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Sending Secure Messages

Clio allows for an attorney to send Secure Messages (or "Communications") to people of their firm using Clio Connect. Why are Clio Connect communications better than email? Clio's communications are more secure than conventional email: Secure Messages require a password…

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Your personalized calendar

Viewing your calendar entries You can view your calendar entries at any time in Clio Connect by clicking on the Calendar tab. When in the Calendar tab you can switch between different calendar views (Agenda, Day, Week, Month or Year) by clicking…

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Working with Tasks

Viewing your Tasks You can view your Tasks at any time in Clio Connect by clicking on the Tasks tab. Clio will show you how many unfinished Tasks you have in the Tasks tab.  If there is no number you're all caught…

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Uploading/downloading documents

Viewing your Documents You can view all shared documents at any time in Clio Connect by clicking on the Documents tab. Documents will also appear on the Dashboard tab of Clio. Downloading files To download a file, just click on the file name. To…

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Updating your personal information

Clio Connect clients can update their information including adding their own profile picture. 1. Click on the gear wheel to access Settings at the top right of Clio Connect 2. Update your information and add your profile picture as needed, then click…

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