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Individual immigration lawyer consultation

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What is covered at my individual attorney consultation?

  • The purpose of our initial consultations is for our attorneys to carefully review the history of new clients. We learn about the individual’s personal and immigration background, and other details that are legally relevant under U.S. immigration law.
  • At the conclusion of a consultation, our attorney will offer individualized legal advice about the immigration strategies that may be available to the new client. We will also offer you an individualized price quote, in writing, for any legal work that we may be able to offer on your case.
  • Hire the firm and the consult is free. Hire our firm within 7 days of your consultation and 100% of the consultation fee is credited to your client account.

13 reviews for Individual immigration lawyer consultation

  1. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google] The K1 process can be involved, confusing and for some like me a coordinated effort between your attorney, fiance or fiancee or sponsor. First of all as we have learned when looking for an immigration lawyer or law firm it ‘s a joint effort. You’ll have homework for the process with many forms to fill out and many tasks you and your fiance or fiancee are responsible for. Your attorney can only do so much in the team effort. We hired Greg McLawsen and his team to over see that the process was done correctly and to stand up for us if there was any problems. You and your future spouse will be busy filling out forms answering questions via the phone, emails, and skypes with Greg and his team over seeing the step process, so be prepared.
    We could not recommend a better more qualified personable, knowledgeable, professional, passionate lawyer then Greg McLawsen and his immigration team at Puget Sound Legal to help you through the tedious step process. I personally liked the idea that the lead attorney we chose Greg McLawsen wrote or co authored numerous articles on the subject of immigration law. This tells me he is into what he is doing, has a strong work ethic and works and shares that passion with others in the field. The fact that he has other qualified attorneys that share his passion and enthusiasm work with you on your case, in my eyes was another plus in hiring the firm.
    Thanks Greg and Gustavo for all your work in bringing my fiancee now my wife to the good ol U.S.of A.
    Gary and Virgie Schlesinger

  2. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] Greg McLawsen and Gustavo Cueva were always there to help us with our residency questions. My husband and I are extremely happy with their service. Sound Immigration is highly recommended!! ~Noelle Nicholson

  3. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google] I will start with a short summary, if you want the absolute best legal support and guidance, Sound Immigration is it. End of story.

    My wife and I had a civil marriage by a judge. Afterward, we had a friendly conversation with him, and he asked what our plans were. We said we were strongly considering planting roots in the U.S., and he suggested a public service that connects regular citizens with legal assistance. I called the hotline and was scheduled for an interview with an immigration lawyer.

    Our meeting did not go well. Being sometimes the naive person that I am, my thought was, “I am a U.S. Citizen, I have married the love of my life, this should be as simple as it gets.” It turns out, it is not so simple. In fact, the first lawyer we had basically said it was a non-starter, since my wife came in on an ESTA, and that we would be unable to adjust status while remaining in the U.S. and should leave the country ASAP before her 90-day window expired.

    I must have searched for hours over legal opinions, court cases, message posts, and lawyer blogs. That search led me to Greg McLawsen, who had written an article about a recent 9th district appeal over a case similar to our situation, which had ruled in fact that having an ESTA *is* a valid status, and one that could legally be adjusted from.

    From our first meeting, there were four key considerations that made me choose to go with Sound Immigration:

    1) Greg quite simply knew his craft, inside and out. I could tell he was one of the best, even if his modesty didn’t allow him to say so.

    2) He made it quite clear that he was the lawyer and advocate for *both* my wife and I. He made it clear that the documents I would be signing made me legally responsible to my wife, and if I neglected that responsibility, he would take me to court to enforce it on her behalf. That may have made some people wary, but as someone that loves my wife, it was exactly what I wanted to hear.

    3) His hand-picked cadre of lawyers and staff were of the same caliber as he was, making us confident that our case would get the absolute greatest attention to every detail in a timely matter.

    4) We shared a similar passion of travel, exploration, and in general compassion for people and experiencing the World. As someone that travels nearly constantly for work, and loves to travel and explore in general, it was great to know Greg was able to offer his same level of exceptional service no matter where I happened to be at any given time, and we were not tied to having to visit his office for any particular matter as our case made its way through the process.

    My intuitive positive sense of Sound Immigration was only further cemented as we went through the process of adjusting my wife’s status. They answered every single question we had, giving exact answers when possible, and explaining the nuance of certain answers that involved matters where there may be non-zero chances of certain events happening. DHS may be many things, but predictable is not always one of them: laws, precedence, and interpretations are always changing and tend to be transient.

    I will end this by saving you a lot of time and money. I have done the due diligence, if you have legal immigration case that you want the best legal help on, Sound Immigration is your place. Even better, the cost of their services was modest when compared to the cost of relocating someone from another country, as well as when compared to the application costs alone for submitting and adjustment of status application. No matter what unique circumstances you may have, it is doubtful Sound Immigration has not had a case similar to it before. In the rare chance your case is really that unique, Greg and his colleagues will only work that much harder, as they find pride in wading through the legal nuance and helping rightful citizens be with their family.

    It was an honor to be their client, and I would recommend them to anyone. ~Jordan Wilberding

  4. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google] Greg is a wonderful friendly attorney with lots of personal commitment and a compassionate heart.

