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May 2016 Visa Bulletin – Family Preference

In this post you can find:

Chart A

The following are the Application Final Action Dates for Family-Sponsored Preference Cases , also called Chart A.

CategoryAll other countriesChinaIndiaMexicoPhilippines
F122-Nov-0822-Nov-0822-Nov-08 8-Feb-951-Oct-04
F2A1-Nov-141-Nov-141-Nov-1415-Aug-14 1-Nov-14

Note: For May, F2A numbers Exempt from per-country limit are authorized for issuance to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than 15 Aug 14. F2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are authorized for issuance to applicants chargeable to all countries Exempt MEXICO with priority dates beginning 15 Aug 14 and earlier than 01 Nov 14. (All F2A numbers provided for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no F2A numbers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)

Chart B

The following are the Dates for Filing Family-Sponsored Visa Applications, also referred to as Chart B. 

CategoryAll other countriesChinaIndiaMexicoPhilippies

Understanding the Visa Bulletin

The Department of State now uses a two-chart system for determining when your family preference visa, or adjustment of status, application may be filed. Here is the meaning of the two charts showing in the Visa Bulletin:

  • Chart A (Application Final Action Dates) shows the dates when an immigrant visa is available. When a visa has become available for a particular category’s priority date we say date is “current.” Chart A serves the same purpose as the single chart that was historically listed in the Visa Bulletin. Once the date is “current” for your category you are permitted to file a DS-260 Immigrant Visa Application.
  • Chart B (Dates for Filing Applications) shows the date when an individual should be notified by the National Visa Center (NVC). Once the Chart B date for your category has caught up with your priority date, the NVC should contact you and instruct you to assemble your immigrant visa documents.
May 2016 Visa Bulletin – Family Preference
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