marriage-based visa

Also referred to as a Form I-130, DS-260, CR-1 or IR-1, this is the process of immigrating to the United States based on marriage when the process will be completed from outside of the United States.

Other common areas of inquiry.

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  1. My fiancee was born in Libya but his family moved to Palestine when he was little in the 1980s. He left Palestine in 2016 and now resides in Turkey and holds a resident permit. He still holds a Palestinian passport. We are planning on getting married but we are not sure which route to take whether it be fiance or family visa application I30 petition. Being that there is a travel ban for people that are from several countries, Libya being one of them and thats where he was born, do you think we will have issues applying for him? thanks

    1. Great question, Connie. Unfortunately, the travel ban is still being reviewed by the Supreme Court. We expect a ruling in a few months. But there currently would be no reason to prefer an I-129F strategy over an I-130, or vice versa.

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