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How to complete the N-400, Application for Naturalization

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Learn about the requirements for filing the N-400 application for naturalization, and read step-by-step instructions for completing the form. This free 24-page Guide includes:

  • Discussion of the seven eligibility requirements.
  • Step-by-step instructions for completing the N-400 Form.
  • Tips for preparing your N-400 packet.

How to complete Part 2 of the N-400 (Information about you)

Part 2 begins by asking you to list every name you have ever used since the time of your birth. Your Current Legal Name will normally be the same as the name used on your Permanent Resident Card. Typically, the only reason it will be different is if you were…

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What is “Good Moral Character?”

An individual applying for naturalization is required to show that she has good moral character – referred to by immigration attorneys as “GMC.” This is a technical legal term that includes much more than just criminal conduct. Let’s look at how USCIS examines good moral character. The “look-back” period. Generally,…

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Preparing for the US citizenship tests

As you have probably heard, an N-400 applicant must pass two tests at the time she is interviewed for her application: an English language test and a test about the United States government (“Civics”). If you are able to read this Guide, chances are good that the English language test…

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Am I eligible to file the N-400?

Am I eligible to file the N-400?

The most important step of the naturalization process is determining whether you are eligible to apply in the first place. It is critical to recognize that the risk is not simply that your N-400 could be denied, and the filing fee wasted. It is possible for a permanent resident to…

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