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“Tech Set-Up” for law firms – Seattle U. School of Law

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s talk at Seattle University School of Law on legal technology for law firms. Thanks also to the Access to Justice Institute, Diana Singleton and the Washington Bar Association’s Low Bono for hosting the event. And thanks finally to Charity Anastasio, Jeff Liang, and Forrest Carlson for talking on the panel. Video from the event is available here.

I wanted to provide links to some of the resources I mentioned during today’s talk. Here’s a short list:

  • Seattle Legal Technology Meetup Group. If you’re interested in law + technology and live in the Greater Seattle area, don’t miss out on this group. We host periodic (free) events aimed at bringing together the technology and law communities. Our first ever half-day CLE is coming up just next week on June 7th ($30 – 3 CLE credits).
  • Using Agile project management for visual workflow. Both Forrest and I use a version of Agile project management to provide a visual system for managing our case work. You can get an overview of Agile here, with links to other resources, and here’s a video on Agile 101 for lawyers.
  • Net promoter score and key performance indicators. I mentioned the Darwin talk by Avvo’s Chief of Products, Sachin Bhatia. Here’s the 5-minute video of his really good talk, drawn fro Avvo’s big data insights.

Greg McLawsen

I’m proud to be the founder of Sound Immigration. My job is to work behind the scenes to ensure our clients have an outstanding experience at our firm. I’m passionate about reinventing the practice of law to make it work better for those we serve. I work hard to identify the best available technology to make our firm convenient for clients. I look to other industries, like real estate and the restaurant business, to learn about practice that will help serve our clients better.

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