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Work authorization for U-Visa applicants

Starting March 17, 2015, the Vermont Service Center (which handles all U visa applications) has started issuing 2 year work authorization to any eligible U visa petitioner who includes an I-765 application (Application for Employment Authorization) with their U visa petition.

How the new work authorization rules work.

Victims of certain crimes may be eligible to apply for the U nonimmigrant status, otherwise known as the U visa. The U visa is reserved for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. Unfortunately, getting a U-visa can take a very long time, and applicants have struggled to support themselves while they wait for approval. But USCIS has recently announced a policy that will help applicants get work authorization sooner.

The number of U visas available each year is limited to 10,000. Although the cap is reached each year, The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will create a waiting list for any elgible U visa petitioner or derivative petitioner. Petitioners placed on the waiting list will be granted deferred action and are eligible to apply for work authorization while waiting for additional U visas to become available.

Under the new guidance, USCIS advises that applicants submit two Applications for Employment Authorization (I-765) with any U visa petition. The first application would give the U visa petitioner work authorization for two years under the deferred action status. The second application would give work authorization to the U visa petitioner for the duration of the U visa, once a U visa becomes available.

Although there is a fee associated with the Application for Employment Authorization under deferred action status, petitioners can also submit form I-912 (Request for Fee Waiver) to ask for the fee to be waived.

How to apply for work authorization under the new rules

After USCIS announced the new U-Visa work authorization rules, there has been confusion about how to apply. One reason is that the I-765 work authorization application requires you to list the legal basis for your application. Here is what USCIS says you should do.

  • Principal applicants. A principal applicant is the U-Visa petitioner who was the crime victim. A principal should file one I-765 application, listing the (c)(14) category (deferred action) as the basis.
  • Derivative applicants. A derivative applicant is a family member of the crime victim. Derivative applicants should submit two I-765 applications. One I-765 application should like the (c)(14) (deferred action) and one should list the (a)(20) category (which is for approved U-Visa derivatives.

Why are the procedures different for principal and derivative applicants? Because the legal authority for their work authorizations are different. For the temporary work authorization, both qualify under the deferred action category, (c)(14). But after the U-Visa is actually approved, the authorization is different. Principal applicants automatically receive work authorization, whereas derivatives have to apply under category (a)(20).

I already filed my I-765… should I send another?

What if you filed your I-765 before March 2015, and didn’t list category (c)(14) (deferred action)? If you are a principal applicant, you should not need to file a new I-765. USCIS has said that if you already filed an I-765 with your U-Visa petition then they will convert that application to a request for the new temporary work authorization. If you didn’t file any I-765 then you should submit a I-765, listing category (c)(14).

If you are a derivative applicant it may be different. USCIS has said that if a derivative has already filed and I-765 then that will be considered an application for the new, temporary work authorization under the deferred action category. But because of how USCIS assigns work authorization you would need to file a second I-765 application after receiving your temporary work authorization. This second application should list (a)(20) as the category.

Is there a filing fee for the I-765?

Yes, there is a filing fee for I-765 applications based on category (c)(14), deferred action. However, you can apply for a fee waiver using this form. USCIS has said that it will be generous granting such requests.


Updated February 22, 2016

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  1. U visa Holder – adding spouse from India


    i have U visa approved since last 1 year and i am in USA . recently i got married to indian citizen who is in India.

    can i file for her u-2 aqbd bring her here on U-2? if yes then how much time it takes ?

    does new rule of advance parole help us ?

    if not able to add then what are the other ways to bring her here in Usa?

    i did research and some lawyers says u can add and some says you can not….some says rules are recently changed so you can add…..

    kindly help in this issue.


  2. Greg Sir.,
    Please advise me.
    I applied on September 9 2014 and still waiting for DA. My case is not transferred.
    Now I have emergency to change my physical address. I do have PO Box on USCIS record.At this time,
    Do you suggest me to change my physical address with USCIS ?
    I heard it can delay my case.
    Before I got reply on my PO Box for my case status inquiry
    Thanks in advance.
    Prince, Ajaybhai, other active members please respond if you know anything. Thanks again.

    1. suhail,,,

      can you pls give youe cell number….i need your advice on 2-3 questions…..
      my number is 917-476-5559.

    2. I can’t tell you for sure but with the little knowledge that I could assimilate during the past 12 years dealing with different visas, I think notifying change of address which is mandatory, would not affect processing time. They simply need to update your address in the system. Running background checks mostly done electronically and not physically barring some exceptions. So it should not effect the regularity of your processing.
      If you are working with attorney you need not worry about receiving their mails as they would be dealing with your attorney directly. As you said you have given PO box no and if you are within the accessible distance from the new address , then you don’t need to change the PO box either atleast untill you receive your DA. Remember intimating the change of address is a mandatory by law so be careful in your decision. Take others opinion too and act wisely, after all we can’t afford to lose or wait any longer after coming this far. Best of luck

  3. Liza,
    Congratulations ! I know you were waiting so long time.
    Now you need to apply I 765 for category A(19) and if possible please pay the fees S410, you can ask waiver but now a days, it will take more time
    I wish and request you, to share some more information.
    what is your time line?
    When did you got U – Visa approval, then what you did ?
    what did they asked you for Visa interview ?
    what did they asked you at port of entry ?
    these will be helpful to others who are still long waiting abroad.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks Suhail.
      Still my records is not updated online. And as per I know, my lawyer have applied I-765 at the time of U visa petition. Also I have seen in my first I-797 notice of action. How much time it take to get EAD?
      My time line is 24th March 2014,put in waiting list in February 2016 and got final approval notice in May-2017 Then it takes 2 to 30 days to update our record in PIMS. Then consular process!
      Interview questions were that what circumstances was happened with you?
      Do you have police case report? How long you been in US? What status? What you did there? Why you came back? When you get married? Do you have marriage license? What you do here?
      That’s it at consulates.
      And at port of entry just one question that why US?
      I think it will be helpful.

    2. How can I change my address in USCIS?
      Is there any fee for that? I have applied I 765 application for EAD at the time of petition back in March 2014 under A19 category with fee waived but I still not got my EAD. Is there any contact no or email to inquiry about my status at Vermont service center? How much time it takes to get EAD? Do I need to apply for EAD again?
      Please let me know!

      1. Did you get your DA? If yes, when?
        Usually DA and EAD come together.
        On another note, does anyone know if the 10K visas for fiscal year 2017 were already given? And until which month in 2014 they got covered?

    3. Note to Petitioners: Principal U nonimmigrant petitioners are employment authorized incident to status, after the underlying petition for U nonimmigrant status is approved and an employment authorization document is automatically issued without filing Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

      Derivative family members residing inside the United States are also employment authorized incident to status, however an employment authorization document is not automatically issued. Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, may be filed for a derivative to obtain an employment authorization document.

      Employment authorization for principals and derivatives can only be issued after the underlying U nonimmigrant status petition is approved, regardless of when the Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, is filed.

      If the statutory cap is reached in a fiscal year and USCIS uses the waiting list process described at 8 CFR 214.14(d)(2), petitioners for U nonimmigrant status and derivatives in the United States can apply for employment authorization using Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, based on deferred action. An application for employment authorization based on deferred action can only be approved after DHS has deferred action in your case, regardless of when the Form I-765 is filed.

      I have found this things on USCIS website. So would I get my EAD automatically or do I have to apply for I 765?
      What about which I have applied in March 2014 under A19 category?

    1. Congratulations!!!!!! Please tell us the details of Consular Processing and what questions they asked you at Consular Interview. So many people are waiting abroad. Thank you so much!!!!!

  4. One more upsetting news,
    USCIS has updated processing times today, finally for May 2017
    NSC and VSC both, showing August 25, 2014 for Form I – 918
    No change.
    still USCIS has not declared they reach FY 2017 cap or not.
    I guess they have already issued more than 10,000 DA’s – sufficient for FY 2018 Cap.
    we all are helpless, we have to wait on mercy of USCIS, no choice.
    yes, and we need to pray for – not to get any kind of RFE.

    1. My younger son DA EAD status update by USCIS

      On 14 July 2017 ” New Card is being Produced”, We ordered your new card for Receipt EAC 1707XXXXXX and will mail it to the address you gave us.

      His timeline :

      Applied U Visa I-918 and I-765 (under A-19) on July 30, 2014, Application Receipt date August 6,2014
      Bio metrics done on Sept 8, 2014
      Case Transfer Nebraska Service Center (NSC) in July 2016
      Received Deferred Action Letter (DA) through the Lawyer on Oct 26, 2016
      Voluntary withdrawal Lawyer and inform by letter to VSC and NSC on Dec 9, 2016
      applied I-765 (Under C-14) after receiving DA letter directly to NSC on Dec 19,2016
      I-765 New application received USCIS on Dec 22, 2016
      On Jan 21, 2017 application Fees waive by USCIS
      On July 14, 2017 case status update online EAD Card against C-14 being Produced & will deliver shortly.

      My elder son same application status as follow :
      Applied U Visa I-918 and I-765 (under A-19) on July 30, 2014, Application Receipt date August 6,2014
      Bio metrics done on Sept 8, 2014
      Voluntary withdrawal Lawyer and inform by letter to VSC on Dec 9, 2016
      Lots of inquiry done Online, Telephonic, personal visit and even through Congressman, but nothing worth.
      Might be VSC is sleeping, I think for wake up them need to send lots of inquiry from all U visa Applicants

      Thanks & best wishes to all U Visa Applicants


  5. Found article Published on June 27 2017 on U visa Program in
    Backdoor Amnesty Provided ‘U visas’ For 140,000 Illegal Aliens

    1. Exactly. This is what I have said about people who didn’t sign petition, if they were genuine they wouldn’t be afraid to petition. Somebody was justifying it on thier behalf and started heckling me for telling the truth. my nature of calling spade a spade may be bad but it’s not my culture to stoop to the level of a bad mouth. Though my date is overdue and expecting the outcome any day, I still encourage people to sign the petition with overwhelming numbers. It might help reduce wait time for everybody else unlike us who have been waiting for 3 years just for DA

  6. Greg, are the processing times for the I-918 on the USCIS website for Deferred Action or actual issuance of U status?

    1. As per my knowledge, the processing times for the I-918 on the USCIS website is for initial review (Deferred Action ) not for actual issuance of U status. USCIS is not declaring dates for actual issuance of U status.

  7. New changes are expected for U Visa coz Please Read following article –
    House and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmen Bob Goodlatte and Chuck Grassley asked to explain its management of the U visa program following significant findings of fraud and a new administrative policy that appears to violate the law.
    Link :

    Picture is scary and not easy as some applicant understand.
    If authority work on that issues initially it will delay and may harder apply new application, so may waiting list will slow down and easy for genuine Applicant who are helping the prosecution till the end of criminal case.
    As I guess before, after June 30 once they finish FY2017 Cap they will work little fast till Oct 1.

  8. USCIS is working very strange way.
    I guess USCIS has already issued more than 10000 DA’s.
    they are issuing DA to Oct 15, 2014 keep waiting July, Aug Sep 2014 cases.
    Do you think they are following First in First out as they says ? …….I doubt.
    I wish they don’t do for issuing Regular U Visa, like issuing to April 1,2014 keep waiting to Feb, March 2014 cases.
    USCIS is not giving much information about processing and another thing on forum people are not posting the timelines either for DA’s or Regular U Visa.
    so it hard to know what is going on and what will happen.
    Also just applying form I918 people understand they will get U Visa and Green Card.
    Someone asking after applying U Visa he/she can go and wait at Europe ?
    At the time of applying Adjustment of Status we need new 918B filled by authority. so All victim should continuously help Law, Investigation or Prosecution to get new Supplement B to apply for Green Card.
    I personally know few victims and applicant who moved from the location after crime occurred and they not updating their contact information with concern authorities and dreaming for Green card, I don’t what will happen.
    God bless

    1. Very discouraging and disappointing trend being set. What’s the whole point of putting out processing times if they have to pick up cases randomly?. All our hopes, long waiting, dreams and aspirations are damned and start living with luck by chance.

  9. I got DA in October as well. I’m from 7/02 and applied for work permit on 11/29 I haven’t received anything yet. Now more than 6 months please advise sir

  10. USCIS has updated processing times today, finally for the April 2017
    NSC and VSC both showing Aug 25, 2014 for Form I – 918

    1. Hello Suhail
      First of all, thank you for keeping this community up to date, as many others do.
      Please let me know if i am understanding correctly:
      I applied 8/14
      Application received 8/14
      Biometrics 9/14
      DA & EDA 12/16
      Reading all the recent posts, it appears to me that I should be receiving final U-Visa on fiscal year 2018 with no problem, does that makes sense to you?
      Also, when does the 3yrs. To apply for residence starts when case and DA approved or from when final U-Visa is given??
      Once again, thank you for all the work you out on keeping us all up to date.

      1. Jorge,
        No body knows exactly where they stop and start issuing regular U Visa.
        As I told before if they issue regular U visa to all applicant applied before March 2014.Then count how many applications received after April 2014 , and deduct the possible deny cases. yes, cap 10,000
        August 14, your date is on deadline I can say, you have more chances to get regular U Visa in FY 2018.
        But you know as they declared processing times August 25 but there are
        so many cases applied before Aug 25 and waiting for DA’s. In other part they issued DA to Sep 2014 and some Oct 2014 cases.
        at the end of 3rd Q and 4th Q Data Statistic, we can get more clear idea
        No body knows how USCIS is working ? which pattern ?
        we are just assuming.
        As per Todays laws 3 years starts after you get your regular U visa ( 4 Year card )

    2. The last known approved cases. U visa for April 01, 2014 and DA for October 15, 2014.
      Hamara kya hoga Ajay bhai, Sohail Bhai?????

        1. I was applied in April 2016 for I-918, and I’m in USA now, did anyone know if I go back home in Europe can I wait for u-visa from there, is anyone had experience with that? Thank u
          And I was see is a few people wait from India, but I don’t know for Europe !

        2. Singh is king, hamara kuch nahi huva jo july, September aur October 2014 se wait karrahe hain toh aapka kya hoga janaabe-aali. Picture abhi baaki hain dost.

          1. Magar meri lower ne to kaha tha work permit 4month main a jayega,sale 9. Month ho gaye a,bache ki delivery ho jati hai 9 month main

  11. On June 8 USCIS has updated Data statistic for 2nd quarter of FY2017
    Up to March 31, they issued 6145 regular U visa for FY 2017 cap.
    Remaining regular 3855 U Visa to be issued up to June 30.
    instead of working randomly but if USCIS work first IN first OUT then from data statistics we can guess they will cover up to hardly end of September 2014 application for regular U visa in FY 2018.

    1. Sohail Bhai, do you remember what month U Visas for 2016 cap ended with? I think 2017 cap started with applications from December 2013 and if they have issued 6145 u visas upto 31 March, that means with that average the remaining 3000+ will cover hardly upto may 2014. And 2018 cap should go upto October 2014, I guess. ( I am from October ????)
      Why because as per your calculations if 2017 cap can cover 6 months upto June 2014 then why only 3 months upto September 2014 for 2018 cap?. ( this is just for our analysis)

      1. I think FY 2017 cap started from some where around Nov 2014.
        and I said remaining 3855 U visa they will finish by Jun 30, 2017
        FY 2017 cap they will hardly cover all March 2014.
        I understand your concern but If they grant up to all March 2014. then let us count for April 2014 ( Q3 – 6771)to Sep 2014 ( Q4 – 7266 ) it sums up total 14037 pending DA’s. which they can’t cover in FY 2018 cap.

