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We enforce rights under the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.

We represent immigrants in cases under the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. Attorney Greg McLawsen is the most recognized national authority on the Affidavit of Support and has represented more clients in enforcement lawsuits than any lawyer in the country.

About I-864 enforcement.

When someone obtains a green card through family-sponsored immigration, an Affidavit of Support is almost always signed. This document is a contract between the sponsor and U.S. government. By signing the document, the sponsor promises to provide financial support to the immigrant.

The immigrant’s right to support under the I-864 is legally enforceable. If a sponsor refuses to fulfill his responsibility, the immigrant may sue in court. We work with I-864 beneficiaries to ensure they receive the support to which they are entitled. We represent clients at zero upfront cost.

Our team.

Greg McLawsen is the leading national authority on enforcement of the Form I-864. He has published more extensively on the topic than any other attorney in the country and speaks nationwide about the subject. Our law firm is based in Tacoma, Washington. In order to serve clients across the country we partner with local law firms who are experienced in the fields of litigation and collection. This partnership allows us to provide a high level of subject matter knowledge in I-864 enforcement, combined with the tactical knowledge of local litigators.

What are the consequences of signing the Form I-864?

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