    He helped us trough this complicated American immigration process with great skillfulness and ease.

    Very happy to work with puget sound legal! ~Peter Terpstra

  5. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google] Mr. Greg McLawsen responds to his email super fast and answers in surprisingly thorough detail. That is very unusual for this field of business, where you usually get “Well, it depends… Come for paid consultation for details and we will see…” Not with Greg, though! I’ve got great, educated, and straight answer to my complicated question right away in his first response! His recommendations were very honest, professional, and helpful. I would definitely recommend him. ~Petr Hoferek

  6. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google] Definitely a positive experience! Greg is very caring and helpful. Recommended. ~Aaron I. Lopez

  7. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] They’re amazing, friendly, and professional. I was working in Canada, and my wife was working in Germany at the time. We were able to schedule meetings across 3 different timezone to discuss additional items that were needed to prepare our K-1 (fiance) visa. Everything went without a hiccup! We had such a good experience, we later prepared for Round 2 with the interview for my wife to become a permanent resident. It was comforting to have someone who was well versed, personable, and familiar with our story accompany us to the interview. I don’t know what our story would be if we didn’t have help during our immigration process. I can certainly tell anyone reading these comments, that the process is far far less stressful when you have someone else ensuring all of the t’s are crossed, i’s are dotted, and reminding you both that you’re on the right track. We have recommended them to our personal friends who were going through the immigration process, and will recommend them to any others that cross our paths. Большое спасибо! ~Daniel Wagner

  8. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] My Wife and I used Greg’s Law Firm in 2012 to acquire a fiancé visa for my wife.

    Working with Greg was a true pleasure for the both of us. Anyone who has been through this process knows that it can be difficult and frustrating, and set backs are the absolute worst. Greg did a phenomenal job of taking care of every set back immediately as well as made the entire process seamless and easy, so we were able to focus more on our relationship rather than worry about all the endless details that come along with applying for a Fiancé Visa to the US.

    Furthermore, he kept us involved every step of the way and made sure that we felt comfortable with everything he was doing. He was also accessible and always responded to my emails with any questions or concerns in a timely fashion (which is so relieving). Greg is truly on of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with and I can’t recommend Sound Immigration enough.

    Before this whole thing started, Greg had told us that it would take anywhere from 6-9 months to acquire the Visa. With Greg, it took us 7 months! After reading all the horror stories of people going it alone and struggling for years because of wrong documents, a missed signature and etc., I have to say that his services are priceless.

    Thanks again Greg for all your attention and help!! ~Jordan Ferris

  9. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] Greg and Gustavo are great to work with! They have answered all of the questions we had/have. While this process has been long they have continued to work with us and respond in a timely manner. I would recommend working with this firm if you have experience using a computer as they are mainly web based. ~Natalie Sutton

  10. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] Greg and Gustavo….where to start? Well, where to stop would seem the more appropriate question! They were both non-stop at seeing I and my wife’s case through in a VERY kind and courteous manner . At first we wondered through any portion of the process, if we would get pushed or pressured with anything. Not once! They match professionalism with empathy, and walk you through each step carefully to ensure a smooth as possible process. Not only were we assured in their confidence as time progressed through our case, but they actually demonstrated it! Showing just how time-efficient they were, and the respect they had for us, just made us all the more confident. Top notch lawyers with heart! I would definitely recommend Greg and Gustavo at Sound Immigration to anyone! Great job guys! Wish you all the best! ~WundrLst170

  11. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] We highly recommend this law firm. Greg, Gustavo and his team have helped my family tremendously over the years. They are very up to date with all the laws and regulations, very efficient and working with them via email, they respond promptly with all your questions answered. ~ Oscar Padilla

  12. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] Greg and Gustavo are truly amazing individuals and lawyers! We couldn’t have imagine going through the immigration process without them. They are diligent, genuine, respectful and so good at what they do. Both care about you and are just as eager if not more for you in the process. Well organized and very professional. Although my husband and I felt young in the process they made everything crystal clear and helped us to understand what was happening, what was a particular document that we might have been confused about, etc. They never once made us feel like we were incompetent or unimportant. We were able to ask any and every question imaginable and they always had an answer. We HIGHLY recommend them for your immigration experience! ~Rabecca Hooper

  13. Sound Immigration

    [Reposted from Google review] I came to US to complete my 1-year postdoctoral fellowship with a TN visa. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to stay in US and hired Greg as my out-of-state attorney to assist me through the residency process. Greg and his staff were efficient, thorough, and fastidious with all the steps/details of this complicated process, and I took comfort in the fact that I wouldn’t be missing anything from the application because the numerous forms and supplemental information were completed and organized by his team. Through it all, Greg was responsive to my emails and questions. I was granted conditional residency within a year of the application, and I’m now a permanent US resident. Even after the successful termination of our contract, Greg continues to provide post-hoc guidance as potential issues arise; he was generous with his time, expertise, and thoughtful feedback, assuaging my concerns. I would enthusiastically recommend him to assist anyone with their immigration issues. ~ Carol Crane.

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