        Now let us cross check with 2017 Q2 data ( published on June 8 )
        again we are counting for April 2014 to Sep 2014 pending DA’s only
        First look 97,746 total cases pending minus all received after Oct 2014 and also minus all possible deny cases.
        97746 ( total pending )
        – 30106 ( applications received in FY 2015 )
        – 35044 ( applications received in FY 2016 )
        – 8050 ( applications received in in 2017 Q1)
        – 9277 ( applications received in in 2017 Q2 )
        – 800 ( if they deny during privew from April to Sep 2017 )
        – 3855 ( rest U visa to be issued in 2017 Cap )
        10614 ( left ready after 2017 cap finished )
        so it is hard to cover up even up to all Sep 2014 cases.
        this is just my calculations I may wrong. Picture can be more clear after Sep. 30, ( how many denied and how many issued and how many left )
        But USCIS is working there own way.I can wish and pray for sab ka sath sab ka vikas

        1. Sohail Bhai, great analytical skills and helpful insights you give as always. I tried to work on the number game taking my own case and I arrived with the following figures. Again, I may be wrong, Par soch ne ka tax thodi lagta hain????.
          My date is October 09, 2014.
          Total pending as on 0ct’9 was 46,650. Minus 2015 cap 10,028 and denials 2712 is 33,912. Again minus 2016 cap 10,046 and denials 1843 is 22,023. Once again minus 2017 cap Presumably 10,023 and denials 2,000 = 10,000. Meaning 2018 cap should cover first half of October 2014. I may be wrong but both our calculations are almost similar. But still we all got to wait and watch the brighter side of sab ka saath sab ka Vikas.

          1. In FY 2017 so far denials 823.I count 800 more ( total 1623 ) and you count denials 2000 so there is difference of 377.
            what happens if they happens if cover up 46273 instead of 46,650.
            Our calculations are just assumptions, picture can be little more clear at the end of Sep 2017 data information and we know USCIS is working strange way, First I wish we get DA…
            I guess they slow down on DA’s coz they already have more than 10000 DA’s to cover up FY 2018 cap.
            I am Sep 2014 and I told ( in 2015 ) I have few chances to get U visa in FY 2018 but 99% in FY 2019 cap. 1% left coz it USCIS.
            But one member Nipurya told in 2015 that all 2014 applicant will get regular U visa in 2016.

          2. Of course yes, nothing in our hands except assumptions. I would rather say 100% USCIS. I never expected mine in 2018 cap, what I am expecting is parole policy they said they would implement from this year. I would be happy with DA + parole not really bothered about u visa or its adjustment thereafter. I am more eager to get my daughter with me sooner. I was just playing with the number Game and with USCIS strange unpredictable ways you got to expect the unexpected.
            I have taken the minimal denials so far in a year????but still even if it happens I know I would be on the borderline.

      2. I think FY 2017 first quarter they issues half December 2013, full January and Half February, then in second quarter they issued another half February, full march and half April, now we will know once they publish the 3rd quarter. This is my guess. I could be wrong.

  12. USCIS has updated processing times today, finally for the March 2017
    NSC showing June 19, 2014 for Form I – 918
    But VSC Still there June 9, 2014 for Form I – 918
    VSC will only work after June I guess.

    1. USCIS has promised the then ombudsmen that they will issue guidelines for parole in FY 2017. It’s just 4 months remaining for the year-end, let’s hope they fulfill thier promise. Fingers crossed

  13. What about Cases, Not transferred to NSC and still pending at VSC. ?
    since last 2-3 years VSC is already over burdened and so decided to share work load with NSC. Also VSC has send some officers to NSC for supervision and to give them training and rest are busy in issuing Regular U Visa.
    VSC can be free only after June ( once they finish 2017 Cap) and We can expect something , Cases get transferred to NSC are luck in present days. –
    This what I guess.

    1. You hit on the nail, Sohail Bhai. You are lucky if you are transferred NSC, only they are working on DAs. VSC like gathering dust on the files pending from October 2014 to December 2015. Even january 2015 is transferred to NSC. Until last year VSC used to roll out u visas by December and start working on DAs but this time around only 3000+ actual u visa are issued and no single DA given. Only God knows what’s going on in thier minds.

    2. Suhail, Where did you send your c14 application. I noticed that you applied it after applying for actual U visa….correct me if I am wrong. I applied on Dec 2 2014. Based on various form posts I have decided to apply for DA(in advance, though my DA is not approved). USCIS website states that EAD(c14) should be sent to ( ) USCIS Chicago Lockbox. I understand that this is for applicants who have approved DA. Where to send our advance C14 i765? USCIS Chicago Lockbox or VSC ? When called up the I-800 number they advised me to send it to Chicago. But the agent I felt was referring to approved DA cases I guess. Thanks in advance.

      1. Providence, I applied I-765 C (14) way back in Nov 2014 at VSC.
        USCIS has announced later on that you can file I 765 with form I 918.
        Do you know where is you case VSC or NSC, now ? if your case is still pending at VSC then I suggest to apply at VSC they will attach it with your main application. But keep in I am not lawyer or legal expert. Good Luck.

        1. Its at VSC I guess. We haven’t got any transfer notification. Thanks Suhail for your inputs.

  14. I heard some one got Approval for U visa who applied in middle of march 2014. Is it true?

  15. Ajaybhai, what your lawyer says or what you did for pending case. Any case inquiry or anything ? July 30 is long delay….
    I read somewhere Sep 10, and Sep 23 also got DA.
    I don’t know where is my case. My case is also not Transferred to Nebraska.
    Yes, I am checking case status for I765 C(14) often.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Suhailbhai,

      I send several inquiry through online, written application and over USCIS hotline telephone but no reply by mail or email and over telephone they reply case is confidential matter so they suggest send inquiry by application for case progress but nothing worth. Only wait & watch.
      Meanwhile as suggested by you I am preparing my son application under C-14 along with his derivative applicants (his spouse & minor daughter who are in USA) will be submit by next week.
      I guess USCIS is completely against Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar’s movie dialog- ‘ Me jo bolta hu woh karta hu aur jo me nahi bolta woh definitely karta hu’ – I am writing this because according to Prince USCIS declare that they will start parole for U visa applicant’s derivative in 2017 who are at abroad and waiting for joining their beloved, but unfortunately nothing come out positive. Lets hope for best to all U visa Applicants & Good Luck

      1. that is true, USCIS has declared to start streamline parole policy in 2017. But 2017 ends on Sep 30. before that they can do. please wait and give them chance do something….lol. Anyway U Visa comes in lowest priority.

      2. Ajay bhai, par yaha tho Prem Chopra ki tarah bolte kuch hain, karte kuch hain ????

        But as Sohail Bhai said, we still have 6 more months so let’s hope they come real on thier promise.
        I wish I could ask them to give me the parole first, I can wait for DA and U Visa all my life. My daughter is stuck up in India and the irony is God may grant us our wish but not the USCIS .

    2. Sohail bhai,

      As you advised, I called up my Atty office, spoke to the para legal assigned to my case. When asked about my status she was giving me VSC processing time and about C (14), she said we already submitted two sets one each for DA and U Visa. Under what? She said she’ll check with VSC and get back.
      ( I said to myself) Rahne de, tere se na ho payega ????

      I will wait what she comes up with and then I will talk to attorney.

  16. OMG !!!! USCIS has updated processing times for February 2017, Guess what they did ? ……Nothing Still June 9, 2014

  17. Prince / Ajaybhai / All others
    Ajaybhai for your son who is still waiting please check did you apply for I 765 with C(14 ) or not, if not then apply ASAP to save your time.
    If you can explain extreme hardship being victimization USCIS will waive your filing fees as well ( of course you have to file fee waiver )
    My Received date Sep 10 and I filed I 765 C(14) in Nov 2014. And you don’t believe, if you all remember USCIS has declared notification in March- April 2015 that U applicant can file I765 for conditional approval along with form I 918.But I am wondering even today some lawyer are advising to wait for DA to apply I765 for conditional Approval.
    Yes, I am not a lawyer or legal expert. just learn from internet.
    if they waive the fees and they consider we can save time ( 4-5-6 ) months to get EAD. Good Luck and Best wishes, yes don’t forget to update

    1. Suhail,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion, I would like to know when you filed I -765 C (14) in Nov 2014, the USCIS acknowledge it and provide you new EAC number under C (14) I am asking this because my other son who had filed I-765 C (14) on Dec 22, 2016 they provide another EAC number.

  18. Friends,
    My one friend applied on Sep 09, 2014 got RFE for expired passport.
    when he applied his passport was expired and his lawyer didn’t filed waiver.

  19. Thanks to Ajaybhai and Prince for your kind compliments, I read on other forum.
    Ajaybhai, I like to know what happened to case of your other son ? Did he received anything or still he is waiting ?
    Prince, I like your views, it’s real nice. I was disappointed when someone arguing with you for NOT to signing the petition created by Shah Peerlly to increase the cap. I am so sorry for that.
    I read your comments on data statistic calculations. you are genius. Thanks and I appreciate. I said that in mid of 2015 that Aug- Sep 2014 applicant has chance to get U visa in 2018 (earliest or 2019 sure ) but few understand that. and some one argued All 2014 applicant will get U visa in 2016.
    i understand on forum we can discuss the ideas. but most of are just reading comments and want to know the approval dates.
    Prince, I have suggestion for you and all who are waiting for DA to apply I-765 with C(14) to save your time, you don’t need to wait. You can pay $410 fees or you can ask the fees waiver.
    Thanks again to all and best wishes.

    1. Thanks Sohail… I have been following u for pretty while in other forum and this one. I didn’t have much knowledge in U visa until I start browsing these forums and reading u guys. I am from November 22nd 2014 and it seems wait time is increasing month by month. Some from august 2014 got approved on December 2016 which is 2 years and 4 months but now applicant from September and October is waiting for 2 years and 6 months. When I applied for U visa my attorney have also applied for I-765 and I m not sure if I have to reapply for I-765 after I receive DA.

    2. Dear Suhailbhai,
      My son timeline for U visa receipt date July 30, 2014
      Bio metric on Sep 9, 2014
      Case Transfer to Nebraska in July 2016
      Received DA Letter on Oct 27, 2016
      Applied EAD (C-14) Dec 22, 2016, EAD Fees Waived.
      Since he is not in position to afford Attorney fees send letter to USCIS for voluntary withdrawal of Attorney & request to received all communication directly to him.
      Waiting for EAD, Latest update on website on April 6, 2017 currently not assigned for processing

      My other son timeline is apply for U Visa receipt date July 30,2014
      Bio metric on Sep 9, 2014
      Since then nothing waiting for DA
      For your information in 2014 my both son got 8 years valid DL from Maryland

    3. Thanks Suhail bhai, it’s indeed so kind and comforting words. I owe my gratitude to Sound Immigration and Shahpeerally law firms for providing us such a wonderful platform bringing together all the pursuants of hopes and dreams with a selfless aim of helping each other.
      We can’t expect everyone in the society or in any fora to be understanding or actively involved. Someone has to play it and some other has to downplay it. ???? but I am glad I found some really good people who cares for others, who have been tremendous help for many of us who can’t afford attorney. Thank you and appreciate your very useful association and contribution. I will definitely take your suggestion and apply for EAD afresh under c (14) asap.
      Best wishes.

    4. Dear Suhail,
      Here is my both son U Visa timeline.

      Apply U Visa July 30, 2014
      Bio on Sep 9, 2014
      Since then No Case Transfer Notice, No DA
      Long Waiting
      Apply U Visa July 30, 2014
      Bio on Sep 9, 2014
      Case Transferred to Nebraska Service Center in July 2016
      Received DA Letter Oct 27, 2016
      Apply for EAD under C-14 receipt date Dec 22, 2016
      Fees Waiver request granted
      Waiting For EAD

      All the Best


    1. Hi , I lost my leg due to a crime in April 2014, Uscis received my case August 2015, did biometric January 2016, am still waiting I didn’t get deferred action, work permit nothing is this normal, I filed form I-765 and I-192.

      1. As per USCIS processing times they are reviewing June 9, 2014 cases for DA. your application date Aug 2015.
        at this speed you have to wait at least 2-3-4 year for DA..
        U visa is not a miracle. but you can talk to your lawyer to expedite your case, you can take a chance. Good Luck

      2. Ramnauth, , we are so sorry to here that you lost your leg.
        U visa is not miracle or not a healing medicine. The at this speed USCIS reviewing cases, now being u visa applicant your waiting Pain will be worse.
        You said you have filed I765 – what does it mean ? Make sure I 765 for Conditional approval C(14). if you didn’t first file that.
        people file September 2014 are still waiting for DA then how can you get DA ? may be it will take 12 months or more to hear for DA in your case.

        Depend on your case You can request to expedite your case and you can hear faster. So contact lawyer file request to expedite your case. Good Luck

        1. Hi, ty for the reply, how do I know if its I_765 c(14) I filed, with my understanding if u file after June 2015, u don’t have to worry under what category u file, and I file august 2015, but am not sure.

          1. You have to file 2 separate I-765 for EAD one under A19 category for approved U Visa and second under C14 category for Deffered Action

          2. Ty janouary, I will contact my lawyer, because he call me two weeks ago and told me to apply for 1-765 again, cause there is a new rule idk what he mean by that

          3. Ty janouary, I will contact my lawyer, because he call me two weeks ago and told me to apply for EAD again, cause there is a new rule idk what he mean by that

          4. Sure, difinitely contact your lawyer. As Mr Suhail already explained here, you need to file to different forms I-765 for EAD. The reason why you do this is because you will get 2 approvals from USCIS, first and sooner approval for Deffered Action (Conditional Approval) and second and final approval much later for the final U Visa. If you apply for EAD after you recieve Deffered Action, you will have to wait 3-6 months for EAD. If you apply now before your Deffered Action is approved, you will get EAD automatically when your Deffered Action is approved. You will wait for your EAD card for just few weeks, not few months. It simply saves your time so I can start working right away when your Deffered Action is approved. Dont forget to ask the lawyer to apply for a Fee Waiver, I-912, so that you can get EAD for free.

  20. I filed my I-918 along with I-765 (c)(14) and I-765 (a)(19) on 9/2016 and received a receipt letter, also done my biometrics just i know there is a long wait for final approval of I-918. My question is how long They issued my work permit im still waiting?i aplly my work permit 7 month ago, plz anyone tel me how it will take more time thanks

    1. Paji,
      People waiting since Aug 2014 for DA / C (14)
      When did you apply ? —- 9/2016.
      Do you know how many new application filed during Aug 2014 to 9/2016
      more than 64,000 ( Principal only )
      I gave you all information now you can count
      your A(19) can be approve in 2025-2026 final approval
      your C(14) can be approve before that somewhere.
      Good Luck. keep patience Keep waiting.

      1. It’s ok to wait but I have a question U visa is only for undocument immigrant so I apply U visa because I am victim of crime so in this waiting period United States government take any action against me or if they catch me as undocument immigrant they any right to deport me from United States let me know thanks because you good knowledge on this thank you sir

  21. Hi Rob on gun point i my lawyer send document to local police station for certified they say if we catch the guy or we close the case then after we certified your case so now what can i do please let me i work in gas station call police that night I am complener i have certified police report in police report my name as victim please let me know thanks Advin

    1. The issue of the Signed Supplement B.
      It doesn’t matter whether the guy is caught, convicted or not.
      you can still apply.
      You are a victim regardless. if you fit the criteria and have been of assistance then its up to the police to sign it.

  22. Hi, I have applied in March 2014 and put me in waiting list in February 2016.I am in India now.I have applied I 765 Employment Authorization under class A19.Do I need to reapply I 765 Under C14?

    I am confused and really need your help.

