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Make your practice more client friendly with design thinking

The law is notoriously verbocentric and dense. And from the client’s perspective, legal services are rarely delivered in a user-friendly way. Although design-driven businesses have been shown to outperform their competitors, the legal profession has been slow to adopt good design principles. In this webinar, we’ll explore not only how design can help lawyers differentiate their services, but also how design can make legal work product itself clearer and more effective. Learn what “design thinking” is all about. Hint: it’s not just about graphic design.

Our guest speaker – Alexandra Devendra. 

Alexandra Devendra is the founder of Devendra Design, a legal design consultancy. She helps lawyers make their work product more effective using typography and other principles of visual communication design. Alix also consults for legal-tech startups, who value her experience in both law practice and design thinking. She travels internationally to speak and facilitate workshops on legal design.

Alix is also a co-founder of Shape the Law, which organizes unconferences and other innovative programming for attorneys across the country. Its goal is to facilitate authentic, honest conversations about the many challenges facing the legal profession.

Before founding Devendra Design, Alix practiced labor & employment law in San Francisco. She can be found at and on Twitter (@alixdevendra).

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Make your practice more client friendly with design thinking from Greg McLawsen on Vimeo.

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