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Using Contract Attorneys To Scale Your Law Practice

Using contract attorneys to scale your law practice

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Today we were joined by Andy Backlund of Emerald City Attorney Network, PLLC. On our webinar, Andy spoke about how law firms can use contract lawyers to build a more profitable practice and one that delivers quicker and better work product to client.

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Slides from program.


Video of the program.

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Sound Immigration will continue its operations during the Covid crisis. Since our founding, we have operated as a remote, digitally-networked team, so that is nothing new for us.

What is new, of course, is the crisis that confronts the world as a whole. Now is the time to affirm our membership in the interconnected global community. We are proud, as ever, of the role that we as immigration lawyers play in strengthing those global bonds.

Stay strong. Stay socially distanced. We will make it through this together.

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