    1. No.
      Liza, I 765 under class A(19) is for 4 years EAD and come automatically.
      after getting DA, I-765 under c(14) applicable ( to who are in USA ) till the applicant get regular u visa.
      at the moment you are not in USA so it not applicable to you.
      and once you get your regular u visa, you will get 4 years multiple entry Visa and after coming to USA you can get 4 years EAD under class A(19)

  23. Any updates from Sep 2014 Applicant ?
    received case transfer / RFE / DA ?
    please update

  24. M Faisal,
    Friend can you please check and tell me
    – what is date on your case transferred notice letter ?
    – which date did you received your case transferred notice ?
    Coz my one, Today received phone call from his lawyer that his case is transferred to NSC in late Dec 2016.
    His U status Application received date is September 9, 2014

  25. Friends,
    My one friend, Today received phone call from his lawyer that his case is transferred to NSC in late Dec 2016.
    His U status Application received date is September 9, 2014

  26. Attention folks.

    Time line .

    I918 receipt date december 14 th 2014 biometrics april 2015 and february 21st 2017 i192 and case transffered to nsc to speed up the process.

    Can any one please tell me how long will they take more to put my case in the waitlist ?

    1. Hi.
      From date of posting the application.
      How long before u got a receipt letter. A week?

        1. Thanks for that information.
          I hope it is soon my b1/b2 visa expires april 7th 2017.
          do I need to get it extended?

    2. Congratulations !
      but, friend so many applicant still waiting from July, Aug, Sep 2014
      I wish you hear soon, Good Luck.
      Thanks for Update

      1. Yes sohail the letter states to speed up process we are transffering your case to nsc,
        Is that mean they are going to expedite the process now since i did set in that reauest about 8 months ago ?

        1. I guess, as your case is transferred to NSC, ur case will be reviewed soon.
          so, 8 months ago u requested to expedite your case ? what did you mentioned in that ?

          1. I mentioned ( request to expedite the process) on the header and sent a letter requesting it .

      2. December 2013/biometric 7th Jan 2014 /deffer action 2015/waiting on the renewal EAD and offiacial u visa and no answers frustrating

    3. I couldn’t finger out how to post new comment.
      I just got a letter from uscis saying my case has been transferred to Nebraska to speed up the process.
      Received date November 24th 2014
      Bio Jan 5 2015
      Notice of transfer February 21 2017

  27. Something to think…….( found posted on other forum )

    If USCIS don’t update the calendar , anyone with receipt latter than August is going to get DA in the next FY 2018 , advancing just a few months .

    In FY 2016 they went up in to petitions to early March of 2014 giving them DA , hoping all of them can get the U visa this year .

    In FY 2017 they went in to petitions up to August of 2014 giving them DA , and hopefully they will receive U visas in FY 2018 .

    So you can see , they don.t go true all petitions filled each year , just enough to fill the cap for next year .

    Sorry but is what it is , volume of petitions filled and Cap is making this so slow , it’s not me being pessimistic.

    1. The Violence Against Women Act of 2005 amended Section 106 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide access to legal work authorization for abused spouses of certain work visa holders. The implementation of this law will offer much needed protection to immigrant spouses of work, diplomatic and foreign government employee visa holders. This will also allow abused spouses on visas obtained based on their marriage to a visa holder abusive spouse to obtain legal work authorization which will serve as a safety net and bridge so that they can leave abusive homes, support themselves and their children, and sever economic dependence on their abusers. This work authorization will promote greater reporting of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual violence crimes perpetrated against dependent visa holder spouses and children living in visa holder families. Survivors will be able to flee violent homes with their children and work while they pursue avenues available to them to transfer from legal immigration status dependent on their abusers to other forms of legal immigration status that they are eligible to receive. Most will qualify for U visas based on the battering or extreme cruelty they have suffered. Others may have the specialized skills and knowledge to qualify for their own work based visas.

      If they already did this for other people, shey should make it for U Visa applicants too and lawyers can strongly advocate for that. They should do this for U Visa applicants too that they should give work authorization so that people could work and provide for themsves and wait for approval. Law should be same for everyone. If they made a rule that this category of people get Work Authorization right away, the lawyers can unite again with 300 organizations and ask to make the same rule for us. One lawyer needs to take initiative and contact other lawyers. Who will be this wonderful lawyer to change our lives?

      1. Possibly good news:
        Trump is open to legal status for some undocumented immigrants in sharp departure from campaign stance
        Jacob Pramuk
        19 hours ago

        President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is open to legal status for some undocumented immigrants and may call for a compromise immigration bill in his speech to a joint session of Congress.

        “The time is right for an immigration bill if both sides are willing to compromise,” Trump told reporters.

    2. Did anyone check Processing Times today? It says July, 28, 2016. What is it?? It changed 2 years forward???? I dont think so. Can anyone explain???? It says July, 28, 2016 for all forms, not only I-918. Can anyone explain this??????

    3. Dear Friends,

      Please, sign the petition to increase U visa cup. Please, don’t be afraid of anything. Nothing bad will happen.
      I was scared to sign the petition in the beginning. But I have been waiting for a while now, I am loosing my hope. I decided that I should be more active!

      If all of us stay together, we will make a difference! Please, share it with your friends who were victims of crime and ask them to sign the petition. Let’s do something, it’s better than sitting and doing nothing. Let’s help each other!


      Thank you.

      1. Hey guys I applied January 2014 and received my visa yesterday 3-13-17. Don’t give up

        1. Hello Sabrina
          First of all Congratulations.
          If you applied on 1/14 and just got your U-Visa, when did you get your DA?
          I applied 8/14, Got DA 12/16 and wondering how long to get the actual U-Visa.
          Best regards.

          1. Hi Sabrina
            Thank you for getting back to me.
            Did you mean you got DA 6 – 8 months before you got your visa in March 17??
            Congratulations Again.
            Have a great day.

  28. New Troubles are on the way for U applicants – I guess
    Now a days U applicant has to wait for DA then for Regular U visa the 3 years to apply for Green Card
    Now They are planning to limit the total number of total green cards issued to about 500,000 per year, down from about 1 million,
    What gonna Happen to U Applicants ?….God knows, If this will happens then U applicant has to wait for GC ( after applying ) till the GC Cap available

    Today’s news ( please Read following 2 article )

    — Cotton and Trump plot crackdown on legal immigration
    —– Two Republican senators seek sharp cut in legal U.S. immigration

  29. Application received on June 11,2014. Biometrics done in July2014. since then I have not received anything. Case was not transferred and still says they will notify by mail when a decision is made . I see a lot people from august and even October 2014 receiving DA and people who just got DA asking if they will get Uvisa in 2017. It’s so frustrating waiting for 970 days with no response and then seeing people that applied after me getting DA and still not satisfied ! I really hope to hear from them soon, it’s getting harder everyday !

    1. It’s very frustrating and disheartening to watch over the processing times. Firstly they don’t update the current status. secondly, contrary to their policy of adjudication on First IN First OUT basis they are picking up cases randomly undermining the very spirit of the program. While applicants from June 2014 are still waiting there are cases from October 2014 receiving DA in 2015 . The victims are being victimized further by delaying justice.

  30. They received my application Dec 6 and i haven’t get the appointment for biometrics is that normal ?

    1. I filed my I-918 along with I-765 (c)(14) and I-765 (a)(19) on 9/2016 and received a receipt letter, also done my biometrics just i know there is a long wait for final approval of I-918. My question is how long They issued my work permit im still waiting?i aplly my work permit 5 month ago, plz anyone tel me how it will take more time thanks

      1. Singh Paji,
        Applicant from Aug 2014 are Still waiting for DA and work permit
        you applied on 9/2016, Now calculate your time
        please check uscis processing time every month, it will help you to count.
        Good Luck

  31. Great news for U Visa applicants. Donald has signed an Immigration Order on Wednesday, January, 25th, 2017 in which he annouced the future creation of the DHS Office For Victims of Crime. It will help to deport criminals and make our nation a better place. There possibly might be an expansion of U Visa program because U Visa helps to deport criminals and possibly an increase of U Visa Cap sometime soon.

    1. Ana, Can you please tell us
      – which Two orders Mr President has signed on Jan 25 ?
      – future creation of the DHS Office For Victims of Crime – Means what ?
      – and make our nation a better place –???? being U applicant
      we are American ? without any legal status – How ?
      – U Visa helps to deport criminals —-??? How is that ?
      If criminals are local then can Govt. deport them ?????
      I thought U visa helps victims (who are living in USA without status) to get legal status.

  32. So I don’t think the most recent comment should be at the top so we don’t have to scroll down all the to see the most recent posts.

    With that said USCIS received my application on July 23 2014. On January 5th I was asked to re do my finger prints and a few days later Additional Evident was asked I am working on it now but looks like the processing times are about 2.5 – 3 years after they receive your application.

  33. Dear Sound Immigration,
    How long do I have in order to file I-918 after I got my certification?
    And will I receive a work permit neverless i am gonna be approved or not?

    1. 6 months
      work authorisation only given if case goes to deferred action status. when u are placed on the queue for the 10k visas available per year

  34. Hello,
    I applied June 2014 and still have not received a work permit however JOrge says he applied 0/2014 and has received his. Can you explain how this is possible? Is there anyone else who has received their work permit and applied in July/ A

    1. Hi, Nas: This is just a product of how cases are assigned to and reviewed by adjudicators. There is no perfect linear progression of cases. That is, a petition filed on June 2 might get approved before one approved on June 1.

  35. Does any one knows how long will I be in waiting list? I’ve been told 6 more month to get the actual U Visa, any help??
    Thank you

    1. Jorge, what is your application date in Aug/2014 ?
      so far USCIS didn’t declare year 2017 cap is over, they are still working.
      From U Visa Forum we can see applicant around Nov 2013 are getting their regular U Visa.
      Now, how many applications pending from Nov 2013 to Aug 2014 ? and U visa cap is 10,000 per year, so u can calculate roughly when u will get your u visa ?
      I guess u will get your regular U visa in Fiscal year 2019 sure. possible before that if u are lucky.

      1. The USCIS Processing times for UVisa is still on June 7 2014. Have work permits really been approved for August 2014 applications? I applied on June 27th 2014 and yes my application was transferred but I still haven’t head anything.

  36. Hi All
    Submit my case 8/14, fingerprints 9/14.
    Got DA/work permit 12/16.
    How long will I be in waiting list, until I get my actual U Visa???
    By the way, this feels awesome.
    Hang on tight fellows, is worth it.

      1. I don’t know if my case was ever transfer to NSC. In fact was never notify so I guess never got transfer.

  37. In fiscal 2016, USCIS has received – 35044 applications for Principal Applicant and 25666 applications for Derivatives for U visa / status.

  38. I filed my I-918 along with I-765 (c)(14) and I-765 (a)(19) on 11/2016 and received a receipt letter, no biometrics just yet. I know there is a long wait for final approval of I-918. My question is how long does USCIS take to decide if I am an eligible U Visa applicant, place me on the waiting list and consequently granting me deferred action? My concern is that I need an EAD, really under any category. I don’t mind the long wait as long as I am able to work while waiting. BTW my attorney feels very confident about my application.

    1. Hi karla , i was wondering did you alredy get your biometrics… they got my application Dec 6 2016 and i still waiting for biometrics i don’t know if thats normal

  39. Hello sir ,
    I applied for u visa and I got recipient number on September 15th.. still I didn’t get my work permit..When I called to the USCIS they didn’t give any information..The process time went above 90 days..I don’t know what to do..anybody help me..ans me

      1. On September 6, 2016, we received your case and waived the filing fee for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization , Receipt Number 12345. We mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by October 6, 2016, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.i want to know that when they issued my work many it will take more time..

  40. Merry Christmas to Sound immigration team, Thank you very much for your kind guidance on this forum.

  41. John, did you apply for change of address ? and did you received any confirmation from USCIS after that ?

    1. Moises: You would need another legal basis for advance parole, other than being just a U-Visa holder. For example, you could potentially apply after filing your adjustment application. But we would strongly advise you to talk to an attorney before considering such options given the highly uncertain political climate in 2017.

  42. For, Friends waiting outside of USA, Please read …….
    Q: Are the updates to the T and U visa regulations going to be passed before January? What about a parole policy for those on the U visa waitlist?

    A: The status of pending policy and regulatory updates is still up in the air, though the T visa regulations may be closer to being final.19 It is unclear at this point whether we’ll have any updates regarding the parole policy for U waitlisted clients before January 2017. USCIS has said to expect the streamlined parole policy released sometime in FY 2017.
    In the meantime, advocates can continue to request parole through the traditional process with the Humanitarian Affairs Bureau.20 ( For additional resources on using parole for waitlisted U visa holders, visit )

    ( Link is attached below for more details )

  43. Parminder, Paji so what is result of your asylum case – denied or still pending ? Generally finger prints should come within couple of months of submitting petition and RFE comes once USCIS start reviewing your case. In your case they gave you RFE first and finger print later. your case looks like positive, but honestly, it is hard to say anything. I guess, if your case is approvable then u have more chances to get U status in fiscal year 2017. I m legal expert and not reviewing your case so don’t trust my word. God bless you.

    1. Parminder Paji, I am not a lawyer not a legal expert and not reviewing your case so don’t trust my word. God bless you. what your lawyer gave you answer ?

        1. Parminder pra, if you applying for also a U visa then please pay more mind to u visa then asylum case because it’s more sufficient and keep up with correspondence with asylum case as well, and of you only applied for asylum and got rfe then please contact United nations human rights report section for punjab and get the report and reply to your asylum case according to that report, and this information you can only get from a lawyer I suggest you to please get an attorney to obtain these reports too or get your report and contact attorney afterwards.obtain human rights current report from United nations human rights section of punjab India.

  44. Parminder Paji, I am not a lawyer either but I am so sorry for the delay in your case. your case delayed coz RFE. Did u had finger print after Dec 2013 ? or u gave Finger Print First time in April 2016 ? what kind of RFE u received ? Generally once you receive RFE then it takes 3-4 months to come on track. So, I hope and wish if your case is approval then you have chances to get U status soon. so keep patients and wait ( March 2017 )
    I read like…..Changes to U Visa processing in Fiscal Year 2017 | CLINIC
    Link :
    I guess it may be help you to understand.

    1. Thank you so much for replying sohail bhai, this was my first finger print since i filled my U-visa in DEC, 2013, The RFE was actually related to my previous political asylum case in which i was a member of some organization in Punjab after 1984 riots you probably know , i was a member from 1999- 2002, and i told the judge everything during my asylum interview when i was fighting that case , that i was never involved in any kind of violent activity…was just doing peaceful demonstrations, in fact i was the victim of the corrupt and injustice system even that time too and that’s when i had to flee the country to save my life, and now that organization in 2016 is illegal. But i responded that RFE to the best of my ability and even attached the experts report on Punjab issues in those times.My lawyer submit RFE response in DEC,2015 and got my finger print letter in march 2016. So what you think in your opinion, did they send me the finger print letter after getting satisfied with RFE response?

  45. Hmmmm…. Honestly, suhail if you can get the copy of the judgement some how, i’m sure that will answer your question, and i guess since you are the victim you can request a copy of the judgement through your lawyer or under FOIA (freedom of information act) since you are also involved in this case as a primary victim i guess…. and again since i’m not a lawyer and i’m also struggling to get my own U-Visa filed since Dec, 2013 so my friend i’m just speculating because i don’t know much about your case. aap kahan se ho yaar? anyways

  46. Parminder, Thank you so much for reply. Do they pay full amount, as I claimed ? thank you again.

    1. Sohail if you don’t mind, i want to ask you couple of questions too, i apply for my U-visa in DEC, 2013 and received RFE last year in 2015 around Oct, and my lawyer responded barely in time, but thank god with in time limit, and then this year my lawyer received a letter from VSC for my fingerprints, which I’ve got done in time in april,2016 on scheduled date and time but after that nothing….no movement…, i was reading above written different comments by people that someone applied on Nov 5th,2013 and got at least their DA but i haven’t even got my DA, so in your opinion what’s going to happen? and one more question since i have applied in DEC, 2013 (and i did put yes on form I-918 Part 2 question no. 7 where they ask about if i need EAD or not) … what you think, should i file a separate I-765(work permit) EAD under category (c)(14) ?

