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Thank you for booking a consultation

On behalf of the entire team here at Sound Immigration, thanks for scheduling an initial consultation with our law firm. Here’s what will happen next as we get started working for you.

Our support team will now check directly with the attorney assigned to your consultation to ensure that he or she will be available at the time requested. Sometimes our attorneys have last minute events, like unexpected court hearings, that create scheduling conflicts. If that happens, don’t worry – I’ll personally check with the other lawyers on our team to ensure an attorney can be available for you.

After we have confirmed availability you will receive an email from our support team. The email will contain logistical instructions for the type of consultation you have booked. The email will also cover the three action items that we need from you before the consultation:

  1. Intake questionnaire. You will receive a link to an online questionnaire that asks for background about your situation. This helps the attorney make best use of your consultation time but taking care of the basic questions that we have to ask any client. It’s intended to save you time and help us deliver the best value to you duing the consultation.
  2. Consultation agreement. This short agreement describes the nature of legal services we deliver at our initial consultations. You can sign the agreement electronically on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Consult fee. The consultation fee can be paid via our secure payment portal here.

Thank you again for taking the first step of meeting with one of our lawyers. I’m confident you will have an outstanding experience with our firm.




Greg McLawsen
Managing attorney

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