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Op-ed: Fiancé visa disruption would impact Americans

In this piece in the Tacoma News Tribune I argue that Americans will be hurt if the fiancé visa program becomes more difficult. Following the violence in San Bernardino there has been talk of ratcheting down on fiancé(e) visas, but behind every fiancé(e) visa is a U.S. citizen longing to be united with a loved one.

Greg McLawsen

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  1. My fiancee is still in the philippines waiting for his annulment which was filed in 2018, still in process now. Do i have to wait for his annulment to finish before i could file a fiancee visa for him or can i start that process now? He & his ex-wife has been separated 16 yrs already & she has her own family now.

    1. Hi, Thesa,
      Yes, you have to be legally eligible to marry in order to file for a K-1. And yes, I know these things can take foreeeeeever in the Philippines, but that’s just the way it is, unfortunately.

  2. Hi I am 28 Female – from Pakistan, I am waiting for my fiancé visa since past 1 year, But no news, we had a proper engagement ceremony and also have travelled together enough to show that the relationship is legit, my fiancé earns 130k per annum so financially sound. can someone please tell me what’s the maximum time span for approval?


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