    1. The court usually send you the check sometimes in installments monthly or sometime in one big amount which is very rare because it depends on the judgement to the criminal if he paid in full or making payments fined by the court, who is actually paying to the court and then court send you your share because sometimes he has to pay the courts expanses too…that’s the best i know….
      may be anybody else can also answer better than me……

  47. my attorney revieved an email from uscis stating that my i192 has been delayed due to security checks on me. i applied nov 2013 from abroad preaproved sep 22 2014. i recieved an email that my name was updated dec 2 2016 can someone help out understanding? will i be approvd soon? is there a chance i can get denied? i did apply for a waiver for a dui i had 10 yrs ago.

  48. i have applied u-visa in DEC,2013 and received RFE last year and responded with in time limit and finally got my bio-metrics done in April 2016 , but haven’t heard from VSC yet, is there anyone who can atleast try to answer or guess how much more time i had to wait?
    Thank you

  49. ok so i have a change of date on my uscis case status fron nov 5 2013
    to dic 2 2016
    it only says that they updated my name can smone help?
    whats goin on with my case?

      1. im abroad on an preaproved u visa waitlist. nov 2013 have not been approved i only recieved an update on my name

  50. Mr McLawsen, can you please erase all my comments on this forum, January 2016 name and especially those that contain my personal information such phone numbers and e-mail, I got contacted by strange person who saying some weird stuff so my lawyer told me to erase all my contact information and dont place it anymore. Thank you so much.

  51. EAD/U delay litigation project

    ASISTA is working with litigators and U practitioners around the country to coordinate a national mandamus effort to accelerate U work authorization. If you would like to participate in this project, contact ASISTA Executive Director, Gail Pendleton through

    Please read on Page # 7 of above link

    1. Faisal, what do you mean that you sent the request for expedited Parole for abroad applicants with USCIS Ombudsman, I understand the procedure, but did you sign a personal request or signed a paper with lawyers and organizations? There is newe that Assista started a big project advocating for accelerated U work authorization so if the U applicants can also sign this together with lawyers, please tell us how to sign. It looks like there finally is hope to faster approval of at least deffered action. American lawyers are very good, they always succeed.

      1. Honorable Mrs Gail Pendleton,
        I am a U Visa petitioner waiting for Deffered Action and Parole abroad. 

        Thank you for the National Mandamus Effort to Accelerate U Work Authorization. I am overseas and have been additionally victimized multiple times because deffered action and work authorization takes too long. 

        Is your initiative only for advocacy by lawyers and organizations or U Petitioners can also sign.

        I highly appreciate your response and again a great thank you for advocating for us.

        Respectfully Yours,
        U Visa Applicants

      2. I sent in a request for advance parole which should be directed to department of states immediately after the differed action is sent, and this request that I sent in was for USCIS’s consideration that they should make and implement such rulling. that u visa applicants abroad specialy principal applicants can be relieved from. Now I think we have to wait so they said they will implement such rulling at the start of fiscal year 2017 and we are 2 months pass October.

      3. I sent in a request for advance parole which should be directed to department of states immediately after the differed action is sent, and this request that I sent in was for USCIS’s consideration that they should make and implement such rulling. that u visa applicants abroad specialy principal applicants can be relieved from. Now I think we have to wait so they said they will implement such rulling at the start of fiscal year 2017 and we are 2 months pass October.

  52. As on June 30, 2016 – there are 78,066 Principal Petitions pending

    and, USCIS has 60,000 unused U visas……… but……. USCIS don’t want to use unused U visas

    please read on Page no 6 – under — B. U visa Policy Questions —- 1. Recapture

    Question: Has there been any talk at USCIS regarding issuing the approximately 60,000 visas that went unused between 2000 when the U visa was created and when the regulations were promulgated?

    Answer: No. USCIS is not considering recapturing the 60,000+ unused U visas.

  53. Ohh I soo feel like U visa is because ov me, as matter of fact I sent in a request for expedited parole for abroad applicants like one and half years a go. With ombudsman’s office. And yeah I’m from Queens but their are millions of people living there lol. Okay my time line is December 15 th 2014 application was received and uploaded on the 18th and then biometrics were done in end of Feb and returned before end of April 2015 and now it’s been almost 2 years, so I won’t be going to interview that soon, but for your information ones you get the D-a then you are good to go unless you hide Any thing from consulate, so make sure you disclose all the record from the country you live in, may I ask which country do you live in and where in Queens you lived in,

    1. Thanks for the comments Faisal. I lived in Elmhurst the last time. I like Asian food, there is a lot there. I am in Russia. I also heard from the lawyer that once the petition is approved, you are going back home to New York. Faisal, the lawyer told me something very important to e-mail the Consulate before you go so you can be approved from the first time. Its something they must see in their system. I can tell by text or call on Whats App +79826087021. Its very useful and the lawyer said, if they check this before you go, yoy can be sure you will not need to come to Consulate more then once. You can text me. Which country are you in, too? We are all in same situation. I just hope we can go home to America as soon as possible. America is the biggest love of our lives. I think only America can make us happy

  54. Ohh I soo feel like U visa is because ov me, as matter of fact I sent in a request for expedited parole for abroad applicants like one and half years a go. With ombudsman’s office. And yeah I’m from Queens but their are millions of people living there lol. Okay my time line is December 15 th 2014 application was received and uploaded on the 18th and then biometrics were done in end of Feb and returned before end of April 2015 and now it’s been almost 2 years, so I won’t be going to interview that soon, but for your information ones you get the D-a then you are good to go unless you hide Any thing from consulate, so make sure you disclose all the record from the country you live in, may I ask which country do you live in and where in Queens you lived in,

  55. Hi how are u guys i have question about my u visa i just move to the different adres so is that slow my application process?

  56. This is exactly what I think it is, but they also marked no, to has not been requested to provide further assistance,
    And the question above it q2, they marked no as well, but the question number one is marked as yes. I’m still trying to figure out how deep is the chance of having it approved and I’m upset because of long wait, I got my application form submitted with vsc in December of 2015
    I did my biometrics abroad within 2 months from December 2014 and I gota wait for I hope not more than few more months. just trying to figure out, the possibilities. And the local law enforcement agency issued me a letter stating ( if I’ still want to take legal action, I will need to Appear at the local preceint )

    1. if they wrote yes. that would mean you are not required to supply more information.
      but they wrote no. which would mean that you are available to give information in the future.
      “has not been” is the crucial wording I believe.
      remember. even if the person is not convicted or found again the police signed your B sup.
      without that you canteven apply as you know.
      if they had any doubt that you suffered and were not going to help if you can or have helped they would not have signed it..

      1. That’s right nick thank you soo much, this is exactly what I had figured so I might as well, start getting ready to be part of new York again I guess,,,,

        1. No problem.
          I’ve just started the same application.
          Sup b approved and all sent.
          I am not a lawyer. But I have been studying extensively. So hope the facts are correct.
          It seems it’s just wording that is confusing.


          1. Faisal, you are abroad, I am abroad too, since your Consulate Interview is very near, could post here what questions were at interview or please e-mail me I am too waiting to return to New York. I will be very thankful for any comment.

          2. Faisal, I live in Queens, how about you? It looks like we are neighbor living in same neighborhood in New York. So happy to know that someone is also abroad waiting to return to New York. God bless you with your interview. Please post any comments about interview here as so many people are waiting abroad and praying same as you.

          3. Nick I know I eV studied alot too in last 12 Years, about I 130 z k ones and waivers of inadmissiblities etc, and then comes u visas for abroad applicants ever since 2007, I eV thought the same about my sup B form and whay made it better is the letter to appear from local Lea of Nassau County. But I’m from month of December so I’m just gonna have to wait I guess Until April or June I really wish they would send me approval in January,

  57. I wonder if any one here can answer this q for me please,

    If my supplement B form was answred as No. To a question (has unreasonably refused to cooperate ) would that qualify me for the requirement of cooperation.? Because I was not able to cooperate due to negligence


    1. I suspect that is what u would want to hear.
      By the certifing office saying no to that question it means you are available to help with enquiries.
      Otherwise they would not have certified you the important sup B.

      In my opinion.


  58. Sir,
    I tried to fill up AR-11 online but it didn’t allow me, Can I file AR-11 ( as a U petitioner ) or I have to write USCIS ?
    now, USCIS may be reviewing my petition for U Visa, or will be reviewed soon, so Applying for change of address can delay in processing time of my case ?

  59. Sir,
    Application filed on Sep. 8, 2014.and waiting for DA.
    would you suggest to apply for Change Address at this moment ?
    I am living in same town, I heard it makes delay the case, is it true ?

  60. I wonder if any one here can answer this q for me please,

    If my supplement B form was answered at last that I couldn’t cooperate due to a reason in the year 1996 , would that qualify me for the requirement of cooperation.?


  61. My work permit under My UVISA will expire in APRIL 2017, can i renew my work permit while still waiting for the UVISA?

      1. well yeah, i got approved for deffered action, then a month later came the EAD, but is about to expire, i am under DA as we speak now, but the EAD is about to expire on APRIL 1st and i still havent received my UVISA

        1. Then yes. Historically the Vermont Service Center has allowed renewal of these EADs while the U-Visa petition is pending. It’s generally a good idea to file for the renewal in the 120-90 window prior to expiration.

  62. I applied in June 11,2014.
    29 Months (895 days) waiting for DA letter and still nothing.
    My case was not transferred to Nebraska and I asked my attorney to submit an inquiry and he said that at this point theres nothing he can do, and the inquiry will not be responded as they used to in 14 days, basically he said all I can do is sit and wait since we went to a infopass last year may 2015 to get information and even there they said they wouldnt be able to discuss as this case is very sensitive. we have sent 3 inquires in the past 29 months only 1 they responded back saying they were reviewing my case and would notify by mail when the decision was made. He also said that if i submit a second i-765 based on DA it will be denied since we havent received an approval yet.
    All this waiting is exhausting, its hard that they dont give any hope. I feel sick knowing that the processing time changed to 4 days prior to the day I applied which makes me even more scared that I might have to wait another year just for the DA .
    Anyone from June that the case was not transferred heard anything from them yet?

    1. I think you are getting DA this year. Just be patient couple months more. If not, you not gonna wait the entire 2017 year. I think your approval is in couple months. According to your filing date your approval is very near. Its not like the final U Visa that if you are not approved before December, 29, you are stuck till next year. You are waiting for Deffered Action, you can get approval anytime, today, tomorrow, whenever. Just imagine how happy you would be right now if you already got a U Visa now. Wait with this feeling. You are on your way and you are very close. Its always close approval its gets very impatient because its very desired. But you already waited so long, hold on just a couple weeks or months more. You are a future American and the day you get the approval is just a matter of time.

  63. its been 2 years since i got my u visa, can i apply for the resident now or i have to wait for the 3 year requirement?

    1. You probably know the answer to that. U-Visa holders need to maintain that status for three years before they are eligible to apply for residency. It is – as you say – a requirement.

  64. November 16 2016
    any u visa aprovals?
    im getting scared that i wont make it this from nov 5 2013 added my baby in may 2016 do you think my baby will get her u visa same day as me? i have no one to take care of her in mexico if i leave

    1. Araceli, I am also from abroad. When you start the application for Parole, if its before U Visa approval, please let us know what is the process and what qurstions they will ask you at the Consulate. Lets pray that you will be paroled or get U Visa before your baby is born so she can be born a U.S. citizen. You have entire 7 months. It is my guess you might get the actual U Visa before Christmas or otherwise be paroled in Spring. Try applying for Humanitarian Parole for the birth of the baby in the U.S. if your country’s medical conditions are not good enough. Being a victim, it might be understable that you are extra concerned for baby’s health. Just try whatever you can but I think your actual U Visa is very near. Please post updates if you get parole in 2017 as so many people waiting abroad. I think its best you consult a lawyer as soon as possible, should you apply for derivative baby now or as soon as you have her birth certificate as proof of family relationship.

      1. Araceli, I am from January, 2016, not November, its misspelling. You can try to apply for Medical Parole which type of Humanitarian Parole to have your baby born in the U.S., its very difficult but people can get Humanitarian Parole, including for medical reasons, if you are inadmissible at this time and your I-192 hasnt been approved yet. Ask the lawyer if you can request medical parole because you have been a victim of a crime and worry about health of your baby and for this purpose you need American doctor to born your baby bevause American have the best medical system in the world so you can be sure that after you have been victimized, your baby can be born safely in the U.S. and with good medical qualities. For example, in my country the doctors are not as perfect as in the U.S and a lot of trauma and birth defects happen that give permanent lifetime health consequences. And because I have been a victim of a crime, I would prefer American doctor to have my baby born safely. Ask the lawyer. Also, for humanitatian reason they can not part you with the baby who is just few months old so for family unity legal reason or for humanitarian reasons they theoretically might admit you with the baby who is few months old, even though you didnt file a derivative petition because the baby was in your stomach and not born yet. Just talk to a lawyer, there has to be a way. America is beautiful country with great system where everything is possible. Also, if one lawyer told you no simply because he doesnt know, dont give up. Ask another and another lawyer until you find a solution, a lawyer who will say that this is possible, not just try but possible and shows you an exact paragrapgh in the Immigration and Nationality Act that this is possible, then apply.

  65. Friends,
    Bad News,
    Today USCIS has updated processing times as of September 30, for VSC, but NO movements for U Visa Form I-918,
    It is same as June 7. 2014
    after October 1, they are reviewing pending petitions, God knows – It’s big question.

  66. hi
    I’m at the beginning of a long wait for approval
    applied last week whilst in usa
    I have a valid b1 b2 visa expires in 2017
    can I travel out of USA and back for a month on it?

      1. U visa Holder – adding spouse from India


        i have U visa approved since last 1 year and i am in USA . recently i got married to indian citizen who is in India.

        can i file for her u-2 aqbd bring her here on U-2? if yes then how much time it takes ?

        does new rule of advance parole help us ?

        if not able to add then what are the other ways to bring her here in Usa?

        i did research and some lawyers says u can add and some says you can not….some says rules are recently changed so you can add…..

        kindly help in this issue.


  67. Hi my friend filled on 04/02 /2014, done biometrics, after that have not get anything yet. Anyone can tell me why?

  68. any aprovals this week???
    besides jins
    hes from 10 22 2013
    u visa approved nov 5 2016..
    any new ones? please share thank you

  69. Hello mr.Greg i got a mail that saids i been place on deferred action on april 24 2015 they recive my pettition for work authorization they are still working on it is been so long its now nov 2016 and haven’t heard anything

  70. Hello how are you Mr Greg. I have a question I have DACA this will be my 4th year with my DACA. I just got the renewel. But I also have a u visa case pending. I filled on May 2015 and got a letter on June saying that I didn’t not have to go for biometrics since they already had mines from daca and that they were still good. So my question is having DAca will help the process for the u visa go faster????

    1. Hi, Ariel: NO, unfortunately the DACA won’t help your U-Visa process faster. It’s just that since you probably went for biometrics at your DACA renewal they don’t need them again, since they already have recent biometrics. Good luck!

  71. My fiance’s case was accepted on June 10, 2014. He received a letter on Oct 7, 2016 saying his case had been granted deferred action status pending visa availability. He recently submitted I-765 for the work permit, so he’s waiting on that. We spoke to our lawyer who said that the most recent case that was granted an actual uvisa was from around April 2013. I hope this helps some of you figure out where you are in the process!

    1. Congratsss!!!
      was your fiances case transferred to nebraska?
      did anything changed online? I applied in june 11 and havent received anything yet.

