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Sound Immigration is composed of a diverse, dedicated team of immigration lawyers. This is not a law firm of cookie-cutter attorneys in stuffy suits. Our people are engaged individuals who turned to immigration law because it is their passion. They include a Stanford-educated engineer, a refugee from a boring Big Law Firm, and a soccer-playing dad from Guadalajara.

Browse the bios below to learn more about our dynamic team.

Minal Kode Ghassemieh

Minal Kode Ghassemieh Immigration Lawyer I was born and raised in Washington State. My family immigrated to the U.S., like many others, to access opportunities and a better life. I…

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Eileen DaPra

Eileen DaPra Immigration Lawyer My love for immigration law is deeply rooted from being an international student from Korea at age fourteen and experiencing on personal level how complicated and…

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Miranda Baner

Miranda Baner Immigration Lawyer I was born and raised in Taiwan. I moved to the United States with my family in 2002 and began attending college at Missouri State University…

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Greg McLawsen

Greg is the founder of Sound Immigration. He works behind the scenes to ensure clients have the best possible experience with our firm.
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Mercedes Riggs

Mercedes is a Stanford-educated engineer who now helps to unite families in the immigration system.
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Brittany Lowe

Brittany is a former Midwesterner who values clear and open client communication.
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