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Bringing immigration expertise to living rooms across our county.
All you need is an internet connection

Not every town in Washington has an immigration attorney. Meet Sound Immigration. From Ocean Shores to Tacoma to Pullman: regardless of where you live, a great immigration law firm is never more than a mouse click away.

Sound Immigration is built for you. We bring an extraordinary client experience to clients around Washington State. Meet with your attorney when it’s convenient for you by video conference. Access your client file on our beautiful client portal.

Our clients are busy people. We move at the speed of life to get your case moving fast. Work directly with our experienced attorneys – never paralegals or support staff – as we prepare an outstanding customized application packet for you.

Your Sound Immigration attorney is a professional who will be by your side until your case is complete. Have questions? We’re here for you.

We are Washington’s web-based immigration firm.

Welcome to Sound Immigration! I’m founding attorney, Greg McLawsen. I’m a Washington native, born and raised. Having traveled all over the world, there’s no place I’d rather call home. We you’re excited to see how we’re reinventing the traditional law firm to bring you an outstanding experience.

Whether you’re working the family farm in Whitman county or loading subs at Bangor, our firm works for you. As long as you have an internet connection we bring immigration know-how to you. Let us help you have the smoothest possible experience with our country’s immigration system.


Here's how we work with you
  • Schedule a free consultation.

    Visit our Getting Started page to set up your initial consultation with an attorney. Use our self-scheduling tool to find a time that's best for your schedule.

  • Initial meeting.

    Meet with your attorney by using our easy video conferencing tool. Prefer Skype or the old telephone? No problem. At this meeting the attorney will ensure you qualify for the application you want to pursue. Then we'll get to know more about you so that we can build the strongest application packet for you. Your attorney will provide you with the questionnaire and customized document checklists. Then it's time for...

  • Homework

    Fill out the questionnaires that we've provided, and upload the documents listed on your customized document checklist. Have any questions? Send secure messages to your attorney any time; they'll be returned within a business day. Want to chat with your attorney? Just set up a meeting using our easy self-scheduling tool.

  • First drafts.

    After you return your 'homework' we'll prepare a complete first draft of your immigration packet within 48 hours (for Premium service). Our experienced personnel draft all the required immigration forms, and validate the information against your supporting documents. The forms are subjected to a rigorous Quality Review process using our own protocol.

  • Follow up and final revisions.

    After completing our first drafts of the packet we usually will have follow up questions for you. We'll send you a short questionnaire that you can return at your convenience. Once that's returned we will make revisions to your packet and subject it to yet another Quality Assurance review.

  • Filing the packet.

    Once the final packet is prepared your attorney will sign off on all the legal forms as your formal representative. We will remain the attorneys in your case until the whole process is complete. The finalized packet is expressed mailed to your home so you can sign the legal forms, then mail it in the prepaid envelope we have provided.

  • We're with you all the way!

    After the packet is filed we aren't done. We stay on the job until your application is approved. Your attorney will actively monitor your case and keep you updated about developments. If the immigration service issues a Request for Evidence (RFE) we'll work with you to prepare the response. When it's time for the immigration interview we'll meet with you again to help you prepare.

  • Congratulations!

    Our job isn't over until you're holding your approval in your hands.

It's easy to work with Sound Immigration.

Online client portal

Our beautifully designed client portal makes it easy to access your file. Whether you’re in your living room or on your mobile device at work, we’re never more than a click away.

24/7 file access

Our clients lead busy lives, and we are designed to work around their schedules. With anytime access to your case file, you can work with us when it’s convenient for you.

Secure message center

Many law firms don’t understand that email isn’t secure, but we do. Your sensitive information will never be sent via email, where it is unsafe.

Direct attorney contact

When you hire our law firm you hire an attorney, not a legal assistant. You will work directly with your attorney, who will be with you throughout the process to answer your questions.

Responsive lawyers

Our attorneys return phone calls within one business day. If the lawyer can’t talk to you when you call our receptionists will immediately send an electronic alert to the lawyer.

Self-schedule appointments

Our self-scheduling tool makes it easy for you to set a meeting with your attorney. No more endless games of phone tag. Just schedule an appointment and you’ll have the attorney’s undivided attention when you call.

Money back promise

We don’t just talk about success, we stand by our results. If we don’t win your case then you don’t pay us. Period.

Super fast

You don’t have to sit around for weeks waiting for us to notice you. Return the documents we need for your case and we’ll draft your legal forms right away. For premium service, forms are drafted within 48 hours.

Customized supporting packets

Everyone has their own story, and we’re here to help you tell yours. Your attorney will work with you to prepare an application packet that puts your best foot forward.

Quality Assurance protocol

We use a formal Quality Assurance (QA) protocol to review all legal forms that leave our firm. Information is validated against supporting documents and every form subject to redundant review.

Bank grade security

We use the best tools in the legal industry to keep your information safe. Our client portal uses 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure your data makes it to us safely.

We're serious about immigration law

Sound Immigration’s managing attorney, Greg McLawsen, receives a perfect 10/10 rating from, the leading national site for rating attorneys.

All attorneys working with Sound Immigration are members of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA). AILA is the national voluntary bar association for immigration lawyers.

Our founding attorney, Greg McLawsen, was honored to receive a Client’s Choice award in 2014 in recognition of outstanding service to his immigration clients.

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