  72. any approvals? november first is here im from nov 5 2013
    do you think i might make it this year? im getting worried ived noticed people getting approved the months,of may sept oct , i just feel that u visas are running out fast and i will be left out again. im in m3xico with a new born . ive heard of the new humanitarian parole u know wich month will be implemented?
    thank you

  73. USCIS has a process of waiving the requirement for a passport in the context of the U visa.

    DOS does accept passport waivers. Normally an applicant must have a legitimate reason for not obtaining a passport. If they simply did not apply for a passport, the U.S. embassy or consulate will direct the applicant to obtain a passport. On a case by case basis, the Department of State may use Form DS-232, Unrecognized Passport or Waiver Cases, to issue a U visa in the absence of a passport for U visa. Passport waivers must be approved through the Visa Office at DOS in Washington, DC. Mr. Tierney noted that the Department of State does not waive fees.

  74. Hello sir I have question about immigration I came in this country around 5 years ago thru Tx border I got released based on supervision I never go to the ICE officers my question is doing this five years I was working at the gas station I got shot when I was working someone told me I can apply U-visa I wanna ask you can I apply that please answer me thanks

    1. Hi, Patel: It’s possible you could still succeed with a U-visa. Almost all grounds of inadmissibility can potentially be waived for U-visa holders. I would be concerned that you may have an “in absentia” order of removal, but that would take research.

  75. Some Answers on U visas from AILA’s meeting with the DHS

    The NSC Liaison Committee’s official Q&As from the 10/13/16 teleconference relating to humanitarian, document production, and status/family issues. Topics included: refugee travel documentation and work authorization, and the implementation and status of the U visa unit at the NSC.
    U Visas
    1. Please provide information on the implementation of the U visa unit at NSC, including the type of training that has been provided to the new adjudicators. What quality control mechanisms are being implemented upon VSC staff’s departure following the training?
    Response: VSC sent senior officers and the Section Chief to establish processes and procedures for all aspects of adjudication of the I-918, I-918A, I-765 and inadmissibility waivers. They were on site for 6 weeks. NSC officers continue to have VSC mentors available and both continue to work closely together to ensure consistency.
    2. How many U visa cases have been transferred to date? When in FY 2017 can we expect another transfer of U visa cases to NSC? Will the public be notified when this occurs?

    Response: A little over 3,000 principals with their derivatives have been transferred for a total of11,000 files. Another transfer is likely in the first quarter of FY 2017 and transfer notices will besent out for any cases sent to NSC.

    3. How many supervisors are currently in the U visa unit? Are there any plans to assign additional adjudicators and/or supervisors to this unit?
    Response: There are 3 supervisors at NSC. NSC hopes to add additional officers in FY 2017 but it is unknown how many and when this will take place.
    4. We understand that NSC will be working on the older I-918 applications. Can you share which filing dates NSC is working on at this time?
    Response: NSC is working on a portion of the oldest cases. Steps have been taken to ensure that both VSC and NSC work on the same filing dates. NSC is working on a portion of cases from June
    2014 to August 2014.
    5. Are the RFEs and denials issued by NSC for this first batch of cases being reviewed before they are sent out? If so, who performs the review? A supervisor? The officer’s VSC mentor?
    Response: All RFEs and denials are being reviewed by supervisors. Officers continue to work with their mentors. NSC supervisors are also assigned to supervisor mentors at VSC.
    6. When does NSC anticipate implementing its own hotline communication address and system?
    Response: NSC hopes to implement this in the 2nd quarter of FY 2017. For now continue to go through VSC. VSC will work with NSC to get an answer.
    7. Will NSC issue a processing times report for U visa cases?
    Response: VSC will continue to provide processing times for U visas with input from NSC

    1. Hi Suhail, I follow your all the comments. You are a helpful blogger of U visa. I see your all the comments in different different blogs. I applied in September 2015. So I know I have to wait long. Do you know that NBC will continue their work while Vermont is working on the cap? What do you think when I can hear something good news. If both will work they can give da to applicants in very short time. So frustrating..

      1. Sowara,
        I have no idea NSC will continue or not but if so, then slowly but at least we will hear updates every month… will be faster once VSC finish 10,000 cap and also, start reviewing pending petitions.
        in 2014 from Jan-March VSC issued DA for 6 months pending petitions. and in 2016 July – Aug they forward from May 7 to June 7 ( only one month ) so I guess VSC is not equally active.
        in your case if u have also applied for I765 based on DA, it can save your couple moths.

        1. I did apply for I 765 for work permit too. But it just frustrating and long waiting. My cousin brother was applied in September 21st 2013 and got deffered action within 13 months then he already got the actual u visa and his family is here. I applied in 2015 14 months waiting nothing yet. As a human I feel so jealous. Why they are doing late.. At everyone has to wait at least 2.5 years.
          So unfair.

          1. Dear. Sowara

            I feel sorry about your case which takes longer.
            Could you please let me know when your cousin got actual U visa?
            Did he get last year? or this year?

            As I applied in October 23rd 2013 and it looks mine is only 1 month later than your cousin’s case.

            Thank you!

          2. He applied in 21st September 2013 then he got his DA on December 2014. And he got the his final u visa approval on December 2015. He is a lucky guy. So you will get the actual u visa in this year. Just little bit time.
            Thank you.

          3. Ive been waiting for 29 months and still no DA.
            Its unfair that people from abroad get DA and they cant do anything with it.

  76. I was just wondering if a pending U-visa application makes me eligible to remain in the US legally until i get a response on my U Visa case?

  77. Sir and all,

    One thing anybody noticed ? if VSC & NSC both work for July – August (2 months ) and how they forward only 1 month ?

    Recently we read that in July 2016 USCIS has transferred 3000 petitions to Nebraska

    now USCIS updated processing time from May 7 to June 7

    if u check Data statistics for filing new petitions for May 7 to June 7 2014 — it may b around 2200 -2400 petition.

    so I guess only Nebraska Service center is reviewing pending petitions, Nebraska is processing slow coz they are under training, and it easy to understand, they didn’t reviewed even 3000 petitions.

    in simple words, May be only NSC is reviewing pending petitions…..

    VSC always stop reviewing after Oct 1 every year

    now this is if VSC and NSC both busy for allocating regular 10,000 cap wait listed will hear sooner and pending petitioner has to wait till they finish Annual Cap and Christmas…..means till Feb or March 2017.

    and if NSC keep continue reviewing then pending petitioners has some hope hear something…..

    comment please………

  78. Today finally after over a year and a half with no progress at all, their webpage show some progress. Now it shows June 7th 2014 as of 8/31.
    Hope this keep moving forward month by month.
    Good luck for everyone????

  79. Friends
    Finally Date moved forward from May 7 to June 7. 2014.
    Now please check next months processing time.
    I guess applicant filed up to first week of July can get DA before this Christmas.
    rest all has to wait for DA till March 2017
    please update your time line

  80. Hi, all

    Regarding my status,
    1. visa : it hasn’t been changed.
    My status on USCIS website shows “fee were waived.” same as before.

    2. work permit for 2 years : Yeah! Finally I got it!
    My status on USCIS suddenly changed and was written “we mailed your card to the address you gave us.” and our attorney received my work permit today.
    I need to pick it up on Monday!

    for someone doesn’t know about my status, I’m writing as below.

    I applied U visa and I-765 on Oct 2013, got deferred action letter (approved but on the waiting list) on Aug 2014.

    I submitted I-765 again on Apr 2016 and I got 2 years work permit on Oct 2016.

    As I submittied 2 times of I-765 (work permit), I have 2 different receipt number (EACXXXXXXXXX ).
    First one is for U visa and 4 year work permit and second one is for work permit for 2 years before getting U visa.

    I will update here as soon as anything has changed.
    keep me posted as well!

  81. Applied in June 2014 and biometrics done in August 2014. Still have not received anything. Anyone that applied in June 2014 received the DA?? I am hoping to get at least DA this year! 28 months waiting 🙁

    1. Staphanie,
      is there any date in June 2014, u applied ?
      atleast give the complete information when ask Qtn.
      My friend applied June 4 2014 and got DA.

      1. Thank you for the response Suhail , I applied in June 11,2014. When did your friend received the letter ?

  82. hi guys i will sure keep u updated if i receive U visa
    as ive been reading.uscis has been approving from aug 2013
    i may be one of the last ones to receive a u visa. J8n im sure u will recieve urs bfore mine keep me updated please

  83. Hi.sir

    USCIS Recieved Date 30 June 2014 Finger prints done 30 July 2014
    its been 27 Months no update – NO DA / NO Letter of Approval

  84. I filed my case on August 2014, when should I expect to be granted for deferred action, and how long from then to get the actual U Visa? Any advise??

    1. Hi, Jorge: You’ll see in the comments to this post that we’re advising 2-2.5 years to deferred action status. It can even be past the 2.5 year mark, unfortunately.

      1. Hello Greg
        Thank you for the quick response. I’ve noticed dates and times varies from one another, do some cases have priority over another case?
        Since October 1st. Just passed and another 10K visas were released, will the approval get delayed again because of this??

        1. Hi, Jorge: It’s not a matter of priority of one over another. It’s just that some cases make it through the system faster. Think about a restaurant: some tables just happen to get dinner quicker than others. Usually not because they were special, their food just came out sooner.

          The new visa numbers won’t help, because the issue here is processing timeline for the initial review, not availability of visa numbers.

  85. On June 30, 2014, we received your Form I-192, Application for Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant, Receipt Number EAC……….and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by July 30, 2014, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address. Please sir suggest me

  86. oct first!!
    my dates
    nov 2013
    aproval letter sept 2014
    im abroad waiting for my visa
    does anyone know in what month and year uscis left off?
    last year?

    1. Nobody knows.
      but somewhere around August 2013.
      u will get ur regular this year.
      good luck
      and keep update ur timelines please

    2. Hi, Araceli
      You are pretty much same as mine.

      I applied U visa on Oct 2013, got deferred action letter (approved but on the waiting list) on Aug 2014.

      I submitted I-765 again on Apr 2016 and it is said that they are sent my work permit last week and my work permit card is on the way.

      Hope to get visa this year!
      Please keep posted once you get any news! thanks.

  87. a case pending at the Board of Immigration Appeals might have a serious (in a good way) impact on U-Visa holders (unsure about deferred action):

    Some info:…25891764304684…04-18-2016.pdf

    You can google: immigration appeal fajardo espinoza

    Basically the Board of Immigration is looking at whether by JUST granting a U-Visa would also grant that person an automatic adjustment of status!

  88. Suhail, please make a watsup group and we all will connect with you. Make it and let us know. So we all can provide updates regarding U visa.Comments, Useful link till we get green card.Its a long journey. I know you are the active person and having all the details regarding U visa.Also please share your email id here so we can provide our contact no.

  89. yesterday, My one friend who applied on June 4, 2014 got RFE to submit marriage Certificate. slowly but they are working….
    please update if u know any cases hear something

  90. and you need a better lawyer immediately who would promptly inform you of any requirement that you need to be informed about in timely manners and good attorney who can walk you through this process

  91. It’s written with red font on the flyer you eV lost due to any error , that it’s important to inform any one who had lost it, that even though USCIS’s and Federal’s international facilities are informed about the process of I918’s fingerprinting requirement and made its F-printing procces’s trainings available over the Internet protocol and electronicaly, and applicant must be informed that. the notice ov biometric, due to any error or lost in mail, applicant should immediately report to) the nearest USCIS’s or Federal’s international facility and they won’t guarantee that every personel of its facility would be aware of this requirement of Fbi finger printing or its process until it’s being brought to their attention. and provide them with uscis’s vawa unit’s Vermont service center’s address and also provide your A# if any or the receipt number, which can also be obtained by contacting USCIS,**GOV) and have them to follow the procedure or it might cause delay during any period dated from the submission of your I918 U visa petition until it’s change of status to permananent resident.( Dhurupali It’s one of those, have to do things and enclose any funds in form of US postal money order if you like,and make it payable to u visa unit of vawa section of Vermont service center of USCIS’s.**GOV.even though all the fee are waived under I 918 petition’s process but it’s always safer to be sure of timely and accurate process,,, but if you don’t wish to its okay too, USCIS is short in budget to increase the staff to fill the procces’s need at the moment to ensure its every applicant’s petition is being proccesed within timely manners , so please be sure to do that and currently your petition status should be passed through the initial screening only and have patient until it will be initially reviewed it seems like we are lookin at 5 to 6 months from now before the D, A, so go do that before they’ll require to send you rfe instead of D,A, (welcome and enjoy the u visa Journey:)

  92. Dhuru Pali if you did not receive request for fingerprints to be taken by the nearest us embassy in your city then please carry this receipt letter to embassy and tell them you applied for I 918 at Vermont service center and embassy needs to do your finger prints on latest finger printing cards and signed by the person taking your finger prints and have embassy not you the embassy need to send those cards along with signatures of the person who takes your finger prints, and embassy needs to enclose the finger print cards in sealed envelope meanings they need to put their seal at the embassy and mail it to Vermont service center vawa unit, and they need to mail it not you,,,, do that because it must be error why you did not receive request and they warned about these errors so this is what needs to be done in your cenario, and I got mine in April I also applied and submitted on 18 th December 2014

    1. Thank you for the advice, but can we go directly to embassy and ask them to take the bio-metric! I’m not sure tht would be right though! Don’t they ask for bio metric notice?

  93. applied nov 2013
    approved sept 2014
    from abroad. question
    when will the new parole
    program will be implemented?
    will i get u visa this year?
    or parole program?

    1. Hi, Araceli: There is no guarantee the parole program will ever be implemented. Cross your fingers for what happens in the presidential race. And unfortunately there’s no perfect way to predict the progression of visa availability, so we can’t say who will be lucky enough to get a U-Visa number this year.

    2. You need to hire an. Attorney to apply for humanitarian parole along with i 134 form for now and may be end of this year immigration might change the channel to request parole, but for now hire an attorney to do humanitarian parole

  94. Greg McLawsen Sir,
    I applied for u visa and then after couple time I changed my residence, i want to know – Can I Give USPS, P O Box as my address ( to USCIS for change of address request.)

  95. Mr Singh I guess your case was transfered to NSC from VSC. If you had filed between May-July 2014(approximately). This message probably indicates that it was received by NSC and nothing more… Mr McLawsen I strongly feel it might not be an invitation for an interview. I am not an expert but just an other co-passenger on U Visa train. Was this message preceded by “On August 3, 2016, we transferred your Form I-192…”?

    1. Hi I filed my u visa application on May 2016 I hve one my bio metric but I hve receipt no I can’t find my case online wt I do waiting for ur reply

  96. Hello sir
    Singh this side
    On September 21st when I checked My status I found

    Case Was Received At My Local Office
    On September 21, 2016, we received your Form I-192, Application for Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant, Receipt Number EAC……….,at your local office. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.
    Please suggest me

    1. Hi, Liza: it looks like new procedures could be coming. Currently the immigration statute allows people to apply for parole at a port of entry (called port parole). This is a very uncommon strategy to pursue.

  97. What does it means this new news parole ? is that means that aplicant who are on waiting list can travel out of states ? To there homelands and return when they want ?

    1. Serge: If you know a lawyer who can get U-Visas in a year and a half please have her call me – I’ve got a job offer set to go.

      In the world that I live in U-Visas are not going to be granted anywhere near that fast. Even deferred action will not happy that soon.

  98. Hello Sir, I have submitted my U visa application on March 2014 and got approval on February 2016 and put me on waiting list .My question is that will I get U visa this coming fiscal year ? Or How much waiting period after approval? I have submitted my application from India and currently live in India.
    Is there any ways that I can get work permit or can come early in US?
    Do you think will my turn come this fiscal year 1st October 2016?
    I really appreciate for your help

    1. Hi, Liza: I’m afraid there’s no way for me to know for sure whether a visa will become available this year or not. Prior to issuance of the U-Visa you won’t have a way to relocate to the U.S. unless you qualify for parole (or another visa).

    1. I was send I-797C application in April 2016 , I didn’t apply for 765
      What time I should be get work permit? Before U-visa or after?

