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Where can I download USCIS immigration forms?

Where can you find USCIS immigration forms? Right here! All immigration forms are freely available for download from the official USCIS website ( You should never pay anyone for a blank USCIS form since they can be downloaded for free. All official USCIS forms are listed below for easy access. 

General suggestions when using immigration forms.

  1. Always ensure you are using the current form. USCIS changes its forms often. Using the links below will take you to the official USCIS page for the corresponding immigration for. In the upper, right-hand corner of each form you will find its expiration date. It looks like this:expires
    Make sure the expiration has not passed. If it has, double-check the form’s official USCIS page. Sometimes that page will indicate that even though a particular form has expired, it is still the proper one to use.
  2. Check the current filing fee. The current filing fees for all USCIS forms are printed on the G-1055. You can find that form available for download here.
  3. Read the instructions. Then read them again. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to carefully, carefully review the instructions for any immigration form you prepare. The instructions are available on the official USCIS webpages linked below.
  4. If you are considering talking to an attorney, do it at the beginning! Lots of people go through the immigration process successfully without a lawyer. But if you are considering getting legal advice, do it before you start your application process. Many people waste thousands of dollars, and months of their time, only to realize they started down the wrong road. An short consultation can be a very wise investment before you sink resources into the immigration process.  

Commonly used forms.

Always ensure that you have done the research to understand whether you are legally eligible to pursue a particular form of immigration relief. 

Marriage-based adjustment of status.

Before getting started, take a look at our free guide to marriage-immigration, or talk to our free chat-bot to learn more about

Complete list of all official USCIS forms. 

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