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Advising LPRs on foreign travel

Whew – your client has finally made it through the lengthy immigrant visa process. Or she’s nailed the adjustment interview and at long last has her green card in hand. What’s the first thing the client wants to do? Often, they want to pack their bags and go on a trip.How should you advise your clients?

How should you advise your client?

LPRs are permitted to travel abroad. But as is often the case, the devil is in the details. A blasé approach to foreign travel can jeopardize the client’s future ability to naturalize, or even lead to the abandonment of LPR status altogether. Moreover,  foreign travel can seek especially risky given the current immigration environment.

In this seminar we will cover:

  • Continuity of residence for purposes of naturalization.
  • Understanding LPR abandonment – substantive and procedural aspects.
  • How to advise on the risks of foreign travel in the changing environment of the Trump administration.

Written material.

Written material for the presentation may be downloaded in .pdf format below. Note that this is a draft article… so it is incomplete and reads a bit rough.

Download here (free): Advising LPRs on Foreign Travel





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