  99. Friends,
    It very bad news
    Just now USCIS has declared processing times up to July 2016
    VSC – No movement still it is May 7, 2014
    NSC – Not showing any processing for u petitions
    it is very disappointing
    From Oct 1 they will be busy for allotting regular U Visa.
    so I don’t think they will do anything before Christmas.
    How long we have to wait this is more then two years for even to get DA.

  100. I have Apply for u visa in april 2016/
    it will take 3 years to get ead and 5 more to get approved.
    All process time to get u visa is 8-10 years.
    people are suffering, without permission to work, this is really frustrating.

      1. Well only if other uscis centers start helping cases from
        vermont center then it could be faster. Now processing time if u apply today 8-10 years. In order that u have all documents 100% ready.
        Thats the truth 🙁

    1. Yes it’s really true we are really at least they should try to give us deferred action while waiting for the real u visa to be available but they are Rada making life difficult or situation worse every minute time,day month and years.

  101. I applied my U-visa in saipan island on 05/11/2015.Recently I moved to the states. Is that legal to wait here while my Uvisa is pending?

    1. The mere fact that you’ve filed a U petition does not confer any legal status. In other words, if you do not have another form of status (a visa), then the U petition does not by itself help you until it is approved.

  102. Friends, little good news
    Today, on other forum somebody update timeline , they got DA
    ( application submitted may 21, 2014, fingerprints in June 2014 and the approval letter is dated August 19, 2016. )
    USCIS is working ( but they will stop after October 1 )
    keep the patience, and check processing time on Sep 15
    please update ur timeline if u hear anything

  103. Hey, I applied for u-visa in december 2014 than i received the receipt on December 15, 2014! After that I never received any mail for biometrics! I talked to my lawyer about it and he didn’t really pay attention to it! Please help

    1. So when you say your lawyer didn’t pay attention… what exactly do you mean? He/she might have just said that there’s not much you can do but wait, which is basically correct.

    2. Get another lawyer. I got a bio-metrics letter within a month. Did you get a letter from immigration with a receipt of your application? Your lawyer might be scamming you

      1. For what it’s worth, real “scams” by lawyers are quite rare. Now certainly some attorneys are the greatest, but I generally find that they’re well-intentioned and really care about their clients.

  104. Hello sir
    Singh this side
    I have already applied for U-Visa now I want to apply for political asylum, i just wanted to know sir if I apply for political asylum then they will close my U-Visa file or not.Please suggest me.

    1. Hi, Mr. Singh: Normally filing an asylum application will not detrimentally impact a pending U-Visa petition. Now there may be plenty of other issues with the asylum application – timing for example, since normally the application must be filed within one year of arrival in the U.S. A negative credibility determination in the asylum case could also hurt your U petition, potentially.

  105. Sir, Thanx and I understand well , what u said.
    But I know one of my friend applied U visa, he was stabbed while armed robbery, being victim he beat up the robber and caught him and called police,
    in his Form 918B DA office clearly said – they dropped charges bcoz victim was unable to locate and absent in the court while on trial. ( means victim didn’t help the law )
    even though his lawyer applied for u visa with the same form 918B
    What do u like to say for such case ?
    u and ur law firm work differently I am thankful that u r taking care of the case

    1. I’m not fully understanding the question, but it is sometimes possible to get a certification even if charges are dropped. The question is whether the foreign national was “helpful” to pursuit of prosecution on a qualifying crime, not whether prosecution was successful. Law enforcement agencies differ widely in how willing they are to agree to certification, but there are often other options such as going to a judge.

      1. Victim was moved to other location so court was not able to locate. victim never been to court upon calling him several times
        in his Form 918B DA office clearly said – they dropped charges bcoz victim was unable to locate and absent in the court while on trial
        then how that 918B is useful to get u visa, when Victim or the foreign national didn’t “helpful” to pursuit of prosecution on a qualifying crime ?
        but his lawyer use that & applied for U visa……. and result………. his case was denied
        Your esteemed law office really doing great Job. I advice to all.
        but not all lawyers are working like your office

        1. Hello, I transferred my u-visa application for consular processing in my home country. Typically how long would I have to be outside the states for and what could be the positive and negative outcomes of the transfer.

          1. Hi, Naes: There’s no simple answer to your question I’m afraid. The consequences of pursuing consular processing very much depend on your immigration history. For example, if you’ve been unlawfully present in the United States then you could be barred from returning for 10 years. There may be a waiver available to you, but whether you are a strong candidate for a waiver also depends on the facts of your situation.

    1. Mr Sai,
      u don’t trust in Greg McLawsen’s Answer ( which is best )
      u don’t trust ur lawyer
      now whom u gonna trust.
      it is very simple to undersatand – paper work should be error free specially immigration papers.
      Do u want RFE – then go ahead what your lawyer said ( RFE will make 4-6 months delay in case )
      if u don’t want RFE and want fast process in case – correction is advisable.

        1. Sir,
          u are the better than his lawyer.
          but, I am wondering in ur previous comment u said different and now ur words are different.
          your previous comment –
          Greg McLawsen August 25, 2016 at 1:44 pm
          Sai: If it were my case I would get the Supplement B corrected. Unless your lawyer has a specific, tactical reason not to approach the Law Enforcement Agency, I don’t see any advantage to filing a form with an error on it. At our firm we always draft the Supplement B for the Law Enforcement Agency, unless they don’t want us to, but that’s rare.

          1. Right, what I said was:

            Unless your lawyer has a specific, tactical reason not to approach the Law Enforcement Agency, I don’t see any advantage to filing a form with an error on it

            Meaning maybe the attorney has a reason for what s/he was doing. I don’t like second-guessing another attorney based on a short blog comment. Most immigration lawyers are very didicated to their clients and do a great job.

  106. Hello Greg,
    I hope you can help me with my consern. I have H1b that I received in July of this year. My U visa application has been on file since Jan,2016. My main consern is , I want to get married and want my spouse to be a derivative of my u-visa. When would be the best time to marry and file for her, before I receive the approval, after i receive the approval or after I receive the actual U-Visa ?

    Thanks in advance .

  107. just one more question that i got Form I-918 supplement B signed by police department. but my name spelt wrong in that form.just one letter is missing in my name.can i still use the same I-918 supplement B when i am filing
    u visa or should i apply again for name correction?

    1. Sai – Just ask the Law Enforcement agency (or judge) for a correction. They should easily be able to do this and it will avoid problems down the line.

      1. Hello Greg
        Thankyou for your prompt reply. My lawyer has my supplement B form.he is been telling that I can file U visa with the existed one and write the correct name in application form.
        What should I do? Should I insist him to apply for correction or just listen to him?

        1. Sai: If it were my case I would get the Supplement B corrected. Unless your lawyer has a specific, tactical reason not to approach the Law Enforcement Agency, I don’t see any advantage to filing a form with an error on it. At our firm we always draft the Supplement B for the Law Enforcement Agency, unless they don’t want us to, but that’s rare.

      2. Hi Greg. I have a question. Is a signed police report confirming that a crime did happen the same thing as a u-visa certification?

        1. Hi, Lily – no, those are two different things. The U-Visa certification must be made on a Form I-918B. It is an official certification by the law enforcement agency that you have been helpful to the investigation or prosecution of a qualifying crime. A form request has to be submitted to the proper law enforcement agency.

  108. i am studying masters in computer science and i am going to graduate in 2016 december.i am applying for U visa in 2016 november.i knew that u visa will take more then one and half year to get in the mean time can i apply for OPT? can i work on OPT?can i get OPT extension after my first year OPT expired? if i get an employer who can sponser my H1B,can i file an application for H1B after applying for U visa? or will USCIS reject my opt application or H1B application because i have applied for U visa?and can i travel after applyin U visa while oi am on OPT or H1B status?

    1. Sai – Pursuing additional work scenarios (such as H1B or OPT) won’t jeopardize your U-Visa petition. Whether or not you can travel will depend on the terms of the additional status (e.g., OPT) that you apply for. For example, as long as you are in a valid F-1 status (doing OPT work) you can travel as allowed under that student status.

    2. Hello,
      I was in the situation that you are conserned about. I had my opt when I applied for my U-Visa at the beginning of this year (Jan, 2016) . My U-visa application was accepted by uscis and down the line in May my OPT expired. My employer filed for my H1B, luckily enough, I got my H1B July through expedited process without any trouble.
      Main point is , U-Visa application on file does not hinder or affect your opt or h1b, but when u have both ( either work permit through U- visa and opt/H1b) , you have to chose one to work under.
      Please correct me if I am wrong .

  109. Good morning, Sir

    I am applicant / principal petitioner.

    I submitted U visa in Oct. 2013 and was given letter in Aug. 2014 that I have been placed in deferred action, I am eligible for work authorization.

    I submitted I-765 in April. 2016 and got a receipt notice in May. 2016 (it’s a pity that I could get work permit sooner if I submit last year.)

    Question : It is said it normally takes 3 months to get working permit though, does it sometimes take more than 4 months?

    My attorney told me if I want, I’d better to go to USCIS local office to ask my working permit process.
    Is it best way to do it? Or should I just wait?
    I already called USCIS and got answer as my visa case is confidential they are not allowed to tell me anything. 🙁

    Please let me know
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Jin: Yes, EADs are supposed to be issued in 90 days after you become eligible. And also yes, if it hasn’t been issued in 90 days then you can set an InfoPass appointment at the local office. (Don’t just show up at the local office – you need to schedule it ahead of time). One problem is that if USCIS has already issued the card – but simply hasn’t mailed it yet – then the local office will not give you a temporary stamp. But it’s at least worth trying if you don’t mind going down to the office. There’s no cost for doing this (besides gas, I suppose).

  110. Finally, USCIS’ response to the May 16, 2016 sign on letter regarding the significant delays in the U visa program

    USCIS’ response to the May 16, 2016 sign on letter regarding the significant delays in the U visa program, to which 307 agencies were signatories. In this response, Director Rodriguez notes the increase in applicants as one of the causes of the delay (e.g 11,000 applicants in FY2009 compared with 52,000 applicants in FY 2015) as well as VSC’s recent prioritization of adjudicating derivative applications in cases where the principal already has U visa status. One of the strategies to address this delay, not surprisingly, is the U visa workshare with the Nebraska Service Center, which began last month.
    Link :

  111. From May 2015, USCIS has stopped Reviewing U visa cases
    All Petitions filed after May7, 2014 are pending and
    some gentleman says he filed on Jan 16, 2015 and he got EAD.
    Bull**** !

  112. This is the current status of my case “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” updated On August 3. 2016 may I know what does it mean and will it have any impact on timelines and decision ? my original processing center was Vermont, have gone through the article “life cycle of a case” in this forum but subjected state is not mentioned in there, please advice.

    1. Hi, Mr. Singh: USCIS periodically changes its staffing arrangements, so that certain application/petition types are transferred to different processing facilities. That’s likely what happened here, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad in terms of processing times.

  113. Hi … I did have My U visa approved December 21/2015 …when I filing my application I did for my kids . They did the fingerprints 2 years ago so March 2016 the USCIS send me a Letter and ask theme to do the fingerprints again because it’s over 15 months . But since I got approve is about 8 months ago my kids abroad not get anything . It’s normal after 8 months from my approval they not received nothing to go get they visa abroad ?

    1. Hi, Sheila: I’m having a little difficulty understanding they situation here. Are you saying that your U visa petition has already been approved, and you’re worried about your children’s derivative case?

      1. Yet its approve December 21 at December 28 they send me my 4 year work authorization and noting for my kids and they did finger prints when they put me at wait list they did send one letter for each kids saying same thing … So now I don’t know why I don’t get approval letter for theme

          1. Sheila: I’m sorry but this is far more involved than I can offer effective assistance through a simple answer on the website. I don’t know enough about your case to offer effective input here.

  114. I applied for U visa in June 30th 2014 and I went to biometrics in 2nd August 2014 and after that I don’t have any notice about my case

  115. Hello,
    I waited 2 years for my U-Visa, is there any way the waiting time could count towards applying for a green card? It is already three years since my U-Visa application was approved. Based on what I have read I must wait 3 years with a physical u visa prior to changing status. But I was wondering if there was any way I could make the 2 waiting years count? I currently attend a 4-year college, do not if that would help.


    1. Joe: Unfortunately the three-year period begins only after you get the U. Whether or not you have another strategy available I couldn’t say (based in the comment), but USCIS delay doesn’t reduce the waiting period.

  116. Hello:

    My husband applied on 02/15/2014 for the U VISA because someone hit him with machete, the person was on jail and deported, but since he did the biometric we haven’t hear from anybody, however i was checking online and its being like that since them (On February 12, 2014, we received your case and waived the filing fee for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization , Receipt Number xxxxxxx We mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. ) does it means he can apply for a work permit? or he have to keep waiting, we have already a lawyer who is always busy and i just sent a letter to the lawyer asking for all our documents so we can find and hire another lawyer. what did you suggest?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi, Carmen: Well, first of all, get your documents back from your lawyer and find someone who will return your calls! Apart from that, it’s not necessarily a problem that you’ve heard nothing yet. Given the processing times we’ve been seeing I would expect that you’re close to getting your U-Visa related EAD. But prior to them making a decision on your case they won’t notify you unless there’s a problem. Did you (or rather your attorney) file that I-765 at the same time as your U petition?

  117. I was send application I 918 on April .7.2016 and do biometric 10 day later, now I’m waiting to get the U visa, waiting time depends on how strong the case or not? And it is the same for all state?or is different for each state?

    1. Hi, Serge:
      1. No, wait time should not depend on the strength of your case. The main exception is if USCIS wants additional evidence and issues a Request for Evidence (RFE). So, for example, if they don’t believe that a particular crime qualifies under the U-Visa statute, they can issue an RFE to get more evidence about the offense.
      2. All U-Visa petitions are centrally processed, so the state from which you filed should not impact processing time.

      Hope that helps!

  118. I have a couple concerns does the application for the work permit is to get the DA ? ,usics sent you a letter first when the waiver is granted ?then you get your work authorization
    or you get a letter saying your on defered action or waiting list , how can you speed to get work authorization after 90 dys of filed
    I filed a U visa application nov 16 biometrics jan 17 victim of intoxication assault but
    I have couple issues with a past deportation , my lawyer said if they granted me with the waiver relief I will later can become permanet resident then become us ciziten as well
    you do have any acknolewdge about this type of cases with U visa applicants ?
    Thank you very much

    1. Noemy: As I always tell folks, if you have an attorney you should be asking him/her these questions. You should trust your attorney to be giving you good advice (and if you don’t, that may be a sign you need a different attorney). I’m not totally sure I understand your question, but if your EAD is not issued in 90-days you may be able to get a temporary stamp from your local office. EADs are supposed to be issued within 90 days of when a person becomes eligible, which for you is when you get DA. If you have a prior removal order it is very likely you will need a waiver, though of course I can’t say without knowing more about your case. You have to become a resident before a citizen, so the first order of business is getting your waiver approved. Yes, we have experience in U-Visa waivers, since most U petitioners need a waiver (or at least many of them do). But you should continue working with your attorney on that matter unless you are somehow dissatisfied with the attorney.

    2. did u apply u visa on November 2014 ?
      how long you did get answer for uscis for DA

      1. Hi plz help I filed my u visa application on 7 June and I got the received letter frm uscis but when I put the receipt no check the status it said no receipt found how can I track the process

        1. If the receipt number isn’t showing online then you need to call the Customer Service Hotline to ask them what’s going on: 1 (800) 375-5283. They are currently running behind schedule with posting receipt numbers, but it shouldn’t take a month.

  119. Hello my name is Advin i am from India i have a 10 year multiple visitors visa but i pass my 6 month stay in U S A so now I am undocumented immigrant i work in gas station and last night i rob on gun point i call police i call my owner they watch video they file case in police report victim was my gas station and I am employed and complainant so i get U visa i have a family with me 2 kid and my wife so please let me know thanks Advin

    1. Advin: Very sorry to hear about the robbery, but glad you are safe.

      Robbery is not itself a qualifying crime for U-Visa purposes. But depending on the facts there may be other ways to get a certification based on the offense. If this you would like help assessing whether you may be able to proceed feel free to set up a consultation. This is a good stage to start preparing for a later certification. For now, ensure that you are cooperating with the police and prosecutors in their investigation.

