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Our law firm is 100% digitally online
to help with you enforce the Affidavit of Support

Sound Immigration was built from the ground up to work with clients located anywhere. We use a secure, state-of-the-art platform to work safely with our clients no matter where they live. Log in via your computer or mobile device anywhere. Whether your case is in Alabama or Washington, we have you covered.

Wherever your Form I-864 claim is, we can be there.

24/7 Secure access to your file

Use our beautifully designed client portal to access your case file any time you want. We use the portal to securely collect the documents we will need to prepare an excellent application packet for you. We also use it to collaborate on the questionnaires needed to prepare your immigration forms.

Direct access to your lawyer

When you work with our law firm, you work directly with a lawyer. Have a question or concern? You can email your lawyer directly, and set up a video call anytime you want to talk.

We are fast. Really fast.

We do Affidavit of Support lawsuits all day, every day. This means we can swing into action very fast for your lawsuit.

No financial risk

Our I-864 clients pay nothing for our work unless we recover financial support from them. Our legal fees are paid exclusively from the proceeds we recover in settlement or litigation.

We have the experence to enforce your Affidavit of Support claim.

It's easy to work with Sound Immigration.

Online client portal

Our beautifully designed client portal makes it easy to access your file. Whether you’re in your living room or on your mobile device at work, we’re never more than a click away.

24/7 file access

Our clients lead busy lives, and we are designed to work around their schedules. With anytime access to your case file, you can work with us when it’s convenient for you.

Secure message center

Many law firms don’t understand that email isn’t secure, but we do. Your sensitive information will never be sent via email, where it is unsafe.

Direct attorney contact

When you hire our law firm you hire a lawyer, not a legal assistant. You will work directly with your attorney, who will be with you throughout the process to answer your questions.

Responsive lawyers

Your attorney will return phone calls within one business day. If the lawyer can’t talk to you when you call, our receptionists will immediately send an electronic alert to your immigration lawyer.

Super fast

Our law firm doesn’t get paid until you do. From the day we open your file, our focus is on a speedy, positive resolution for you.

Get started with you Affidavit of Support claim.

Start your free I-864 case review

Confidential case reviews are available online – get started now. We will collect information about your case and offer an opinion about whether you may have enforceable rights under the USCIS Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. There is no cost for online case reviews, and information is protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

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  1. I want to file a lawsuit against an immigration officer in SFO Intel. Airport .In behalf of my brother I would like to file complaints d lawsuit to this officer for unlawful detention, violated my brothers civil rights, and racial discrimination and profiled. There was no crime on file no violation of any sort, treated my brother in humane ordered him to take off all his clothes and was placed In Mesa Verde correctional with all the other serial killers and inmates that are already convicted in contrary to that my brother came with a US visa bonafide legit , its his second time visit ; and yet this officer detained him without any probable caused did not even notify our mother, baseless detention and hand cuffed him? Is this really what America is now a days; ? Officers who gladly torture him, traumatized him of f of his false accusations. I want justice for my brother with this horrifying experienced a worst nightmare that we never thought it exist. Please help!

    1. Hi, Cecillia. You’ll want to talk to civil rights lawyer about this, not an immigration form. Note, however, that probable cause is not needed to detain a foreign national arriving at a U.S. port of entry. All arrivals are subject to inspection and may be detained without meeting the 4th Amendment reasonable suspicion standard that applies in police stops within the U.S.

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