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Partner with Sound Immigration to help your customers create their American story.

Sound Immigration is a U.S. immigration law firm serving clients around the world. We are launching a new initiative to help local businesses, such as travel agents, expand their services by offering immigration assistance to their own customers. Through this ground-breaking partnership, local businesses gain a new revenue stream by offering their customers an innovative service. Sound Immigration’s lawyers provide top quality legal representation to the individual, while the local business provides its customers with administrative support.

Recieves payment for its clerical work for customer and a fee for marketing services.
Helps your customer collect and organize required documents based on our customized checklist.
Assists your customer in completing our easy online questionnaires.
Builds awareness for immigration services on website, office brochures, etc.
Meets with client by video consultation for individualized legal consultation.
Advises client on her legal options and assumes full attorney-client responsibility for her case.
Drafts all legal documents for client’s case and provides direct representation before immigration agencies (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of State).

Sound Immigration makes collaboration easy.

Secure collaboration website

Sound Immigration uses a best-in-class secure client portal for communicating with its clients. Share documents with easy drag-and-drop tools and communicate directly with the case attorney via a secure messaging system. Learn more.

Outstanding immigration attorneys

Our attorneys understand the immigration system. We offer clients practical and effective representation to make their immigration goals a reality. Learn more about our team.

Easy mobile-responsive questionnaires

Immigration cases often involve 60+ pages of legal forms. We make the process easy with user-friendly online questionnaires. Complete them on a computer or mobile device; save your progress and return later to complete.

Secure collaboration

For years, Sound Immigration has been an industry leader in securely working with clients online. Our client tools use the same class of encryption deployed by major banking institutions.

An important opportunity for your business.

There is an estimated $45 billion latent market for legal services in the United States.

Most people who need help with a legal issue – such as immigration – never get it. Most people try to help themselves, because they do not know where to go. Our partnership allows you bridge the gap between your customers’ immigration needs and excellent legal assistance. Build on your customer relationships to offer these additional services in a way that is convenient and helpful to your customers.

Most Washington residents never connect with a lawyer when they need one.

Contact us to learn more.

Looking for something less involved?

Not interested in providing immigration services directly to your customers? Join our affiliate program and earn marketing revenue by listing our law firm on your website. Earn $30 for each booking made through the affiliate link on your site. It’s easy and takes only minutes to sign up and get started.

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