      1. Thanks for your replay on robbery base i file U visa anything worry for me because I am undocumented and in police station i give my address and i still work in same gas station and my father in law is citizen of United States of America and he put my blood relasition file in 2013 so please let me know thanks Advin God bless you

        1. There is certainly some risk any time an undocumented person has contact with law enforcement. But if you want to pursue a U-Visa you will be required to cooperate with the police; otherwise you are not eligible for a certification. Now is a good time to get case-specific advice about what your options are.

  120. I applied for U visa in July 2nd 2014 and I went to biometrics in 1st August 2014 and after that I don’t have any notice about my case

    1. Mahesh: You probably won’t hear anything further unless there is a problem. If you haven’t received a Request For Evidence at this time that’s a good indicator. The next notification you receive will likely be your deferred action approval, which should be coming roughly within the next 6 months.

  121. Hi , I’m a student pursuing my masters degree. I was victim of crime that happened 6 months ago. I’m filing U visa soon . I’m just concerned . I want to know , is it going to affect my student status ? Also , can I file opt and after tha H1B while I have filed U visa?. Is it going to affect my chances of opt and H1b approval ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, Jay – the general answer is no: filing a U petition does not impact F-1 status or ability to get OPT. Filing a U petition also doesn’t prevent a change of status to H1B. Obviously I can’t say whether you would be a good candidate for either a U approval or change of status to H1B based on just this comment. If you want more granular advice, Brittany Lowe ( is our resident F-1/OPT guru, and also does U petitions.

  122. Today, USCIS has declared the Data for Form I918 – It’s still stuck May 7, 2014
    Field Office Processing Dates for Vermont Service Center as of: April 30, 2016
    No processing movement at all.

  123. Hello, sir

    My I-918 and I-765 case filed in Oct. 2013.
    Biometrics done in Nov. 2013.

    I got a letter that I been placed in deferred action.
    And as you suggested, I submit new I-765 specifying (c)(14) in Apr. 2016.
    I got a receipt notice in May 2016.

    In this case, am I going for biometrics again? Or have a chance to get EAD care without biometrics?

    Thank you so much!

  124. The filing location and instructions for these forms will not change at this time. Please continue to file the forms at the address listed under Where to File in the Form I-918 instructions and Web page. The safe address procedures and confidentiality protections will continue to apply.

    Please note that the statutory cap of 10,000 U visas each year has not changed.

    How You Will Be Affected If We Transfer Your Case

    If we transfer your case, we will send you a transfer notice. Your original receipt number will not change, and the transfer will not delay the processing of your case.

    How to Track the Status of Your Case or Change Your Address

    Attorneys and petitioners should follow the normal guidelines in place in order to get information on their case or to update their address.

    If you are an attorney or representative, you can:
    •Email us at, or
    •Call us at 802-527-4888

    If you are a petitioner or applicant, you can:
    •Send us written correspondence with an original signature, or
    •If you are asking about a related application or petition, visit case status online

    1. How we can believe this news? Where they posted? Please provide the link then we can trust you. There thousands and thousands people are waiting just for deferred action.
      Please give us prove..
      Thank you.

  125. GOOD News for all U Victims ———–
    On June 09, 2016 USCIS declared Nebraska Service Center to Begin Processing Certain Form I-918 Cases
    In July, the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) will begin processing cases involving Form I-918, Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status. Sharing this workload with the Vermont Service Center (VSC) will balance workloads between centers and provide flexibility as USCIS works towards improving processing times, efficiency and customer service to this victim population.

  126. My mom and I were both victims of a crime. We submitted our U visa with I-765 on 12/3/15 and we had biometrics on 1/7/16. I read about the request to expedite and I submitted it on 03/2016 because my mom was in the hospital so I used doctor’s and hospital’s letters to attest that she was in a medical emergency. She was sent a notice of evidence on 5/3/16 but because we moved I haven’t got it, but it makes me think that they are trying to work on her case. My question for you is about my case. When I filed my 1-765 I put that the category for work authorization was a19. Should I submit another I-765 with the c-14 you have been mentioning here?

    1. If you are a principal petitioner (rather then derivative), then USCIS has said that you don’t need to re-file your I-765. But like it says above, if you are a derivative:

      USCIS has said that if a derivative has already filed and I-765 then that will be considered an application for the new, temporary work authorization under the deferred action category. But because of how USCIS assigns work authorization you would need to file a second I-765 application after receiving your temporary work authorization. This second application should list (a)(20) as the category.

  127. Hello on June 27,2014 uscis received my Uvisa application, I completed my Biometrics July 2014 however I am yet to hear back about anything. I did not receive a deferred action notice and my current work authorization (OPT) will be expiring soon. Is there any way I can apply for another work card? Who gets deferred action and how long will it take till I hear back.. As come October I will no longer be in legal status to stay in the states. Can I just apply for the i795 and list c(14) or should I have received a deferred action letter in order to do so. Help!

    1. Hi, Naes. It’s not surprising that you haven’t received notice of deferred action yet. We are seeing that take over two years at present. Depending on your situation you may be able to extend your OPT – have you discussed that with your school?

      1. I did talk to my school and I cannot apply for the opt extension. However I checked and we did fill out an i765 with the uvisa application. I’m yet to here back on anything. What do I do?

        1. Unfortunately you just have to wait on the U-Visa work authorization. Whether or not you have other non-immigrant status options I wouldn’t be able to tell you from just this discussion.

        2. Is it possible to expedite my dad application? We filed back in June 2014 with the Uvisa application. It was received July 2014 and i did my biometrics in July as well. I have not heard anything back from them since then. As my current ead card is expiring in August ( based on Opt) can I request the ead application from the pending uvisa application to be expedited? IT has been almost 2 years now..

          1. Unfortunately most people are waiting at least 2 years before getting deferred action. You can always make a request for expedited processing, but I just have to caution that these are almost always without effect. But it also doesn’t hurt to ask.

  128. Sir, I applied for u visa Sep 2014.
    to get DA, Do u suggest for DHS 7001 request ?

    1. Hi, Suhail. You can certainly submit a DHS 7001 request the the Ombudsman’s Office. But it doesn’t look like there’s been any error or inaction based on what you describe. Unfortunately USCIS is just taking ages to process U petitions. It never hurts to complain, though.

  129. Hi I applied political asylum in 2015 I got my work permit which will expire in July 2016 . I m very confuse I applied u visa in April should I renew my visa on political asylum processing at should I do

    1. Singh, if you’re able to renew your asylum-related work permit that is great and you should do so. The U-Visa related authorization will take at least 2 years.

  130. Are you receiving any deferred action in this year? My question is really they are reviewing any petition.. I am so hopeless.. Please sir give us some answers

      1. Sir,
        if they are reviewing petitions then why not DA been issued ?
        Some are waiting sin January 2014.

        1. Suhail, it’s a matter of processing time. For all USCIS forms and petitions, there’s only a certain amount of resources that the agency commits to that “product line” (that’s what they call a particular immigration process). The decision about how many resources they commit to a particular product line is a policy decision made by the agency. So, for example, when USCIS thinks that marriage cases are going too slow it will allocate new resources to them and move them around to different processing facilities. Unfortunately in U-Visas the bottom line is that they’re just not investing the amount of resources that would allow these to get initial reviews in a reasonable amount of time.

  131. can u help me ?
    i wanted to file suit with USCIS to issue me deferred action status so that i can obtain your EAD

    I applied Sep 2014.

    1. Hi, Suhail. I appreciate that question, but such litigation isn’t really the focus of our practice. Also, it’s not clear that there would be a good chance of success in such a suit, just given the way the law is written. But if you want to explore the option I’d recommend looking at attorneys who are members of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association, at Good luck – you should be getting DA soon!

  132. Can you Please help me ?

    Mr Gail Pendleton at ASISTA at referred me to you.

    I need your assistance to file federal complaints in federal Court to compel USCIS to issue Long Delayed EAD, Under Current Law and Regulation.

    – a bona fide determination basis for U applicant EADs. 8 U.S.C. § 1184(p)(6); INA § 214(p)(6).

    – Moreover, under existing regulations, all petitioners for U nonimmigrant status are eligible for interim work authorization once their applications have been pending for more than 90 days. 8 C.F.R. § 274a.13(d) “USCIS will adjudicate the application within 90 days from the date of receipt of the application.”

    USCIS has never implemented this law for U petitioners.

    i have already applied for u visa, and EAD in September 2014.

    I read ——

    U Applicants Have Successfully Sought Redress in Federal Court to Receive Long Delayed EADs Under Current Law and Regulation

    Sanctuary for Families, in partnership with the law firm WilmerHale, prepared individual federal complaints on behalf of several clients with pending petitions for U nonimmigrant status seeking to compel USCIS to issue EADs to those clients. Rather than litigate the question in the District of Vermont, USCIS offered to settle each case expeditiously, offering an immediate grant of deferred action and work authorization.

    I am ready to pay your fees.

  133. Hello Mr. Greg..
    How are you? Hope you are well.
    I am wondering I have seen in Uscis website that they didn’t work on u visa petition at all. But some other blogs i saw some people received their deferred action even they applied june 2014. Are you receiving any DA in your office? The waiting is just getting longer and longer.. No hope at all.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Sowara. USCIS is definitely still reviewing U petitions… they’re just taking longer than we would like. We’re seeing DA grants at around the 2- to 2-and-a-half year mark. So you should be relatively close (hopefully!) to seeing your approval. It’s really just a completely frustrating situation. Hang in there.

  134. Hello, sir

    My I-918 and I-765 case filed in Oct. 2013.
    Biometrics done in Nov. 2013.

    As I haven’t received work authorization yet, my attorney said “I need to submit I-765 again and pay $200”

    But, I found that I do not need to re-submit I-765.
    Could you please let me know what I can to it?

    Should I just wait or possibly mail out and ask regarding my work permit?

    Thank you so much, Greg

      1. Good morning, Sir

        I am applicant / principal petitioner.. =)

        I was given letter on Aug. 2014 that You have been placed in deferred action as permitted by regulation. Deferred action is an act of administrative convenience to the government which gives some cases lower priority for removal. Being placed in deferred action makes you eligible for work authorization during the validity period of deferred action.

        But I didn’t re-submit I-765 as I though it will not take that long.

        I wonder I need to submit I-765 or ask if I am eligible to get work permit sooner?

        Thank you!

        1. Okay, so you got placed into deferred action long before the new work authorization rules went into effect. Yes, I’d submit a new I-765 specifying (c)(14) as a basis. Ans since you’re now in deferred action the I-765 should be adjudicated within 90 days of when you file.

    1. Yes, I have signed. Thank you for sharing and I believe everyone in this blog should sign as well
      Thank you, Greg, for providing this forum. God bless.

  135. Hello Again,
    I applied for my U-visa and i-765 on January 16th 2016. Its been almost 3 months and i haven’t been called for biometric yet. Based on everyone’s comment, they have been called in a month or 2. Is this normal. I did get a receipt right after filing.

  136. I applied for my u visa on November 2014 and my biometric were got done on January 2016. what I heard is it takes 2 years before u get you work permit. my question is it 2 years from the day u filed it or 2 years after your bio metric are done.

    1. Sunny, 2 years from the date of *filing* is more or less the correct time estimate. But it’s only an estimate. I would expect you see work authorization in early- to mid-2017.

  137. I am a victim of Armed Robbery and aggravated Assault. I have applied for U status. My Application receipt date is June, 2014. Still my petition is pending for review.

    1. In my petition for U nonimmigrant status on Form I-918, I have checked “yes” in the box
    next to Question 7 of Part 2 on Form I-918,
    2. I also have submitted separate form I 765 with A(19 )
    3. I have filed form I-765 for c (14)

    On November 2014 I humbly urge to the secretary DHS for early work authorization on bona fide standards, describing my hardship but he didn’t answer me.

    Now, can u help me to get Deferred Action / EAD ? If you can help me, please Let me

    1. Unfortunately there is no way to prompt faster processing to the Deferred Action stage. But the good news is that you shouldn’t be too far away at this point.

  138. I filled for a u visa July 2014 and I did my biometrics and I have not heard anything for a long time. I have been ready that after some time people get placed in deferred action. How much longer do I have to wait for this to happen?

  139. Sir,

    based on Rule for – EAD after 90 days of filing petition or
    – implement bona fide standards set by congress

    can u please help us to get Deferred action and EAD while Petition is pending ?

    i am tired waiting for DA I badly need EAD and driver’s license.
    thank you so much in advance sir

    i read somewhere –

    U Applicants Have Successfully Sought Redress in Federal Court to Receive Long Delayed EADs Under Current Law and Regulation

    Sanctuary for Families, in partnership with the law firm WilmerHale, prepared individual federal complaints on behalf of several clients with pending petitions for U nonimmigrant status seeking to compel USCIS to issue EADs to those clients. Rather than litigate the question in the District of Vermont, USCIS offered to settle each case expeditiously, offering an immediate grant of deferred action and work authorization.

    1. Manoj, I’m not aware of any current litigation challenging the work authorization situation for Us, though there may be some. It appears that USCIS takes the position that the 90-day clock doesn’t start until deferred action is granted following initial review of the petition. One current suit in Washington State is challenging late work authorizations in family-based adjustment cases. If you know of anyone currently litigating this issue I’d be very interested.

      1. U Applicants Have Successfully Sought Redress in Federal Court to Receive Long Delayed EADs Under Current Law and Regulation

        Sanctuary for Families, in partnership with the law firm WilmerHale, prepared individual federal complaints on behalf of several clients with pending petitions for U nonimmigrant status seeking to compel USCIS to issue EADs to those clients.

        Rather than litigate the question in the District of Vermont, USCIS offered to settle each case expeditiously, offering an immediate grant of deferred action and work authorization.

      2. This is federal complaints under writ of mandamus or some other types of writs to implement existing Rules of 90 days for EAD and bona fide standards.

        can u prepare such federal complaint for me, I am ready to pay your fees.

        I applied in June 2014 and still nothing happened. and nobody knows when ?

        this will not just help me but it will help all

    1. You should get a receipt notice within the next few days if you haven’t already. But your work authorization may not arrive until 2018 – or even later – under current processing timelines.

  140. This is purvish Soni ,my application has been acccepted on 30th december 2015 ,I had my Bio-Metric on 28th jan 2016 .I was called by sabina court for criminal case on 1st week of December ,after that i have no clue whats agoing on with my case .
    I did not get any information regarding my U -Visa work permit authorisation .
    So i am waiting forward my work permit authorisation ,so can i know when can i get letter .???

    1. Purvish, you should have received a receipt for the U-Visa petition. This contains a number that can be used to check on the status of your case (instructions are available here). As you can see from comments here, it is currently taking over 2 years to receive initial work authorization in a U case. It is critical that you receive good legal help in the criminal case, since this could make you ineligible for a U-Visa depending on the charges involved.

  141. I am currently in the process of obtaining my green card through my current employer (Labor filed), however, my H1-B is expiring on 06/12/2016. I do not qualify for an extension. In the meanwhile I applied for a U visa on 11/09/2015. I need to ask a few questions about the time lapse between the two cases, given that both cases are pending I am worried about my legal stay. Do I have other options or do I need to leave the country?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Oksana. You should address these timing questions with the attorney preparing your green card application. Even though he/she is hired by the employer, the attorney represents you as well.

  142. Does the period that you accrue during your deferred action while awaiting Visa U final approval count as part of the time period needed to wait to then apply for permanent residency?

  143. Thanks Greg really appreciate your time , and to let you know i don’t have an attorney , and i might gona need an attorney because my case is little complicated , and i might need an attorney to request a S visa from the federal court in eastern district of new york , would you be able to help me and if so can i send you email with details to see if you would be interested in my case

      1. I didn’t succeed on S visa, because County police stated rather get U visa because they want me to go there and redo the police report if I’m gonna take any legal action, otherwise it states on My supplement B,that there was a sufficient reason why I couldn’t cooperate in the year 1996 until now, and they all are surprised, I’m still alive????

  144. i would really appreciate if you would answer these questions Greg , i also need to know in such case will they consider to expedite the process ,

    Thank you

    1. You and/or your lawyer can always ask for expedited review of a petition. In reality this very rarely has an impact (we’ve had success, for example, for U.S. service members). But at best this would only get to deferred action earlier. The number of U Visas is set by congress, so USCIS has no control over the availability of visa numbers.

      1. Thanks Greg , i also need to know according to my time line this is the 15th month since i submitted my case ,how long do you think more i will need to wait to get on the deferred action ?

        1. We’ve been seeing deferred action at a bit after the two-year mark. I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear. But certainly processing times can vary.

  145. Hi i applied from abroad as a principal applicant in december of 2014 and received bio-metric in march 2015 and i also have a letter from local law enforcement agency stating that i have to appear in person at the local precinct , and they also sent that letter to Vermont about 90 days ago to expedite the process and i still haven’t heard from them i have 2 questions since they waived the fee on EAD is that mean my case is in good shape and how long will it take for aproval and will i be granted humanitarian parole based on the letter

    1. Faisal, I can’t answer the specific question about parole since I don’t know the background of your case (and please don’t share those details in this public area). Accepting a fee waiver on an EAD doesn’t mean one way or another that a U petition would be approved.

      1. Mara, biometrics refers to when USCIS takes your photograph and fingerprints for use in your application. It is a short appointment at your local USCIS office.

  146. I am on the waiting list, I received the letter in 2015, my question is: will I receive another letter this year that Iam still one the waiting list? Since I saw that the 10,000 visas have been issued already, I want to know if I will be getting notified if Iam still on the waiting list.

    1. Hi, Zuleyma. Now, they won’t send you a second letter indicating that you’re still wait-listed. If you don’t see action on your petition (approval notice, denial or request for evidence), unfortunately that means you’re still waiting.

      1. What we can do? so they can start processing U Visa. Because its too much now to wait. Almost 22 months. Is there any way AILA can help?

        1. I’m afraid 2 years is about how long it’s taking for initial U-Visa work permits. AILA has national advocacy on this issue, but unfortunately it would probably require legislative action (not likely anytime soon). Basically it’s just a bad situation for U-Visa petitioners right now and everyone one is frustrated (petitioners and lawyers).

      2. I was robed last night in the store and my mental situation is not good and the rober sawing me the knife but that doesn’t have in vidio but I called the police and filed complain then can I apply for u vissa and how much time it will be take and work permit too

        1. Hi, Harsh: From the date of application it is currently taking 2 2.5 years to get the initial work permit for U-Visa petitioners. That’s after you get all the application documents together, which can often take a couple of months.

  147. Hi, filled back ok April 2014 for my son and I. Last year they ask me for more evidence, I sent everything they ask for. I haven recive nothing after than, we are waiting for are work authorization. You know how far.

    1. Gloria, you should be close to getting the case to deferred action status based on what we’re seeing. Just a thought, but have you ever looked into whether your son is DACA eligible?

      1. hi I have a big ?. on Sep 2015 USCIS sent a letter to my attorney saying that my petition was being placed on a waiting list,and we were placed in deferred action, but they just notified me last week.Can we still applying for the work permit and can we do it by our self’s or do I need to pay a attorney.

        1. Gloria: This depends on the terms of engagement with your attorney. If he/she agreed to help you with this process than that is his/her responsibility. But sometimes an attorney agrees to just file the U-Visa petition and then the attorney’s work is done. But if you were placed into deferred action in September 2015 you should have your work authorization. Whether it is your attorney, on your own, or with a new attorney, you should figure out why you don’t yet have your EAD.

          1. I have not filled out the from yet because my attorney gave it to me yesterday. I was placed under section 274a. 12 (c)(14) and it asks for my assests, income, and expenses in accordance to the Form I-765. What exactly do i need to show?

          2. Gloria: If you have an attorney it’s his/her job to explain this to you. They should be helping you prepare the form if you are still working together.

  148. Hello,
    I applied for my U-visa and I-765 work authorization on Jan 19th 2016. Received a receipt and nothing after that. My current visa that allowed me to work just got expired on March 4th 2016. Since i have already filed for U-visa and work authorization and based on how long it takes from reading here, can i still work or i’ll have to quit my job and wait till my work authorization is approved.

    1. Hi, Nabil. An individual cannot work without valid authorization. So if an old authorization expires, and the person doesn’t yet have a new one, then he is no longer work authorized. Whether or not your employer would take action against you can’t be said for sure – but it does sound like you are now without work authorization. Under current processing times it could easily be two years before you see your U-Visa-related work authorization come through. Depending on you you acquired your old work authorization (maybe DACA?) you could be well advised to see whether that status can be renewed.

      1. Hello Greg and thanks so much for the response,
        Even though it wasn’t what i was expecting, but i want to make sure i get the right thing done and not miss out on the U visa because i worked while my permit was expired.
        I had a one year OPT and as i mentioned, it expired on March 4th. I can not apply for CADA since i can to US when i was 20 years old in 2010.
        What are my options at this point? I have a decent job and i really don’t want to let go.

        1. Besides, if i have no status, than i will i support myself in the US- that leaves me with no choice but to leave the country till my U-visa work authorization is approved, but let’s keep in mind, i still have to go to court in May 2016, than in August 2016 to testify against the criminals for which i was a victim of crime.
          I am really confused and no sure what to do at this point.

        2. Nabil, we really can’t do a full case assessment based on the information here, which isn’t what this forum is for. You’re welcome to set up a free and confidential web chat with us, and we discuss if there might be options available (it’s possible there aren’t any).

          1. hi i have question for u somebody was robbed me on gun point last year feb 2015 , so can i apply for u visa now thera have limit for apply or ni

          2. Great question. No, there’s no time limit per se. The issue with these cases tends to be getting the police certificate issued. If you made a police report back in Feb 2015 – and were cooperative with the police – there’s a good chance we could go to that agency and get a certification. If you didn’t make a police report it’s *possible* you could make one now, and then get certification, but that would be far more challenging. Let is know if you want to discuss it further.

  149. Mr. McLawsen,I filed back in 2013 and received deferred action according to my attorney but didnt apply for it because of income issues. Will that make my case wait longer for actual U visa? Since I read comments saying that USCIS is taking time doing back ground checks on deffered action cases. Please respond and thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Sabrina. No, the fact that you didn’t apply for work authorization shouldn’t hurt your U-Visa petition. But you could still have a long wait ahead for that petition. For that reason you might want to consider applying for work authorization (if you’re wanting such authorization – if you’re not trying to be in the workforce it doesn’t matter).

  150. I applied nov 2013 from abroad.still only and approval notice.but no visa until God knows when. i am now expecting a child next week that will b born in mexico and not sure if i will b able to bring my child to the states the same day i recieve my visa. Does any one knows?

    1. Thanks for the question, Araceli. Based on what you describe here it sounds like you have an approved U-Visa petition and are just waiting for a visa number to become available. (The wait for U-Visa numbers, as it sounds like you know is multiple years). A child of a U-Visa petitioner can qualify as a “derivative”, but you would need to file a petition supplement for the child – it doesn’t just happen automatically. You’re welcome to book a free webcam consultation with one of our attorneys if you’d like to learn more about the derivative visa process.

  151. So may be I will hear something on 2017 or 18 because I applied in September 2015. But is there any other way that we can put a request to process our files? This is the biggest frustration in our life.

    1. There is no general way (meaning applies to all cases) to expedite these work authorization requests. But you’re welcome to set a free consultation with one of our attorneys. (Here’s the link). They’re happy to learn more about the details of your particular situation and see if there’s a strategy available to you.

  152. Mr. Greg
    Could you please let us know when did you apply that case?when the biometrics was done? Because so many people have been waiting almost 2 years and I read that you received that in 4 months. I am praying to God that we can hear a good news pretty soon. God knows best where they are doing so unfair works with some innocent victims.

  153. I submitted my aplication for a U- visa on September of 2014 then i went for my biometrics and all done n i haven’t received anything from them… im scared… i dont know why are they taking so long… the last update for my case was December of 2014… what i should do???

    1. Unfortunately you probably will be waiting for quite a while longer. Our office got a U-Visa work authorization this week that was 2 years, 4 months from filing. Have you checked the status of your application online? You can follow our instructions here to do that (it’s free and just takes a few minutes).

      1. sir do i qualify for a u visa as indirect victime i was only 13 yrs old when my mom got murder

        1. Ivan, very sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, the children of murder victims – under age 21 – may qualify as indirect victims for purpose of a U-Visa. If you were 13 years old and living in the US you might also qualify for DACA, which you could potentially apply for in addition to a U-Visa. DACA approvals are far faster than U-Visas, but don’t offer the resident status that eventually comes from a U.

  154. I applied for U visa in October 30th, 2014 and I went to biometrics in April 7, 2015 and after that I don’t have any notice about my case

    1. Our office got a U-Visa work authorization this week that was received 2 years, 4 months from filing. So there’s probably no reason for concern, unfortunately it just takes a really long time. And yes, during this waiting period there are no notices from USCIS… you just have to wait (I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear).

  155. I have been waiting since May 7th, 2014 when my applications were filed. I shortly after received biometrics and then followed by work permit authorizations. My lawyer swears that the work permit authorization are a sign of pre-acceptance. I am still waiting.

    1. We are in the same situation, We been waiting since August 28th, 2014. We when to the biometrics and nothing after that. What’s you situation as of today ?
      Did you received your work authorization ?

    2. I had my biometric done May 5, 2014 and I’m still waiting too.. I got my work authorization a few months after that. According to my lawyer we might finally get our U visa the fisical year foe 2017 which starts on October 1st 2016

      1. It seems that you got your EAD little early.Would please tell us how long exactly it took for you?

  156. Sir. I rear that applicant who match bona fide standards can get EAD within 90 Days of initial application ? is it True.
    The article is like —-
    “USCIS should use existing regulations to implement Congressional intent and accelerate EAD grants to U applicant victims of crimes. In 2008, Congress added a bona fide determination basis for U applicant EADs. 8 U.S.C. § 1184(p)(6); INA § 214(p)(6). USCIS has never implemented this law. Moreover, under existing regulations, all petitioners for U nonimmigrant status who requested an EAD in their response to Question 7 of Part 2 on Form I-918 are eligible for interim work authorization once their applications have been pending for more than 90 days. 8 C.F.R. § 274a.13(d) “USCIS will adjudicate the application within 90 days from the date of receipt of the application.”

    1. Manoj, it looks like that article is presenting an argument for why USCIS *should* be processing these applications faster. 90-days is the generally-required turn-around time for EADs (for example, in marriage-based adjustment cases). But even in those cases USCIS doesn’t always follow the rules. Currently there is a lawsuit in federal court in Seattle challenging their delays.

  157. They are really taking long time. I think this is gonna take couple years to get the EAD card. And another couple years to get the approval for u visa. Oh God help us….

    1. You’re welcome to set a free consultation with one of our attorneys if you’d like to discuss your case. There are options to challenge unlawful delays if this turns out to be one.

      1. I Ahmed from Tyler Texas and I was robbed at the gunpoint after that my mental and physical condition is not good I need some information about u visa

          1. Hi I am a victim of an assault. I have reported to the cops and I have a police report. However, I do not want to press charges against the criminals at this point as I am tied up with other more important work. Can you please help me find out if I qualify for the U visa and if I do then how do I apply for it…and if I do how will it affect me if my current employer files for H1B visa for me..will it strengthen my case for h1b visa if I apply for a U visa or will it weaken my case? Kindly get back to me with your email id and contact information so I can keep myself informed, seek help and find out what best can be done with respect to my situation.

          2. Hi, Kushal: You are welcome to contact the firm using the “submit a question” link at the top of the page. If you would like an individualized assessment of your options then please schedule a consultation using the link, also at the top of the page.

      2. hi.m here in usa on k1 visa.can i still apply for u visa coz i m a victim of criminal activity at my work place.and is it make any diiference tht i m here on fiancee visa and i should apply only through marriage.or i can apply both ways

        1. Hi, Jagjit: Why would you want to apply for a U-Visa if you are here on a K-1? The K-1 adjustment will get you a work permit in 90-120 days after filing, then a greencard in 6-8 months (assuming you’re eligible to move forward). With a U-Visa it will be years before you get a work permit, and then much longer before you get a greencard.

          Keep it simple!

      3. can i still apply for adjustment of status on the basis of marriage as i m here on fiancee visa nd i have a pending u visa application

  158. I’m done with my biometrics March 20, 1015 and I haven’t received anything after that. Its almost a year. How long does it take.

  159. As Greg mentioned, for other types of cases, work authorization is typically issued 3 or 4 months after submitting the application.

    Unfortunately, for U visas, based on feedback from other immigration lawyers, we’ve seen a trend that it is taking about a year before your application will be conditionally approved and a work authorization will be issued under the deferred action status.

  160. We applied for u visa in September 21st, 2015 and they gave me the received letter on sep 28 and done with our biometrics on November 20. After that we haven’t received anything so far. How long it can take to get the EAD card?i am from Maryland. I am little surprised to see some cases because some people they got that very soon n some of them from New York they are not getting anything after biometrics, even they are waiting since 2014 January. Does it varies on states.. Please looking for some help…

    1. Did you file I I-765 application at the same time as your U-Visa petition? EADs are supposed to issue in 90 days, but realistically it often takes 4 months.

      1. Yes we applied I 765 n also the other one for deferred action. But we are so scared to read it in online that some cases they are taking more than 20 months.. We can’t even sleep after reading that. Does it depends on case? We put everything in our case.. Our medical bills, criminals picture and video footage of that crime and other documents as well.Really looking for some good suggestions.

    2. Sowara Zaman i applied for the u visa in 2011 and in 2015 got my work permit no visa still but from what i have been reading if you get your work permit it means your on the waiting list which i guess is very long i have been calling my lawyer too see if she has any news and nope still waiting good luck….

      1. My friends you have to have patience,I’m so sorry but it’s a long process I filled for the U visa since 12/24/2013 and only received my WorK permit in March 2015 and just stuck not knowing where you stand on the waiting list

        1. Sharon I applied in dec 27 , 2013 and received R.F.E and I send the response within the time limit and then I received biometrics in 2016 mar and nothing yet…..and my case is still in VSC any, did you apply for work permit or it came itself or should I apply for one since it’s been too long? Let me know…..thanks

    3. NO worries; It usually takes 90 days for your I-765 to get approved. But your 90 day period starts once USCIS decides to deffer in your case. Lets say by the end of the year USCIS decided to approve your I-918; then approximately it will take about 90 days for you to receive your I-765. This case could take up to 15 months to be answered. Because USCIS issues only about 10,000 of such a kind of visas per year. Vermont service center is the only place which handles this types of particular case. They are pretty much backed up at the moment; they are currently dealing cases from 2014 . Hopefully all this information was useful to you. Pray to GOD that all goes well and you get your documents. Good luck and GOD

      1. So in the mean time while waiting for the work permit, how does a u-visa applicant support themselves financially without a job?

        1. Unfortunately there’s no easy answer to that. There are many thousands of U-Visa petitioners right now who have no lawful work authorization. It’s a very bad situation.

          1. Is the signed police report confirming that you a crime did occur the same as a u-visa certification?

    4. How about everyone in this forum call Obama comment time .requesting the speed process of the u visa .please call .202 456 1111.and pray .thanks

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